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 I've been busy the past few weeks I haven't time to do a post so this might be a little heavy on the photos and info of what's going on around here!!
If you're looking to step up your components on your rig than Profile has got you covered. Elite Hubs(14mm rear axle) in Flat Black and Column 22mm Cranks with a Galaxy Sprocket will do the job!! You cant get any better than this.

profile column cranks galaxy sprocket

FBM is trying to make your Summer kick ass in more ways than one. These Steadfast Frames are step 1, step 2 would be to be in Binghamton July 19th for the FBM 21st B-Day Party at FBM Headquarters!!
Marine Green-21 TT 14mm dropouts.
Gloss Raw-21.25 TT 3/8s dropouts.
FBM steadfast frame marine green gloss raw circuit bmx

We have a few Sunday Completes in the shop. If you're in the market for a new Summer ride take a look at the complete bikes page. Here is the Ross EX. This is a solid ride for $499.99

Sunday Ross Ex complete bike circuit bmx
If you plan on traveling by plane and plan on bringing your bike the DK Golf Bag can simplify things for you. 
Why pay $80 each way when you can grab one of these bad boys for $130.00. It will pay for itself in one trip!! Dialed!!

DK golf bag bmx bike travel bag

This photo is timeless, even though it was taken last week it could have been shot in the 80's. Just a couple of buds hitting a speed bump full blast. Love this shit!!
Photo Keith C.

We also have lots of new soft goods in the shop from Live Jaunt, Black Dad,Tables & Fables, Pareidolia, Gully Factory, Forlorn and Wolf Brand. All independant rider owned brands!! Come pick up a new T-Shirt for summer!!

There's lots going on in the next few weeks around these parts.
Next Saturday May 31st we will be set up at the Wisdom to Youth Contest, Info Here!

Get Some!!

BSD has been putting out the good goods as of late. Example A. The new Donnasqueak Tires in sizes 2.4 and 2.25. What you see is what we got and they wont be available for a while so come and get them.
BSD donnasqueak tires

Here are some more goods from BSD!! The Ghetto V3 Fork is built for some heavy street riding. (My assumption) The Raider Bars(10" rise) Pro Street Rear Hub and Street Front.

BSD ghetto v3 fork and raider bars circuit bmx

Odyssey is always doing something with their PC pedals. Here's the latest version for you outdoor enthusiasts. Camo and Aloha.

odyssey PC pedals camo aloha

 I can honestly say I've never been stoked on a Sunday Frame as much as the MotoRoss Frame. This frame is built solid and has a rad paint job!! Come see it in person and I'm sure you'll agree.
21 TT, $379.99.
sunday moto ross frame

Please join us next Saturday May 17th from 10? till whenever for R.I. Bike Fest. This is gonna be a good time! We will have some ramps and rails set up(Must Be 18 to ride,Helmet Required) and we will have the Foot Down World Championships in the afternoon hours, 2ish? Come have some fun!!

May Day!!

Today is May 1st, tomorrow it will be June 1st. Better get on it and start enjoying what's left of the warm weather we are waiting on. We will keep the shop stocked for you guys and keep the good time rolling with plenty of events this summer. We have lots of new goods in the shop this week and here is a small portion of what's new.

Stranger "Native" Seats are in stock along with the Trippy Dippy Stems. You can pick these seats up at Urban outfitters and the Gap if you cant make it to Circuit.

native bmx seat circuit bmx

I like the Merritt works. They take their time to put out original ideas and not flood the market with cloned parts. New Insert Bar Ends and Big Logo Shirts are in stock along with a restock on Inaugural Stems!!

merritt insert bar ends merritt Inaugural stem

This is half of our New Fit Tire order we received yesterday. We are stocked with all sizes and makes. The New T/A tires are dialed and will keep you on your bike in the slipperiest of situations!!

FIT BMX bike tires at circuit bmx

We are heading up to the Kyle Amidon Jam at Rye this Sunday. Hope to see lots of faces there!!
Read the flyer for details or call the shop!!

14 Husky Jam is going down at Hyde Park May 10th. So many jams they just make time fly kind of like that Cock Head.

Expect to see the 3 Marleys at Hyde Jam doing these types of things.