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We just received some new goods from Kink, and here are a couple of them. Kink Tires,everyone is making tires now, I think I'm gonna make some Circuit Tires. The Lyra and the Vela. These are pretty cool, they remind me of a lower profile over-sized Dirt Path..
Mission PC Pedals in new colors.. Disco Pedals!!
Kink Sexton Seats in Army Green. My favorite new Kink Product, only if it had rails on it..
Bobby's World Here is a sweet video of the Sunday Trail Squad from when they were in town. Its a good watch, lots of trail action from Chicago to Cumberland..Its still nice out, time to dig..


Dean Sleeper - jack of all trades master of a couple, is one of the best dudes to do just about anything with. A true ape in every sense of the word.. Having a guy like Sleeper as a friend has many advantages. Wanna hear a story that sounds so ridiculous it can't be true but somehow you still believe it, Sleepers got one or two for you. Want to have the Best Day Ever, Sleeper can make that happen. Always psyched to have Sleeper as part of the Circuit family.I put this Sleeper photo collection together as a reminder of all the good times we've had the past few years.

Life? Stems and Sprockets are back in the shop. We got some gold this time around, support BMXers supporting BMX!!
Restocked on all S&M Bars including Hoders in Black. 

The Man The Dude The Sleeper!!

2011 Was Fun!!

Trails Rule!!





Eric Hennessey and friends... from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

End Of Summer Edit from klegraefe on Vimeo.


Welcome to the new year and technically winter.Im not sure if this season will ever kick in and thats ok with me. As always (weather permitting) things tend to slow down a bit round here plus I'm battling some back problems which means I'll be slacking on the posts for a few weeks. If something worthy comes up ill post it, new items in the shop or whatever..I know January just started but its almost February!!
Thats Awesome!!

Seriously!!  The T-1 Barcode dude!! I Had to get another one of these while it was available. We got a few of these a couple weeks back and they went quick. I don't mind if this one wants to hang out for a bit, I like looking at it but you can give it a good home at the same time..

You can pick the Barcode up on the Circuit Web-Store Also.. 
And don't forget to read Joe's interview on Clicked BMX, its to good to pass up!!

We got some more FBM Gypsy Frames in Trans- Blue also.. Sick color for a sick frame..

Henny is making his voyage south on a FBM/Albion trip.. Dont worry he will be back in the spring time..You can follow his adventures on Trails Rule!!
The legend of Sleeper continues!! Limited Sleeper Stickers Dude!!
Ive been meaning to put this up for a while, finally got around to it.. Circuit Section from the last FBM Gypsy Tour.. Whats up this year Crandall???