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Daily Life!!!

Fit Wifi in Electric Blue hit the shop this week. This frame has the same specs as the Benny L but is Taiwan made. And priced at $300.00. This color is so wild.
Did I mention a portion of the Fit Team will be here Saturday May 12th? No! Yes! More details shortly.

We will have the dull line of 2013 Kink Completes in the floor at some point mid week. If you're looking for a new bike these are one of the best options. Take a look at the flip book here.

Madera Mast stems are here and are super clean looking. I'm digging them.

What do you know about Dave Froh owing me a burrito and doing Hung Over Hang Over Tooth Sliders?

Been riding and digging so much my knees feel like peanut brittle. Seems like there are a bunch of new trail spots popping up in New England this year and that makes me happy. Whether it be the younger or older generation of riders building, just keep doing what you wanna do and enjoy this BMX thing.
This is part of my daily life!!


If you care about and follow the weather the way I do then you should be psyched about the next 2 days. We are finally gonna get some significant rain fall and the soil is thirsty so 3 days of rain is welcome..

FBM Bell Witch Frames (U.S. made Tom Blythe Signature) are in and I couldn't be more psyched on having them in the shop cause Tom F'n Rules!!
21 and 20.75 in Gloss Black..

We got in some new Subrosa Forever Saddle that are nice and comfy.. Keep your tush on some cush!!

Dry Guy!!

Its been so dry as of lates my only time on the bike has been here at Prov Park.  Im not complaining cause I love a good morning sesh at the park but what happened to April showers?? Looks like trail season is on hold until mother nature snaps her dry spell.
Adam loves his new FBM Steadfast so much he turned it sideways to get the whole bike in the picture..
Hell Ya!!
Animal MR(Mid-Range) Stems are here. 48 MM reach and available in 4 colors.
I guess you'll have to wait for the remix.
Check out these limited Profile Racing Tye Dye Shirts. I guess these colors do run..

Fit Bar Stool Seats are back in stock. Whats a guy gotta do to get a seat around here.???
Attention!!!! FBM Bellwitch Frames are gonna be here soon. We have 2 coming in Black 21-20.75. If you're into one let me know cause they will go quick!! Trans-Red is the other color option.. Tom Blyth!!


This time of year I feel like I'm working nonstop and when I'm not working, I'm thinking of work. Outside of the shop its all about spending time in the woods and making this place look proper again. Who wants to ride some trails? Actually scratch that, who wants to dial in the trails??

After you're done dialing you can swing by and pick up the new FBM Steadfast V2.5 in Gloss Raw(20.75)
Chainstay mounts and welded cable guides make this frame trail ready!! But you really don't have to wait to pick it up..

New Lotek Shoes Spring Line is in the shop and looking better than ever. They redesigned the soles and added a few models to the line. Hoder, Faders and Mikes all looking super tough. Definitely check these out!
Hoder, Hoder, Hoder!!

We will be closed this coming Sunday. (Easter Sunday April 8th)

Tis the Season..

These Sergio Layos Etnies Bikes RVM 2 Shoes are real nice.  Super comfy with a thick cushion for your ankle. Plus they say FLY Bikes on the tongue..

Profile Racing just released the long awaited Mulville color-way.  Just in time for trail season, real tree camo. Is it a coincidence that we just released our limited Shawn Marley camo shirts?? Yes!! Mark and Marley are best friends when they hang out so maybe it wasn't? 
So Sick Dude!!

If you weren't in the woods this weekend "doing the dial" then I'm sorry to hear that. 
You should have been but then again there is no fun in slinging dirt for hours, right?
Bernicky lives for this shit!!

Adam built up his new FBM Shredfast this week.. Look at this thing. Whenever one of my friends builds a new bike I get the itch myself.  We received a Raw Steadfast V2.5 with chainstay mounts. If you wanna come in and build it up it can take this pictures place..
                                                                        "Tis the Season"
Hey! Check this Henny interview out on this Czech site called Check Trails!Henny in on a boat but will be back in the Island soon..