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Just In time!!

Spring is warming up and trails everywhere are getting dialed in for some heavy sessions. So Sunday decided to release this beauty of a frame upon us. The Model D has your typical Trails Geometry but has a lil more to it for some street and park riding also. Over all I'm psyched on the looks and the build and hopefully Sunday will put a new trails add out there.
Here she is,Click for specs.

Also have a couple of Deluxe Frames and Bars on their way. If your not familiar with Deluxe Click Here. They are a UK Trails specific company owned by Mark Noble. The Frames look Amazing!!Those will be here late next week, stop in and take a peak.

Those Girls were looking for you!

This has been everywhere else and now its here, C-Lo fishing in the streets.
Thanks Nick, somebody had to do it..

Coleman Lopes from In The Gnar on Vimeo.

Tony, Randy and Cam!!

Frames are all here. Each one of these frames are very distinct. Check out the specs HERE. Anyone is worth having as they all look real good and are built in the U.S. Here are a few pics of the frames, oh ya and more Shiv forks showed up also.
See Ya!
Cam Frame has 3/8s dropouts. They are about the size of a quarter.
If you ride pegless and don't like this idea then GET OUT!!

FBM Documentary!!

This is one of the more interesting things to happen in the BMX world in a while. Joe Stakun from Philly has been working on this for a few years now and it will be popping up at film festivals all around the country. Ive had the pleasure to hang out with Joe on numerous occasions and I'm psyched on the way the trailer looks . I'm sure the film will be killer. Check it out.Long live FBM
I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM Bikes Trailer from BAD BREAKS on Vimeo.
New SandM Frames Tomorrow
Randy,Tony and Cam!!!!!

All Frames,Forks and Wheel Sets 10-15% off till Sunday the 19th!!


I had to steal this from IN The Gnar it was to good to pass up. I hope it doesn't come down to this guys.
"you get to your spot, all your tools are out, everything is untarped, n shit is fucked.
this is what happened to these guys n there fuckn heated"

Thanks Gaspar..

Lotek and Fremont Shoes!!

Here are the pics of the New Lotek and Fremont Shoes. They are all super comfy and just in time for some spring riding.
Also got all the new Lotek Shirts in including Nick Ferreiras Holeshot 2 Design. Its finally warm out and feeling like spring, get out there and cruise.
New SandM Frames are shipping today, we have a few coming let me know if your into them. Cam Woods has 3/8 dropouts, its about time for 3/8s drops to make a comeback!!
Hey dont forget about the Last Ramp Farm Jam This Saturday April 11th. Be there, starts at 6 or so..

Ramp Farm Jam!

This Saturday April 11th from 6 till ?
This will be the LAST Ramp Farm Jam EVER!!

If you can imagine this place sucks to pull apart and move so lets get loads of people out there to raise some bucks and make this a easier move for the guys that have given us all a place to ride for the past 4-5 years.

Casselberry Jam was this past weekend and it looks like some good times were had. Here is a lil slide show from the jam. Wish you were there.

Casselberry trail jam | Light yourself on fire show. from Gregory Smee on Vimeo.
New in the Shop:
Spring Loteks(pics up soon)
Spring Lotek shirts
DK Golf Bags
DK random wrench V2
DK valve spoke wrench(very handy)
More Shiv forks
New SandM Farmes(mid next week)
Animal Plastic Pedals(Blue,Red and Gold)
Animal Grips(blue and gold)
Ramp Farm Saturday-Be There!!