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22 inches of BMX!!

Here it is!! The highly anticipated S&M Holmes 22" frame kit. We are building this thing up to put out on the floor. If you are on the taller side and don't feel comfortable on a 20", come take a look at this bike. They only made a limited amount of them. Who knows if they will make more?

We also have some more S&M Challenger stems back in stock. You're gonna need one for that Holmes build. Ya think??

Heading to Binghamton to watch some folks get sick on a giant slice of pizza. FBM/FTW!!

2013 Fit Complete Bikes

Here is a small portion of the 2013 Fit Completes. We have the full line of bikes with about 3/4's of them on the floor. To see the full line up check out the Complete Bike Page. As usual Fit out did themselves. The level 1 bikes now come with a fully sealed setup and the level 3 bikes come with a rear hubguard. I don't think any other brand is doing this stuff for this price range. Time to step it up!!

                              Level 1 Completes

                                                                   $ 379.99

                                Level 1 Completes


              Level 2,3 Sig and Wi-Fi Completes

                                          $ 449.99, $529.99, $669.99 and $799.99

 We all the rest built up by the end of the weekend. 

  Expect more pics soon of these amazing bikes!!

Kink Hittle Pro, Odessey PC Pedals, Back To School Sale, 2013 Fit Completes.

Kink Hittle Pro Model is in the shop. You couldn't ask for a better bike for 650$ 21" Top Tube a nice assortment of after market Kink Parts. Grip and rip it!!

Every one loves some Trans Purple Odyssey PC Pedals. That's why we got a bunch in the shop. These never last long.

Our friend Tony stopped by to say hello and dropped off a few Tyrant Trucker hats in the process. Stop by and pick one up. 8$.

Back To School Sale staring tomorrow. 
All Clothing in the store will be 15% off
Backpacks 10% off
Shoes starting at 23$ and up.
Select Shoes 10-15% off.

2013 Fit Completes will be showing up tomorrow. We should have some built up for the weekend. As usual the best looking bike of the year!!!

2013 Sunday Completes, Fit 24MM Indent Cranks,Back to School Sale..

2013 Sunday completes are here and looking better than ever.
Check out the Alex Magallan Ex. $589.99 This bike comes with an assortment of after market parts and a 28-9 drive train, pedal harder = go faster!! It also has the new Odyssey Chase Hawk Tires that wont be out for a bit.

The 2013 Sunday Spark is looking awesome this year. Here is the Watermelon Green model with a 20.5 TT.

 The 2013 Sunday Spark in Black offers a 20"TT . Options are always nice. $379.99

These new Fit 24MM Indent Cranks are awesome. They come with a BB and dont let the size fool you , these cranks weigh in at 30oz.

Its time to get ready for school. As much as you dont want to think about it, the time has come. To help keep you looking good we are having a Back to School Sale August 24th-26th.
All clothing and shoes in the shop will be 15% off!1
 We will also have some additional discounted items.
Shoes starting at 23$(large selection of sizes 10-11.5)
All Animal fitted and snap backs are 25$
Lotek,Shadow and Etnies Jeans are 35$ and up.
All T-shirts are buy 2 get 1 FREE!!


Animal TWW Tires,Bone Deth Vibrator Seats,Animal V3 Sprockets.Subrosa Bandit Sprockets.

Tom White Tan Wall Tires are here plus a restock on all other Animal Tires..As well as some other misc Animal goods.

  Subrosa 25t Bandit Sprockets are in and the best Wallet/Iphone case you'll ever find. Ever!!!

Animal V3 Sprockets are sick. Made in the U.S.A. with the same adapter style as the Sprocky Sprocket..

Bone Deth Leopard Seats are back in stock, slim and medium.

Inside a Giant Watermelon!!

Dr. Pinzon on Colombian National Television repping in his Circuit Camo Tank!!
We have some 2013 Sunday Completes that should be rolling in by the end of the week. Ill have them up asap. Check them out here..
All 2012 Bikes in the store are 10% off while supplies last.
You can view all the 2012 sale completes here.

Cult Rasta, FBM Bell Witch,Life? Stems and Pure Fun!!

Cult Rasta goods are here. Love them or hate them looks like the Rasta color way isnt going anywhere..
We have a new Kink display case in the shop highlighting all the great products they offer. Stop in and take a peak.

Life? stems are back in with some new ? cut outs in the sides. These bad boys are made in Denver Co. Ive been riding mine for a bit and it will probably be the last stem I own.Magic Soil shirts are back in red with gold print. Going Going Gone!! Keep BMX Awesome!!
Fbm Bell Witch in Gloss Raw is a new colorway for Tom Blythes Signature Frame. Is Tom a fan of Merciful Fate or just the Bell Witches lucious locks?? 21 TT.
New FBM shirts and Trucker hats..Long Live BMX!!
Fun in the woods!!It doesn't always involve riding your bike or digging.
"I want to ride trails" I hear those words come out of a lot of mouths being in the shop on a daily basis. Well wtf all you have to do is find a spot to dig at and ride what you've built its that easy. I have nothing but respect for the people that actually do what they want to do!! What you waiting for!!
Couple of things I'm psyched on this week. 
1- Tables and Fables 9x9 with some great answers from long time shop friends Burger and Rudzinsky. 
2- Some Photos that Jason Kiser shot of Henny from a sesh we had a few weeks ago for We have Motive!! 
There's a lot more going on but its so hard to keep up with everything.