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30 is the new 15!!

The November Issue of Ride showed up this week and its packed with New England goodness. Stop in and pick one up, just about out of the first batch but I have more on the way. Congrats to Matty Branscombe for the sweet article on The Bassett Trails. Also Circuit supporter Kyle Amidon has a 2 page spread doing a lookback in the soon to be extinct LOG RUN.(taken by Fudger) Kyle recently turned 30 and still apes it on a daily basis. And of course the shop has a interview in it.

Kyle A in the new RIDE

Lots of new goods in the shop this week:
Shadow Raptor Hubs
Shadow Attack Stems(top and front load)
Shadow interlock chains
Shadow Undertaker tires
Mutiny Loosefer Frame (Randy Taylor Sig) 20.666 w or w/o mounts

Shadow Raptor Hubs

Mutiny Loosefer 20.666

The 009 Fit completes are trickling in, most are here. The rest will arrive in a week or two and they are looking good.

trails rule

hey everyone...lets ride some trails..i went to vics on monday and rode with him and zack and kyle...that was fun and i didnt get stung by bees so DOUBLE BONUS!!..maybe going to dover this weekend if it doesent rain...i think burger might come wich is awesome because i like riding with him...heres a picture from wicked awesome bike fest. OK I'm late for Yoga.


Flash Gordon!!

Its that time of year when we are fearing winter and anticipating spring so we can officially say the summer is over and hopefully we get one of those Indian Summers. But the weather has been awesome the past few weeks and the soil is staying moist which is a plus.
Interbike started yesterday so expect to see plenty of new products flowing through the shop in the next couple months. I'm definitely psyched to say that Circuit will be carrying Ride BMX starting this month. Come by and grab a copy of Ride and check out the interview I did with Fudger about Circuit.
Lets move on to making your feet happy. Now you have two options, first would be come in and grab a pair of NEW Loteks. The newest line is a step up from last time with better soles and more padding. Option two would be come in and grab a pair of shoes(Spring Loteks) for 25-30% off. Check out the Red Coastals especially if your a fan of this dude.

Have Ganssett neighbor!!

Things to do!

The month of October is full of events and party time fun. In the last minute rush to have as much fun as possible before winter hits here are some events to hit up.

The N.H boys have this going on at Highland Park. Looks like fun.

Save Catty Woods. Go to Pa and get Loose..

High air in RVA. Matt Hoffman guest judge. Why wouldnt you go to this??

Halloween in Rochester N.Y. Trick or Treat??

In the meantime I'll be hanging out here:

New in the shop..

Here is a quick run down of whats new in the shop this week.

Animal 212 jeans (slim fit)
Animal 718 jeans (loose fit)
Animal Mystic button up shirt. (for the club)

Restock on Fly Bikes parts and frames.
Colored Odi Grips(red,purple,green and pink)
Restock on Kink Completes
Huge Shadow order in next week.
If you haven't seen the new Ride this month, Circuit has a shop interview in it.
Check it out and thanks to everyone out there for the support.

Also all Loteks in the shop are 15% off for the next few weeks. Come get a deal on some shoes. Your feet will thank you.

Random photos:

Torche at the shop a year ago, heres a lost photo from that night.

James from Mesh took this sweet pic of Providence. (Poached from: Here for Kicks)

Zack hip tabe Photo Adam S

Get Meshy!!

Past 2 days the Mesh guys were around, we cruised some street and got messy Wednesday night. Me ans Zack some how got the trails running in 2 days after all the rain from Hanna washed them out. We managed to have a good full day sesh and grill out fest. They headed to Boston last night and got rowdy with Burns and the Autumn Brand boys, sounds like fun.
Last day of Mega Tour is today and the last stop is tonight at the Haven Park. Try to make it and you can pick up a copy of Mega Tour here when it comes out in a few months.
Thanks for stopping in guys!!! Here are a few pics.


Joey J..

Rowdy Burns??

Peace Dude..

09 Fit Completes are on the way!!!

Urban Ninjas.

Well Hanna came and went quickly but didn't stop us from having a good time. Burger had a 30th b-day party/ramp jam on his new backyard mini in the rain. Hanna definitely left her mark on the trails up and down the east coast. Seems like we are back in that rainy weather pattern again but that's OK with me. The next few months are prime trail riding season so get out and dial them in and do some cruising.

Burgers Ramp Jam?

Got some new shoes in the shop today. This time around are some Beloe Motto's (Jim Cielinskis Shoe) in all black with a rainbow stitch and army green with black. These shoes kind of remind me of a pair of Chinese slippers I had in the early summer but with more padding and grip. If you like a light ,grippy shoe with rainbow stitch then these are for you. Im into them. Also got in the all black Stitch shoe from Beloe, very classic look and durable look to these. New jeans in the shop from Fremont, the Dehart jeans have a nice fit with a stretch jean material in brown and black. Oh ya they are also button fly which is good cause it sucks getting your shit stuck in your zipper. The new Fall Loteks are soon to follow.The Profile case has been restocked with all your favorite American made goodies.

Your Inn!! PA Woods!!

Check out this lil vid of the Penny Market Jam that went down last week in Portland Oregon. Circuit fully supported this jam..

Also check out the PA Woods page for info on the contest they will be having to Save Catty Woods. Basically they need to raise enough money to get a fence built around the trails. R.I.s own Howl will be playing a benefit show to help raise some money Sept 12th in Bethlehem

Welcome Hanna!

Looks like we are gonna get a weekend full of rain from Tropical Storm Hanna,(sorry Burger) not to be confused with the hanna. Anyways the rain that Hanna will bring is a welcome site around here considering its like a desert out there.
Got Road Fools 16 in this week, if your a fan of prior Road Fools then you wont be disappointed. The crew does not travel as much but they hit some a amazing spots and put out plenty of wild riding. Immediately after watching this latest addition of The Road Fools collection I was compelled to go out and buy a whole new Levis wardrobe. I wonder if Odyssey uses Levis on the denim seats? That would be quite the colab....
Lots of clear colored pedals in the shop at the moment and they are going faster then 2 weeks worth of riding them. Odyssey Ipedals and Animal Hamiltons. Also check out Steve Hamiltons entries on the Federal Blog, its a good read. If you haven't noticed SandM have been having lots of fun with their anodizing lately and the latest addition of fun are some Tuff Man sprockets and Redneck XLT stems with the famous SandM shield all over. Looking good, what better way to support one of your favorite American bike company's then to have their logo all over your parts.
Last of all, Mega Tour starts today in the North East so if your cruising around some cities in the next week you just might run into a crew of you favorite dudes.
The last stop is at The Haven Park Friday the 12th. Head out there and check out the park, I'm sure it will be a hoot..