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landon rules

landon rules the roost

-from eric-


Finally got some Circuit Sweatshirts in, just in time for the colder weather. They are printed on Hanes Ultimate.. They have a nice fit and are pretty thick. Stay Warm.

This Friday and Saturday is the day after Cranksgiving Sale. That means all complete bikes will be 5% off and T-shirts are buy 2 get 1 free. And all shoes are 10 -20% off. All cranks and sprockets are 10% off also, Friday and Saturday ONLY!!!

Sunday November 30th is the 30 and over Jam at The Ramp Farm. Starts at 1 and we ll be grilling and chilling.. Come out if your over 30 and wanna ride. Give the shop a call for info.

the greatest band of all time

here is a picture of the greatest band of all time.....white lightning


Blogging U.S.A.!!

Its seems like everyone out there in the BMX world is taking it upon themselves to put their "Scenes" out there. And in my eyes its a good thing, I'm always interested in what everyone else is doing so why not! With that said Circuits good buddy Kyle Amidon took it upon himself to start a trails blog about, well TRAILS. Kyle is a true digging machine and the blog name is perfect. Its called Third Arm Shovel and this is one good way to pass winter bye so check it out and enjoy.

Big get well soon to Bobby Proctor whos been in the hospital for the past few days and will be there a few more due to his appendix bursting. Get well soon bud!
Bobby P (at least its cold out)

New in the shop this week:
Restock on FBM Completes
Macniel seats and posts
Shadow Chains
Animal tires and grips
Mutiny Tees..........


Cranksgiving is upon us once again and to celebrate Circuit will be having its annual Cranksgiving sale on the 28th(fri)-30th(sun). I will have a flyer up for this in the next couple days. Stop in on those sale days and receive 5% off all completes and buy 2 T-shirts get one free. The complete bikes keep rolling in, this week we have a couple new ones from We The People and Fit (TRL 1,2,3,and 4)with more FBMs arriving in a day or two.

WTP Recon.. and Circuits newest model (Lady)

Fit Park 4 (Van Homan Signature)

Fit Dakota Frames along with the Shiv Fork should be shipping this week and we should see them right before Cranksgiving. Now these will go quick so If you want one I will hold one for you.

Also if you didnt know Rye Airfield has redone the park once again and is having a BMX Pro/Am Comp in early December.. Check the flyer for info. You know this thing should be pretty wild.
Congrats to Jeff Allen and The Haven Park for putting on an awesome Aitken fundraiser and raising $5000 towards Mikes medical bills. Amazing!!
(pic stolen from the Fit page)

And last of all, Sunday Novemeber 30th Ramp Farm will be having a 30 and over Jam. So if your 30 or over and still love to ride your bike, get out there and cruise, hangout and grill out with some BMX Granpas.. Call the shop for info, starts at 1pm..


this was on axelrad! like a year ago....but its awesome


its warm but its rainy :(

trails season is coming to a makes me upset...but im really looking forward to next year..heres a picture of us building the new quarter pipe at the trails..i wish it was spring time right now cause this thing is gonna be fun to ride...went to the ramp farm thursday night and had a blast..sessions are gonna start building up there now that the weather is getting crappy...go to circuit and buy profile stuff


Aitken/Hyde Vid

Here is a lil edit that Chris Long put together from the Aitken Benefit at Hyde Park.
Check it out and dont forget about the Haven Parks Aitken Benefit tomorrow.

Hyde Park Jam 2008 from massBmx on Vimeo.

And if you couldnt make it to any of the Benefit Jams you could still help out Mike by buying a limited Aitken/Anthem T-shirt. They are $20 and 100% of the proceeds go directly to Mike for medical expenses. I have them available in the shop and like I said these are very limited. Thanks to Stew for making these up and sending them out so quickly.

Connecticut Aitken Jam.

Jeff Allen and Haven Park will be hosting a Fundraiser Jam for Mike Aitken this weekend. Check the flyer for info and head out and support Mike.

Super Frames!!

Im sure by now most of you are familiar with the words Super Therm and if your not then click on the link or stop in and check out the FBM Howler I just got in the shop. FBM have always made some of the nicest frames in BMX and now they are even better. We also received a Maneater along with the ST Howler..

Restocked on Nice Pivotal Seats and Rising Sun Sprockets.
FBM Headsets
Fit Tri Sprockets
and all Fit and SandM Bars.
Day after Cranksgiving Sale! (Black Friday) More info soon..
Raffles and left over Toufurkey!

Also Ramp Farm Sessions will be Tuesday and Thursday for anyone that's interested.
Meet at the shop at 5:45 sharp on Tuesdays, that's when ill be heading there.

And Please check out these blogs.
Trails Rule
Mass BMX
Hole Shot
Here For Kicks

Prince works for UPS..

If he was he would have delivered some pancakes to go with the limited edition Odyssey Purple Rain parts line. All the stuff is pretty cool looking and I think Jimi Hendrix did a song about too. These parts a very limited so when they gone they gone! Got in some of them retro football style Odyssey shirts also. Get out there and play some two hand touch with your best friends.

OK I don't feel like saying anything else except see you at the Farm tonight unless you cant make it or are not allowed there cause you stared at Burger the wrong way.

Eclat... and snot pickers.

Circuit received the first of 2 orders this month from Eclat BMX (WTP parts line)
Lots of cool stuff from them in the shop and around the corner. Sprockets, Bottom Brackets, Brakes, Levers, Grips, Seat and Post combos... We have a decent amount available so stop in and take a peak at Eclat.

Also Restocked on Animal Flannels or FlAnimals and Pom Pom Hats. Got in all the New Lotek and Fremont T's including the Nick Ferriera (Hole Shot Zine) designed Lotek shirt. I think Larry Bird is smoking a stogy on it?? Nick is working on issue 4 at the moment so keep an eye open for that. Also got some more WTP Feelin and Grippen tires.
Hey dont forget about the Jam at the Farm this Friday night. If you like to have fun then go, plus they will be showing the Kink DVD.

Limited Odyssey Purple Rain parts will be here Friday. It would be cool if Prince was my UPS guy.

Snotty made the cover of Burnside Magazine. HaHa this shits funny. Snotty built Burnside from the ground up in his spare time..

And who ever keeps stealing the stickers off my door-I will catch you and break your lil snot picking fingers. And If your offended by this then its for good reason.
If you want some stickers just ask, I give them away!
Be nice and respectful and Ill be the same way to you.
If you wanna learn a thing or two check out Here for Kicks


Go to the Ride BMX site and check out the Baco Vids from this past weekend. Trust they are good.
Fly Ligera tires are here just like the older Fly tires but with some extra cut for more traction on dirt. Also restocked on Campillera and Callegera tires. Get Some!!


heres the new berm at the spring here yet ?

trails rule!!!


Killer Weekend!!!

This weekend was one of the best in a long time. Halloween was a blast. The Danzig cover band made my night, thanks Chip.
Saturday was the Swap-Foot Down Championships. Thanks to everyone that came out and hung around for the day. Lots of fun was had, I really cant say thanks enough. This year was no different then last, meaning that the Champ is still the Champ! Thats right George Costa took home the win and donated all the money back for food and beer for the night. Thanks George you truly are the Peoples Champ.
Sunday night Matt&Kim played at the shop and what a perfect way to finish off a awesome weekend. Check out Best Fwends also ,they are the most entertaining dou EVER.


Got a small Eclat order on the way. More Eclat at the end of the month.K lata!