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Dudes In The Woods!!

That could be a title of some shitty Skinamax B Movie but instead its a daily ritual from spring until fall every year of my life. Here are two edits of the trails that will hopefully get you motivated for spring and maybe light a fire under your ass to pick up a shovel.

We have some sales going on for February and a park rental. Stay tuned!!

Chasing Summer!!

Traveling and BMX go hand in hand.You can pretty much go anywhere in the world with your bike and make some new friends. Ive been doing it almost my whole life and it never gets old. Grab your bike and go explore. There may be a language barrier but everyone understands a high-five!!

We just got back from Puerto Rico and the trip was amazing, we made new friends and visited old friends.We were able to travel a good portion of the island and had the opportunity to meet and ride with a solid crew of locals. They took us in with open arms and showed us some good times and true hospitality.

Thanks to all the San Sebastian locals especially Vlad, Pichy and Tongo for the peanuts!!
And of course thanks to Carlos for keeping us laughing and Evan for kicking ass in general!!
If you're looking to go to PR don't hesitate, its worth the trip.

Here are some photos from the trip. Since its so cold out I hope these can warm you up just a little.

Nick met up with us the first day of the trip. Heres a shot from our first night in San Juan. Dudes always bringing the good vibes and PR wouldn't have been the same if he wasn't there.
Vert Wall shimmy at Tres Palmas.

I had a loose travel plan and wanted to view some sites. Mission accomplished!! We hit everything on the list in a matter of days. This is the Window Cave in Arecibo. Crazy view but scary as "F". 1000FT drop.

This is a portion of the San Sebastian Crew. We were exhausted from driving and riding all day but when we got to SS Skatepark these dudes were so welcoming and genuine that we got right back on it and cruised with them. Thanks guys for keeping my old bones moving.

Pichy and Vlad took us to their local jungle paradise swim hole. A far cry from our Carrs Pond or Cumby Res. Pickett about to do his signature "back flop rope swing plunge".

Mrs. Jemeniz (Pichy's mom) went all out and made us a Pasteles lunch. It was the best meal we had on the island and we will all recall it for months to come. We couldn't say "Thank You" enough..

We made it to Quebradilla Park with an hour of sunlight left. We made the most of it but you really need a couple of days there to enjoy the park for what it is. Next time Quebradilla!!

Hopped on the ferry to Culebra Island to sleep on Flaminco Beach for the night. It was well worth the trip, plus we got to witness an epic moon rise..

Nick absolutely killed it the whole trip. Classic tabe on the last night in San Juan at the D.I.Y spot.
Ride or Die Inside!!

Its back to business here as usual. We will be hosting a Feburary park rental at Rad Skatepark. I will have the date up soon. In the meantime stop in and say hello!!

Lets Do It All Again!!

Opening and running Circuit BMX has been one of my biggest accomplishments in life(outside of being a father). I get to see a younger generation of BMXers grow into young adults and create bonds in the New England BMX scene and help it grow stronger. For example, having the Bcave Video Premiere at Circuit this past October was my proudest moment at the shop for all of 2013. The amount of people that came out to show their support was amazing. Thanks to everyone that supported this event and welcome to 2014. Now watch this again!!

Here is another stand out for Circuit in 2013. The "Trails Rule" Trip. I was able to rent a mini bus and throw the trails crew in it for a weeks worth of traveling in PA,NJ,NY and RI. This was one of the best trips of my life even though we were never 5 hours away from home. Riding,Camping,Swimming,Partying all while being around old and new friends. Thanks to all the locals at Boondocks,Catty,Posh, and Dutch Neck. And thanks to Garrett Byrnes for letting 12 dudes stay at his place like it was no big deal. And  big thanks to FBM, Profile and Subrosa for supporting the trip.We'll be doing it again next year for sure!!

The Crew

Circuit Trails Rule Trip 2013 from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

Huge thanks to everyone that is on board with what we do here. You are all appreciated wether you are a large or small part of the shop. Lets do it all again!!