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Oh hell Ya Dude!

Kink Team will be here tomorrow(Sunday 11-3) If you wanna come by say hi , get some free product , maybe take a cruise around the city with them, then be here.. Circuit will be providing Pizza and Drinks. So stop in and meet the Kink Shredders.
Also got in a couple new frames this week. New Subrosa Armada in raw and the new Mutiny Burlish frame in blue, both these frames have some real nice details on them. Stop in and take a looky. Check out Hennys blog, its funny. Oh ya S & M Zombie Rider shirts are here too, Cannibal Corpse!!!!



This Sunday!!!!!

Dont Forget about this Sunday June 1st,. The Kink Team will be hanging out at Circuit From 11-3 giving away some products and they want to meet YOU!Stop in and say HI. There will be Free Pizza and Refreshments, if thats not enough then I dont know what is..
Stop in and check out whats new since there is always something new in here.. And last of all Coleman built up a S3.5 and its looks pretty sweet. I think its about time everyone starts stepping it up.. If you live in the New Bedford area you can see him cruising the streets on this thing say hi to him hes really talkative.

Dover is for Trail Lovers

Well It seems like summer has started off the right way this year with a nice lil Sunday session up at Dover Trails. Landon and I got there early enough to ride all day even though we took the scenic route. If there were an award to be given out for best trail builders in New England Jonathan and Kyle would be the dudes to receive it. They have built some of the wildest lines I've ever seen. Thanks for doing what you guys do. Oh and Happy B-day to Randy M(M.O.D) If the rain keeps coming this should be a good year for trails in the N.E.(lets hope so) Anyways heres a couple of photos I
snapped. Click on the photos to enlarge. Hennessey! Where are you?

This is how Mike from Maine Drinks his Beer, thanks for showing me this.

It's Unofficial.

This weekend is the unofficial start to summer so start if of right and do something summer like. Go ride some where that you don't usually ride, check out something new. Its a long weekend so make it last and its supposed to be awesome out all weekend so im sure everyone will have some massive shred boners. Ill be heading to Dover trails for a lil BBQ/ B-day Jam. I guess what im trying to say is start summer off the right way but ya I said that already. Check out Henny,s Blog it will make you laugh, I cant get enough of it.


Im gonna make this short cause it's nice out and I wanna go ride.
If your looking for a Fit S3.5 this would be the time and place to get one. I have them in all sizes and colors. The S3.5 are one of the highest quality frames to come out thus far and should go quick.

Some more items new to Circuit
Chrome S&M race and XLT bars and forks
Revised Proper Hubs and Team Sprockets
Fit Blade Forks in Eddy Green and Black
Lotek and Orchid spring shoes
Fuse Shinpads and Ankle guards
Profile Winged 'P' Seats

Oh ya if you haven't done this yet, check out Hennessey's Blog Trails Rule. Its fun and so is he. Also check out Andy Burtons new page How To Have Fun. Its obviously FUN and can teach you how not to take life so seriously and just HAVE FUN!


Dig Mag have a new redesigned webpage. Check it out,definitely my favorite BMX Mag. good content and photos.

Siren Sounds!!

That was pretty much the theme in Colombia. The trip was unreal and it feels good to be back home and at the shop but I miss everyone already. Thanks to the Pinzon Family(Napo & Maria)for being amazing people and taking care of the crew and keeping us safe. Thanks to Pinzon for organizing the trip and also Chad Moore, Conall Keenan,Dave McDermont,Jon Wilson(Super Negro),Sean Albright, and Forest Roberts for making the trip what it was. There should be a little write up on the trip in Ride UK in the next coming months so look out for that.I'll post a link to the Photo Bucket page when it gets all organized.
This area was guarded by dudes with shotguns, Pinzon got to ride it for a minute.

Every sunset looked like this.

Hennessey,Emerson,Cara- THANK YOU for holding it down while I was away.

Now back to business. Finally all the Spring Loteks are in and ready to go so come by and grab yourself a pair before they are all gone. Fly Campillo frames,Sunday Schwartz frames,Fit S3.5 frames(on the way)FBM Exodus frame are all here and all want to be ridden badly so come by and check these out.Circuit received a Fly Bikes small parts order while i was away, like brakes,front rims, new style gears, grips,Luna and Tierra Bars in all colors, 2.25 wire and foldable tires and plenty more. Lots of big things happening around here this summer so stop in and check out whats up in the Providence area. Heres the first awesome thing happening- The Kink Team will be at Circuit Sunday June 1st handing out some product and signing some autographs and chillen, come on who doesn't want to meet Chris Doyle?? 2nd awesome thing will be the Circuit BMX/Profile Racing Northeast Trails Roadtrip in mid August, should be a wild one. I'll be doing post on the regular so stay updated and THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT.


thanks everyone who came in and visited me while i watched the was fun..vic is coming home from columbia today and will be back in the shop on if you have all kinds of complaints about me just head on in there and let him know..other than that...trails season is off the hook and i cant get enough of it..riding dirtjumps with friends is so much fun and it just makes me wanna ride less and less anywhere else...soon im gonna be a drifter living in a hut out at the jumps..just me and the jumps are coming along nicely..its a slow process to get everything running for the season but eventually it will be done..i made a little page to show the building of the trails you should check it out. THE WOLF DEN.go to circuit and buy stuff cause vic has alot of it

Vic is in colombia for the week but im here for the week helping out...theres a bunch of new stuff in the shop...we got the clear plastic odyssey pedals and a bunch of new fly stuff like seats and brakes and the new fly campillo frame in white and in black(ridiculous) a bunch of shoes and a bunch of fun also come on down if you want any of that stuff...and finally we got the pa woods video.. i know all you kids that ride nowadays are waaay too lazy to pick up a shovel and dig trails but if you wanna just watch other people ride trails this video is amazing...its just endless tables and enough style to knock your socks off..i give it an A+ ... sooo come down and visit me at the shop because its like a dungeon down here ...i wish i had some pictures to post but emerson has some ill get him to post them

peace to the geese,

See ya in a few!!

OK so I'm off to Colombia( South America) for a couple weeks, why you ask? Well for Luis Pinzons Wild Adventure. Should be a wild time riding out there with 10 dudes. Ill try and do some Circuit posts while im out there so check during the middle of next week for that. Anyways Hennessey and Pat will be watching the shop while I'm away so stop in and say hello to them, and if you wanna hit the trails with Henny he'll be there on the regular all next week.(I think)And if your not invited then don't go. STAY THE FUCK OUT!!!

Circuit has a pretty large frame inventory at the moment so if your in the market for a new frame stop in and see what we got. Also Sunday Schwartz Frames are on the way and Aitken S3.5 should be in when I get back, I ordered a handful of these so we are guaranteed to have them in stock. Fly Campillo Frames are on the way also, should have them early next week.
Heres a brief list of whats new in the shop
Duo Tires wire and foldable
Shadow Rims
Restock on Fly Grips
Lotek Coastels and NightWolf Slims
Fly 2.25 tires
Federal seat post clamps

To every BMXer out there that likes to ride trails but dosnt like to dig, stop being LAZY and pick up a shovel or just dont ride trails!!
Shawn works 55 hours a week and still finds time to dig once in a while.