Time to Breathe

Wow I don't know where to start. Well its Thursday and this is my first post this week, sorry about that. Ive still been trying to recover from a long weekend of riding, just about there. Thanks to Kyle Amidon and Jonathan Herrick for building some of the funnest trails in the New England. You guys are awesome!
Just got in some new Season Bike bars in blue, yup the bars with the fluted tubing, also got their full guard gears which are pretty awesome looking, with a great anodizing job on these. More FBM seats and posts and finally the new FBM DVD Don't Buy This, its pretty right on with FBM "Nothing But A Good Time" feeling. More Left/Right DVD's yes more If you missed out on the first three shipments of these, here are a few more so you don't miss the boat on the best street video in years. Oh ya and we finally got the new Dig Mag in, its a long trip from overseas on a boat.Dig is by far one the best BMX mags published nowadays, no bullshit adds, strictly BMX. Anyways I could write for hours so I'm gonna leave it at that but if this past weekend was the unofficial start to summer, its definitely gonna be a killer summer. See ya!

Canceled, But........

For those of you who planned on coming to the FBM Premiere Saturday night, It has been cancelled due to not having the video yet. But when I do receive it, it will be playing in the shop on a steady rotation.
Sorry for no posts in the past few days just been super busy here and haven't gotten around to it. Got some new product in over the past week like Odyssey Hazard Lites in white, Odyssey seats in denim more P-lyte tires, Primo Stricker Pedals. Also got a few Tree spline drive gears in. Oh and the new Fly Bikes video DOS which has a really good feeling to it. It has two parts a New Zealand trip and a Spain trip, good stuff. I have new products rolling in daily, items to look out for are Kink completes, Sub Rosa Frames and some Eastern Completes all about 3 weeks out.
And don't forget about the Etnies Premiere at Mauls tonight 8 O'clock, you know its gonna be good.

Well me and Hennessey are off to Ithaca this weekend for a trail Jam/BBQ.
See ya out there.

Let it pour! / 5-17

If you haven't noticed its been pouring out all day and will be until Saturday morning. What I'm trying to get at is since its so gross outside come by the shop and checkout some new items in stock like the new Fit Hawk frames in flat blue, just like Chase these frames are dialed and at a good price. While your here you can watch Chase kill it in the Empire DVD, which I have a couple of copies left of. Also got in a load of new T-shirts from Fit, Happy Hour ( Strickers Clothing Co) and Metal.

I got an unexpected Profile Racing package in today, I opened it up to find a very comfy looking fleece blanket. I think its what the Madera Team will be sleeping in for their Providence Road Trip in early July. A true team is one that sleeps together. (HA HA) Thanks Matt.

I'll be heading up to the Ramp Farm Saturday night after I close the shop. Anyone interested in going give me a shout at the shop before 6 or just be here at 5:30. Also we could use some help at the trails on Sunday, for anyone wanting to pick up a shovel and pitch in, its greatly appreciated. Thanks and see you out there.

Restock Week

Bunch of new items in the shop this week. Got a restock of Animal pedals and shirts. Some Purple Shadow pedals. Shadow Tires in all sizes. A Green Shadow V2 36 Rear hub in green. More Shadow and Subrosa shirts. Lots of Odyssey levers and another Kink Relief stem in black. Also got some more Cuttin It Deep DVD's, awesome dvd out of the San Francisco area, check it out.
Also Expecting a large SandM order in the next day or two with the new Hawk frames in blue. More Slam xlt's and tuffman gears.
I also chose a date for the FBM video Premiere. It will be June 1st at 8 O'clock. I will have a flyer up on the page in the next day or so.

Lots of restocking going on around here so there are always new items in the shop. Come by and take a look. See you out there.

Weekends are fun!

Finally got in the new Empire, Chill Bro! DVD. I watched this video a few weeks ago and have been waiting to get it in to watch it a 2nd time..... Also got in some new Kink products. I'll start with the Pivotal seats and stump posts, seems like every one is finally catching on with this pivotal stuff, definitely the way to go. Got in some new Badger bars in a copper finish, not bad-not bad. Kink headsets with turquoise and brown top caps, nice touch. Some Sunday Tudor bars in that tasty tooth paste color, yum. And some more Skavenger T-shirts in purple with green print. Also got in Rebel Yell, Australian for BMX magazine, ha ha. The shop is well stocked so if your in the area come by and watch Chill Bro and browse around.
One last thing, got some new S&M products in next week along with 2 Fit Hawk frames in blue. These are sick looking. Also placed an order for a butt load of Etnies Grounded DVD's. If you want a copy a let me know and I'll make sure you get one.
See you out there and have a good weekend.

FBM Joint, Breaking Ground Decks

The Joint is here! This is an AWESOME looking frame that has to many specs to list but standouts are the arched round bridge and tapered chain stays to reduce denting. If you like what you see I got one in green 20.75 . I've been riding FBM frames since the Angel of Death and they get better every year, so if you've never ridden one....
Speaking of FBM, we will be premiering the new FBM DVD Saturday June 2nd @ 8 O'clock. More info on that in the next week.

Also Sam Batterson dropped off a couple of Breaking Ground Decks (8 & 8 1/4) If you don't know how Sam is he and his Breaking Ground crew are responsible for most of the cement parks in the northeast so next time you see Sam thank him for giving you a place to skate and ride. And pick up the trash at your local skate park.

Hubs, Cranks and Rims- Ramp Farm.

Just got in the new Profile Splash Hubs. These hubs are niiicceee, wild anodize job.Also got some Profile Race Cranks in raw with purple cones. The rim selection is widening up,Fly, Primo Balance,G-Sport, Complete Odyssey Wheelsets all in stock. New Eastern Slit Pegs in white, cnc'd to reduce weight, ride the slit side up. Also got in the Macniel Silencer Bars in black. Wow, these are some of the lightest bars I have ever picked up!
Got a couple of new forks in this week, We The People Helium Fork in green 14mm and Odyssey Dirt Fork in black 14mm.

Don't forget about Cycle Da Miyo, this Saturday @ The Ramp Farm
Bring yourself , your BIKE and the PARTY.
See You There.

One last thing Sundays are designated maintenance days at the Cumby Trails if you wanna help out and ride, then Sundays from 3 on is the day.

May Day / Cycle Da Mayo Jam

So today is May day, go do something spring-like. Maybe work on your local trails, pick up some trash at your local skate park, just be productive. Bunch of stuff going on at Circuit next couple of weeks. I'll start off with new Kink stem and sprocket. The Relief stem is a sliding wedge design weighing 8.5oz. I'm into this thing, its much easier to work with than any other wedge stem I have ever touched. Next is the the Sound sprocket, also a good looking piece 7075-T6, strong and lite. Good job Kink.
Got the new Tree Bolt Drive Sprocket (spline drive soon), Sam puts a lot of thought into his products and it shows with this sprocket.
Also got in a few more Skavenger T-shirts in and you don't have to be gangsta to wear one of these. I'm not and I got got one. More Left-Right DVD's
I got a few large orders coming in by the end of the week. Stop in this weekend and check out whats new. I threw a picture of Hennessey's new paint job in, it sucks.
One last thing:
Cylce Da Miyo Jam @ Ramp Farm
May 5th 6-?????
If you want to go and live in the area
the boat leaves at 6 you can follow it up.