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The Right Reasons!!

I started Circuit because I love BMX!! This place has never been about the product or the consumer side of BMX. Its all about the passion we all have for our bikes,whether if you've been riding for a week or for 30 years we all feel that same feeling. Lets celebrate Summer and BMX!!!

The jawlin Guatemalan!!

JP shredding the Paw Hip!!

Pickett loves to get weird on the weird stuff.

Bobby with a pocket air at Paw Park. I wonder what he's thinking about??

Stay Grounded!!

Just Like You!!

Whether you like jibbing on curbs, chilling at the park all day or spending hours in the woods dialing just to ride for an hour, we all have that common bond that brings us all together. The pure enjoyment of being on our bikes is something only we can understand.
 The Bone Deth guys stopped by the shop this past Sunday and hung around for a bit. At first sight they look a little rough around the edges but after you talk and cruise with them I'm sure you realized they were just like you. Thanks for stopping by guys, its always a pleasure!!

We have some new Circuit Threads in the shop so come grab a tank or a camo hat for Summer!!

                                                            Circuit Tanks are $17

Can you really beat a $10 Camo Hat??

Lets lookback on the past week!!

The Mystery Man. Who is this dude riding for??


Animal Shop Stop!!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Animal shop stop on Sunday. It was amazing!! Im not sure how many people we had in total but I'd assume over 100, considering about 140 burgers and dogs got consumed. Thanks to the Animal Team for coming to Pawtucket and thanks again to all of you for supporting Circuit and Rhode Island BMX!!

Here are a few pics from the day.

If Klegraefe were an animal  he would probably be a Kangaroo. 180 Tabe off the Get Some!!

Bundles was like, "I want a goddamn litre o' cola!"

Tyrone, Feeble 180 on the AK Crips rail. Kinduh was nowhere to be seen??

Slash's younger brother Slush was in attendance.. He was throwing leg kick high fives all day.

Derek was so psyched he tried going upside down and back around. He pretty much pulled it except for blowing out his wheel, which Tyrone fixed for him. Good Times!!!

Here comes another shop stop this Sunday the 16th. Bone Deth will be here at noon!!!This should be interesting??!!

We Can Eat!!!

AYYYE YOOO!! The Animal Crew will be rolling into Pawtucket this coming Sunday, June 9th at 4PM. We will be cruising and grilling outside the shop. The weather looks like its gonna be dialed, so no excuses. Be here for some food and drink and show them whats up with R.I. They will have 11 guys coming out so it will be a full house!!

The Bone Deth Team Will be here the following Sunday, June 16th at noon. Judging by the poster it looks like it should be a good time!!

The shop is stacked with completes right now and Summer is just about here. We have completes from $300-$700. Pick one up and start cruising!! Check out the inventory here!!

I spent this past weekend in Long Island with some new and some old friends riding and dialing in their spot.
Trails Rule!!Trail Rules!!

 Darryl getting tucked and sideways in LI, he is one of the best people to ride with. Nothing but positive energy.

Beer Coozie Necklace!! Duh!!