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So lots of things going on around here at Circuit. Lets start with the limited amount of SubRosa completes that just arrived at Circuit.(pictures up soon) I only received 3 of them and one has already left the shop and they look pretty damn good. I have a Letum Dirt and a Mallum Dirt left, they wont last long. Plenty of 08 Fit Completes still available from Flow Street,Trails and Teams.. So get em while they last.

Lots of new items arriving daily, like restock on all Animal Pedals in all colors sealed and unsealed. New Animal Sweatshirts and T's also..The kind that zip full up to cover your mug.And T-shirts to match the hoodies and woodgrain t's.Animal is stepping up their game with their clothing.

Profile Hubs in stock in just about every color. Speaking of Profile I just built a new bike that I'm pretty psyched on. If you want to check it out its on the Profile page and FBM page.Also got in some more Shadow cranks and hubs.. Colony Bloody Oath bars and Unlucky 13 Bars also some of them Colony Levers.. Got the new Federal Freecoaster in Purple, its built with KHE internals so expect the same quality as a Geisha or Reverse Hub. Plus we recieved the new We The People Lo-Fi Frame, this thing is really nice and light weight(4.6lbs) but not lacking in strength with WTP new Magma heat treating. Looking for a new frame, this one is worth a look. And has some cool features. Should have the new Orchid Shoe color ways in by Friday also so that means all remaining Orchids will be going on sale for 25% off.. Sounds good if your looking for a some new shoes at a deal..Plenty of other new items in the shop, I could go on for a while but you'll just have to stop in and check out whats new..
Now on to the Mutiny "Stoked On Being Pumped" DVD Premier. It will be happening on Saturday December 8th @ 7:30 PM. We have a HD projector so you can get the full effect and snacks and refreshments will be provided along with copies of the dvd for sale.. Should be fun and everyone is encouraged to attend.
Oh ya and the new Props issue 67 also.. always playing in the shop.


Happy Cranksgiving

Hope Everyone out there has a good holiday and gets a chance to ride with this perfect weather for today. Enjoy it while it lasts. I got a chance to get a quick morning session in on my new rig and maybe another later tonight after I digest my Tofurkey.
Circuit will be open on Friday the 23rd, so stop in and say hi..

See you out there.

3 Things Happening At Circuit..

First off, the first BMX holiday of the season is coming up quick so to celebrate Cranksging Circuit will be having a Sale on all cranksets in the shop. (10 % off all cranksets in the shop from the 17th until the 23rd)
Second on the list is the new Mutiny DVD "Stoked on Being Pumped". Circuit will be premiering this DVD on Saturday December 8TH at 8 O'clock. And there is a strong possibility we will be showing it in HI-DEF. I'll keep you all updated. If not we will still have a few copies of it available in HI-DEF format..
Third(I'm pretty psyched about this one)is that Circuit will be renting out RYE Airfield for its BMXMAS party on Saturday December 15th from 9-12 at night. I'm doing this as a costumer appreciation type thing. So if you are one of the many riders that supports the shop Thank You. Everyone is welcome to attend! Unfortunately there will be a 10 dollar fee to ride the rental session and there is a limit of 50 riders so once it fills up thats it..You can pay in advance at Circuit or give the shop a call (401-305-3636) and I can put your name on the list and pay me the night of the rental.
Also Circuit now has gift certificates available for purchase for the BMX holiday season.
Got some items on the way in that have been highly anticipated such as SubRosa Completes and Fit Street Team and Flow completes. Also Colony Bloody Oath Frame (4lbs) WOW! FBM Howlers. We should see all these goods by early next week.YES!
And last of all don't forget about the Heat the Farm Jam at The Ramp Farm this Saturday the 17th from 4:00 till ? Plenty of product to give out for people who want to huck themselves. I will be closing up Circuit at 5:30 this Saturday to head up there so if you want to follow us up there, be here at 5:00.
OK thats it for now hope to see you all Saturday.....

snaggletooth them hoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

va estar un "jam" a "la wharehouse" en palmer mass. es para pagar "bill de heat"
theres a jam at the wharehouse in palmer mass make sure to go we can meet up here and go to the wharehouse.
there been alot of new shit at the shop starting with some dvds. "summer of fit" and the "pegleg" dvds are in. pegleg DVD has some clips of Pawtucket and Prov street. heres john Degnan snaggletooth them hoes!!!!!!!!!!
Untitled from t1bmxrder on Vimeo.
any way also we have some lotek pants in all sizes they're girl pants and since everyone in bmx wears girl pants then you can purchase them here girl sizes are 0-10!!!!!!!.
also tons of new shirts lotek and T1 and shadow conspiracy shirts...
snaggletooth them hoes!!!!!. got some more khe folding tires the bigger sizes 2.10.
have some fly stuff coming like red brakes, stems, and some more random stuff.. also tuns of tire levers in like 5 colors. snaggletooth them hoes!!!!!!!
broken collar bone Derek is building a bike so make sure you don't buy it! na just kidding. got some more completes fit completes 08' park and dirt. o yea i sold 2 completes on Sunday which was awesome and sorry that i didn't get the kids name that i sold the first bike to... um anyway i would like to add that Corey wanton-soup is a well i cant say on here but make shit up.
having a cold sucks and not working sucks even more... anyone wanna buy a front wheel
g-spot rim laced to a vandero hub call me up 527-7294...
got a pair of bloods platter odyssey pedals there sick some one snaggletooth that shit!!!!!!!!!!

also some colony stuff like sprocket and stem the stem is really nice... some one snaggletooth that shit.

o yea thats what i am probably gonna be doing some time next year....



thank you everyone for coming out to the festivities..especialy peter for coming and making some great coffee for turned out to be really fun even with the crummy weather.. the big cheese from rennen ended up taking home the win in foot down and going home with 130 bucks and an awesome footdown world championship trophy..the music was really awesome..the butcherings and the body and lightyourself on fire and the snake hunters all played really good sets..thank you to matt and all the band for coming all the way up here from tampa..everyone should come down to circuit and check out the new fit completes...they are off the heezy fo sheezy..

Read the Flier!!!!!!!

For everyone that is concerned about the weather for the Foot Down Comp, don't be. Shit is still on. So don't let a November hurricane stop you from being here.