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No Thanks just Cranks!!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday tomorrow, we will be open at 11AM on Friday.
Cranksgiving Sale goes as follows..
10-20% off all cranksets and BB's in the store..
Starts Friday ends Sunday...
Don't eat to much Tofurkey!!
Happy Cranksgiving!!!

New DK Wheelsets ,pc and Alpha Pedals are here..

In the meantime check out Mulvdude shredding!! Deal with it!!

Untitled from Bobby Valentine on Vimeo.

Life is Life!!

I want to point out a couple of things, the new PA Woods DVD's are here (or purchase them direct)and Johnathan Herrick and Aurora drove down from Dover N.H. to drop of some DVD's of his own.. Get your trail fix this winter with these flicks.

Buy a PA Woods 10 Year DVD.. You Wont!!

And get one of these for FREE!!!!!

I usually don't rant like this but Janis of Pa Woods brought it up so here I go!!

How is it possible that just about everyone out there has lost the true meaning of what BMX is or was. I understand that most kids introduction to BMX nowadays is riding street or ramp but actually riding something that you built from the ground up is so much more gratifying then you can imagine.Building trails is what separates BMX from everything else out there. Being devoted to BMX and trail building is a part of life that is embedded at a young age so don't stray into the streets, find some woods and pick up a shovel and have at it!!!!

( Oh ya and don't take this to serious, I know this has all been said before and will probably be said again. I enjoy every aspect of BMX, I just prefer digging and riding trails so don't hate me.. cause I love you, just think about it..)

Kyle A enjoying the fruits and a late November Sesh!!!

Mass Pike or 90 East????

Lino G and Lee Hopkins have a new clothing company out there called 90 East (Mass Pike) and I think they have some other plans besides clothing for the label.. Any way they sent some Hoodies and T's are way. Come in and grab a 90 East and support a local brand and a killer crew of riders!!.. Don't be caught on the streets of Boston with out one!!

The guys at Kink rule!! Check out this sweet floor mat the sent our way!!Thanks guys!!

Ride BMX -Range of Motion is here and it comes with a 50 page mini photo book.. Its Awesome!! It feels like a couple years ago that Thunder came out..

It is almost time for indoor living but mother nature keeps sending us some treats.. These days will be on the regular very shortly but lets hope not!!

Staying Warm!!

It seems like the colder air will be staying up north for a little while longer and we'll take what we get.. This past month has been amazing for riding and it's still nice out so why you sitting in the house?? When winter does decide to show up you can come by and grab a new Circuit hoodie.. Im psyched on the way these came out, they are on American Apparel and we have a variety of colors and sizes. Thanks to Snotty and Foyer for getting these out so quick.. Speaking of Snotty, check out his "Who Is" on Dig BMX.. Always Pissed!!!

New Props 74 is here and its worth the watch.. Awesome issue with tons of highlights but the Day in the Life of Darryl Nau is by far the best segment of the issue.. Darryl fucking rules!!

Snotty - via Dig BMX

And if you haven't already, check out Dr. Pinzons interview on the Profile Racing page. Its pretty interesting!!
Pinzon in a dark L.A. hallway..

Eclat Parts order just showed up.. Ill have pics up in a day or two. In the meantime, you want it we got it!!

Summer is back..

New Fit Eddie V3 frames are here.. This time they are American made and look awesome.. Clear Black and Clear Red are looking sweet.. We got them without the built in pivotal, you want the option don't you??

F-IT seatstay bridge..

New FBM belt buckles are here also restock on all FBM tees..2010 frames should be around late December.. Get psyched!!

Summer decided to revisit the North East this weekend.. So Zack did a Table and is still on his infinite quest for the pedal wrench!!

Huge Eclat parts order coming in this week..

Stay Fat- OR- Get Fit..

Lots of small parts trickling in this week.. Keep an eye out for 2010 FBM frames available soon..
FBM also have 3/8s dropouts available now, so get on that!!
Nick Ferreira of Holeshot is now contributing for ESPN Action and here is his first contribution.
is one of my favorite people to watch ride and hang out with..
Indian Summer this weekend.. Go Cruise!!

Red Edwin grips are finally out..(like real RED)

Yup! Stay Fit DVD's are here!! come pick one up, you wont be disappointed..

New Profile hubgurds are super lite and look sweet on the hub!

Street Dragon!!

I have a couple Halloween photos I wanted to share.. And a couple non Halloween ones too!!

Sleeper with his Street Dragon or Biking Ship!! Everyone should dress their bike up once in a while..

Lyle and Aggro Man Killing it!!

Aggro Man got a lil to Aggro!! Smash it up!!

Good old 4in1 run!! Just let it flow!!

Landon has his own bars coming out.. Space Wolf Bars!!

SandM mugs.. ya put your coffee in it.. Come get one!!

2010 FBM Completes
are here and ready to roll..
New Props 74 will be out soon with FBM NE trip in it.. Remember the Circuit/FBM BBQ.. Ya all that will be it this next issue and it looks like a good one!!

Props Issue 74 Trailer from PropsBMX on Vimeo.