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my trails are done...just when everything was getting diiialed i find out its some dudes land and he wants to sue me...oh well..were starting a new spot..but lately we have been doing some swimming at a sweet swim spot..i like rope swings almost as much as trails...check it out!! get out there and do some good quality swimming!!!

Just in case..

You havnt figured out how to HAVE FUN yet maybe you should check out Andrew Burtons Blog. It will open your eyes and guide the way to many hours of this FUN thing..Its the weekend let loose.. Sorry Henny..
CLICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neon Bikes...

Who needs reflectors when Odyssey makes neon red parts.. And every other neon color possible, thanks to Zack ,Chris and Bobby at Blackout for being awesome..
These parts are limited in the shop and I didnt stock many so when they gone they gone!!!

Got some Blue Blood Trail mix pedals in also..(limited) Also some new FBM shirts to go along with the NEW FBM Completes that will be available soon,(Early August)New Animal Rims in early next week.. Hit the Trails, streets, parks - what ever it is you do get out and ride, summer doesn't last forever and riding inside sucks unless its the farm.
For any one who was trapped at the shop the other day in that massive hail storm heres a picture of Main St. That was wild!


Got another shipment of some Fly Bikes parts in this week. This time some smaller parts,headset caps and bearings,seatposts,fino seats(small)and some rims in white and red. Fly orders a trickling in slowly so keep an eye out..

Heres a photo of Landon on Shawns 1/4(whip tailtap) If you know Landon you know hes down for whatever.. Sweet Dude.

A few of us got caught in some thunder and lightning at the trails yesterday and lost Ziggy(Shawns Dog)in the process of finding some shelter. 1 hour later of searching the woods in the pouring rain he was found across the street at Dunkin D's chillen with the locals..Ziggy is a wild animal!

Say it isn't so!!

Yes it is. After 7 years of riding the same T-1 Barcode Shawn Pawluch has finally built up(well I built it)a complete new bike. Shawn lifts concrete forms all day at work so lifting a 37 pound bike ain't shit to him but now riding a 26 lb bike should make his riding life a lot easier..
Shawn and his new Credence..

Full moon last night, WOLF IT!!!

Fly Frames..

For all of you out there who have been waiting on the new Fly Bikes Frames the wait is over. (kind of) they finally made their way to the states and I grabbed a few while they were available. And it was worth it, they look real nice so swing on by and take a look if your in the market for a new frame. I have 2 Lunas, 2 Campillos, and a Pantera 3.
Also restocked on S&M Pitchfork XLT in black and Chrome XLT Bars.
And if you haven't heard Fit will not have anymore 2008 bikes due to a fire over seas but we do have a few AMs that arrived last week .
If you haven't checked out the Simple front hub yet you should. They have a female axle system and look awesome when they are laced up, just got in 2 new colors from them.(green and blue) More Metal DVDs also, you need to watch this DVD.
Ok thats it.The trails are dialed!!!Just letting ya know.

Heres a shot of Henny from Owls Head..


The city was amazing! Started off by hitting up Owls Head for a early afternoon sesh, had some pizza and drank some Sanbitter. Then we made our way to the Banks where Henny destroyed everything he hit including some dudes board. That was fun until Clancy got a flat. After that was fixed we headed up to Central Park to watch the spectacle.. Bombing through the city is by far my favorite thing to do, dodging humans and car doors is really fun. Unfortunately Chuck met up with some cabbies door but was OK.. Anyway, we made it to the park and found the Red Bull Ramp by the sound of Pennywise, if anyone remembers riding Impact in the 90s youd know that when Pennywise was coming out of the speakers Kevin would be out any minute. 10 years later its still the same. So out comes Kevin and after 7-8 attempts he pulls off a 27 foot air breaking Hoffmans record set in the 90s but not without launching his bike into the crowd hitting a viewer in the face. I guess they covered her up and dragged her out..So all in all it was a killer day got to see a lot of older friends that I havnt seen in a bit. Ya man..

Hey got some new S&M Dirt Bikes in the shop, classic frame with all the new advancements in BMX frames included. Why not right???

Open Thursday..+ Sway bars

The shop will be open Thursday but I will be in NYC weaving in and out of traffic and watching K-Rob thrust his hips!! I'll have some photos up and some words on this by the weekend..
Check it out..

New in the shop this week are some Animal Sway Bars(8" rise), GLH Tires in 2.25,Kitten Shirts. If any one out there is into creativity and of course trails then check out the Axelrad page and check out the shirts that we just received from Axelrad
Also have the New Profile bass boat black cranks in(only 100 pairs made)and the Degroot Burt Reynolds Empire ripoff shirt. Wow thats a mouth full.
So the heat has finally broke and its safe to go out and ride without feeling like your heart is gonna burst. So ya go!

1+1= Awesome!!!

If you havnt seen this yet take a couple minutes out of your day and watch it..
Thanks to Catfish for this.. It starts half way through be patient grasshopper.

In my opinion no one beats this dude..

Socks ,Shirts, Hemi's

Got in a nice lil Animal order yesterday with all the new socks and shirts. Plus some Skavenger shirts that are pretty cool.(Jersey represent) The shop is nice and cool and its hot as "S" out so stop in and enjoy some AC. Also received the Mutiny Hemi Frame(Justin Simpson Signature) I'm really Psyched on the Mutiny Frames right now, awesome detail, heat treated......
There is a strong possibility that Circuit will be closed this Thursday June 12th.
There will be a small group of us heading out to NYC to watch Kevin Robinson attempt to break the world height record for airing out of a megaramp. Should be a sight...
I will keep you posted on this in a couple days..

The past weeks rain has been amazing for the trails, they are dialed....
No better feeling then leaning.......

Oh ya and check out the Colombia Trip Edit on the Profile Page.. You can witness the ultimate dirt nap..


i just saw a video of vic and all his homeskillets riding in columbia right here vic bites the dust in it and its awesome..its a pretty good crash...i cant wait for the new circuit shirts theyre gonna be fresh


the nac nac is back

this weekend is gonna be gorgeous...go do a nac nac trails rule

Oh Hell Ya- THANKS!

If you weren't here Sunday then you missed out . The Kink Team came through and you couldn't ask for a better group of guys to represent your company. Super considerate and and friendly. Companies like Kink are what make BMX awesome be sure to stop in and chack out the 09 Kink completes as soon as they are available. Thanks for coming through guys it was a pleasure. From what I hear that accumulated a welcoming crew of around 30-40 people riding around Providence,wild. Also thanks to Bobby and Roman from Blackout Distro for coming from Rochester to hang out for the weekend. We had a nice lil BBQ/Jam at the trails, that was sweet.
Thanks to everyone that came out on Sunday. And Jake and Grant for the hand cleaning up.

Shop news- Circuit will have a few Subrosa completes in by the weekend. Stop in and take a peak. Also have the Mutiny Hemi frame by the weekend..( brass knuckles) Also have some new shirts coming in the shop this week from AxleRad and finally some new Circuit Shirts thanks to Snotty and Foyer Clothing.

And last of all Choquette and I will be heading to NYC to watch K Rob attempt to break the world height record. This is worth making the drive out to NYC.June 12th Circuit might be closed. I'll keep you posted on this.
Oh and finally the dude in the brown suit just dropped off all the Spring Orchids..
Finally ! Come by and get some new shoes.. aite later.