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I've got three words for you!!

This weekend is the unofficial end of summer and man did it go by fast. We still have a few more months of riding outdoors without wearing 3 sweatshirts and long johns. So get out and cruise while you can. Myself ill be digging with my bruised heel until its ready to ride.

Interbike is in few weeks so that means lots of new products will be popping up in the shop in the next few months. Some of the newer parts in this week are the long awaited clear Animal Plastic Hamilton Pedals. They have the same exact shape as the Hamiltons, so if your a fan of those pedals these would be a easy transition. Also received the new colorway on Duo Rogue seats.

We finally have the full line of FBM completes built and on the floor and they all look NICE!! And speaking of Nice,(FBMs parts line)their grips,seats and stems should up with the completes. They look really Nice.(its so hard not to do that)So ya support FBM and Nice if not Crandall will find you and stab you.

Here are a couple pics..
Kyle A N.H. Trails (Circuit Trip)Photo-Matty B

Matt C at the S.P.O.T. Bowl.

Issue 3

Im hoping that most of you guys out there are already familiar with Nick Ferreira and his Hole Shot Zine and if your not then come by and pick one up. He was nice enough to swing issue 3 by the shop recently. Issues one and two were great but issue 3 has a lil more to offer with new contributors like Ted Van Orman(Life Mag)Chris Moeller,Kyle Emery Peck....Plus an awesome fold out poster of Dirt Ron(Give D)Unfortunately for all of us Nick is moving to L.A. in a couple weeks.So get some Hole Shot Zines while they are still around on a local level. And good luck in L.A. Nick.
Also this Fri, Sat and Sun Circuit will be having a Back To School Sale.
The sale will consist of clothing ,shoes and backpacks. Also there will be a few select frames on sale 10-15% off. So ya stop in this weekend and get some new goods for school..

"REAL Big Air"

Just got this email from Crandall with a flier attached. If youve ever been to any of the Ghetto Street Comps and had a good time then you know what to expect in RVA. A bunch of dirty drunk dudes watching others launch themselves. Sounds like a good time. See you there. OK off to Hyde Park for the Autumn Jam, expect the same there..
OH ya and speaking of FBM, their completes just showed up at the shop yesterday and Snotty is building them up as I type come by and check out what they have to offer. They are looking pretty sweet.

N.H. Trail Vid

Here is a lil vid that Johnny Herrick made from the trip. Its fun to watch check it out. Thanks to Johnny and Kyle for keeping the best trails in N.E. dialed.

NH TRAIL DUDES from Johnny Herrick on Vimeo.
Also the sale next weekend is on all clothing and shoes. And some select frames and parts.. Stop on in.


Mullville and Chunk at the gold medal ceremony, priceless.

So the Circuit/Profile Trip is officially over but on the last day of the trip we decided to dig a tunnel to China for the Olympics and take some photos. Hard work pays off and the photo above proves it.
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped out with the trip and all the guys that flew out and hopped on trains. Big thanks to Matty B and Lindsey for the BMX BBQ and Burger and Leigh for putting us up. Thanks to all the trail builders in New England, Kyle and Jonathon at Dover, Matty,Kevin and Mike C at Hamden, Brandon Christie at Middleboro and Zack at Cumby. Keep Digging!!
Thanks to Rick and Kat at Haven Park also for letting us have a late night Sesh.. If you've never been to Haven Park you should go now. AND A HUGE THANKS TO MATT C AT PROFILE FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN.
Thanks for the memories guys..

Tony C killing the Breakers.

Mullville, Sooo Sick Dude!!

Groms digging to China.

Spicey Black Bean BURGER,Bomb Diving

She deserved a drink. Thanks Tony.

Day 4..

Well day 4 of the N.E. trails trip is coming to an end and 3 more to go. So far everything has been great, dodging thunderstorm, almost getting struck by lightning this afternoon in Dover, that was kind of scary but thats what happens when your in the woods and a storm rolls through.. Everyone has been killing it and the only casualty is Chunks ankle so far. He ran over his own foot, sounds impossible but it happened. CT tomorrow.. Ill have some photos up Wednesday and a couple more updates.

Oh Hell Ya!!!

Also We just got in some new goods from Fit Bike Co Who knew that the S3.5 comes in tan? Well it does so come take a look.. These frames have been moving out the door as soon as they show up for good reason. Also Fit New Era Caps.. Not bad at all. And we got in the New Proper Brakes and the name says it all!! Stop in and say hi.. Ill be back in a week from this Wednesday(the 20th)so any questions you have Dominic will be able to help out. Oh ya forgot to mention that Circuit is gonna have a page or 2 spread in the next RIDE BMX Mag, November issue.. Keep a look out for that. Thanks to everyone out there for the support.
One last thing- check out the Subrosa Blog for some nice words from Ryan Sher about Circuit.. Ive known Ryan for the last 10 years now and its awesome to see a company as young as Subrosa doing so well.. Cant wait to see what they offer for 09.. Keep it coming Ryan..

Stop Pissing!!

This rain is just a lil to much lately but it looks like shes finally rolling out of here just in time for the Circuit/Profile trip.. Everyone is rolling into town and we are all ready.. Heard that Biker Sherlock is rolling in the Circuit van, we can only hope so.
Any ways The Belmar Comp was a blast and thanks to all the guys that make that possible. Crandall, Mike Erb ,Big Job, John Lee,JP and everyone else at FBM Dave King and Nutter built the jump and the M.O.D Squad kept it dialed. . You guys are awesome for doing such a event.Remember kids its BMX dont take it so seriously, its supposed to be fun. Basically Doyle Killed it, New Englands child Clint Reynolds pulled a solid 2nd, Foster got 3rd, 4th?? It was awesome to see Van Homan at a dirt comp. He got 5th. And Attleboros Chris Childs came in at 6th.. Pulling some awesome moves on the vert wall.. Flairs, ya boi.. Man that was a good time and I got to judge the comp..Thanks guys..Check out the photos at the bottom of the post.

I got my hair did..

If you look close enough you can see Mickey Marshall Blasting!!

Who let the dogs out???

Swanton drove 5 hours for this wedgie.. It was a wedgie weekend!! Well worth the drive.

Whos the bigger ape Kelly Baker or his kids??? Tough call..


Off to Binghamton NY for the Belmar Comp.. Stop in the shop and check out some new stuff thats in at the shop..
Animal wedge post
animal grips
Take Ivy 3 frame
White Tree sprockets in white..
And we also have the new 2x4 dvd.. come by and pick up a copy or watch it here.. its GOOD!!
Plus plenty more..Ok Im out come say hi to Dominic.
Ill have some pics up form the comp on Monday..

Jeff loves his toys..

Jeff Harrington vid check it out..Im building a new bike soon maybe these guys can help me out..

Stop and Go!!!

Check out this lil stop motion vid Jeff Harrington made.. Whats he up to now a days???

Plenty To Do!!

Hey summer is in full swing, the X-games have been on the past few days and they are pretty ridiculous(Van should have won street),Dudes are getting broke on the Mega(stupid)Ramp and something about a BMXer building a Skatepark, haha, snobs.
Also the Olympics start next weekend and yes BMX Racing is a part of it. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Kind of psyched to watch that. Here is the link for the schedule
Alright lets move on to something a lil more local and the total oppisite of the X-Games and Olympics..FBM will be holding the 2nd Battle at the Belmar in Binghamton N.Y. Now if you live within 8 hours of this you should be there, its a guaranteed good time.
What could be better then a giant pile of dirt and wallride behind a bar on Main St in Binghamton N.Y. Not much right???
Right after the Belmar Comp the Circuit/Profile Northeast Trail Trip will start. 6 Circuit guys and 6 Profile riders. Should be a hoot, we will be hitting up trails all throughout N.E. camping, swimming,fires and parties.. ya good summer fun.
Also on Saturday, August 23rd, Kevin Botsch and The Autum Brand Crew will be holding their annual Hyde Park BMX BBQ.. Ive been the past few years and its always a good time. Plenty to do in the next few weeks, dont be a slacker.. get out there.

The Kink completes are going quick but good thing we got a large shipment on the first batch so we should be looking good for a bit.. Now if your into any of these bike Id say get one now cause they will be going up in price on the next batch.. Not sure how much but you will see a price increase on all products in the next few months. Be prepared!!

Check out this video on the Adidas page with Mike Sieben of T-1 its pretty good. You almost forget your watching a shoe advertisement!!Just click on him and choose the video option..adidas

Heres a photo of Snake getting Kyle good with the Trail Whip at Bakers.. It worked well, Kyle was up at 7am dialing the trails in.. Every set of trails needs a good whip..

ohh dear