Your Inn!! PA Woods!!

Check out this lil vid of the Penny Market Jam that went down last week in Portland Oregon. Circuit fully supported this jam..

Also check out the PA Woods page for info on the contest they will be having to Save Catty Woods. Basically they need to raise enough money to get a fence built around the trails. R.I.s own Howl will be playing a benefit show to help raise some money Sept 12th in Bethlehem

Welcome Hanna!

Looks like we are gonna get a weekend full of rain from Tropical Storm Hanna,(sorry Burger) not to be confused with the hanna. Anyways the rain that Hanna will bring is a welcome site around here considering its like a desert out there.
Got Road Fools 16 in this week, if your a fan of prior Road Fools then you wont be disappointed. The crew does not travel as much but they hit some a amazing spots and put out plenty of wild riding. Immediately after watching this latest addition of The Road Fools collection I was compelled to go out and buy a whole new Levis wardrobe. I wonder if Odyssey uses Levis on the denim seats? That would be quite the colab....
Lots of clear colored pedals in the shop at the moment and they are going faster then 2 weeks worth of riding them. Odyssey Ipedals and Animal Hamiltons. Also check out Steve Hamiltons entries on the Federal Blog, its a good read. If you haven't noticed SandM have been having lots of fun with their anodizing lately and the latest addition of fun are some Tuff Man sprockets and Redneck XLT stems with the famous SandM shield all over. Looking good, what better way to support one of your favorite American bike company's then to have their logo all over your parts.
Last of all, Mega Tour starts today in the North East so if your cruising around some cities in the next week you just might run into a crew of you favorite dudes.
The last stop is at The Haven Park Friday the 12th. Head out there and check out the park, I'm sure it will be a hoot..