On The Sunny Side Of Being Positive!!

Last weekend I was able to attend FBM420 Jam and all I can say is that it was a well needed get away to realize how awesome the bmx community is. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing people near and far. All the ingredients were there and they blended together nicely. Get a load of like minded people together and it's like the perfect brew.  Nothing but sunny skies and positivity. That feels good!! Thanks to FBM and the RVA crew for being who you are!!

Henny through the trees at "The Gentleman's Club"

We have a bunch of new Odyssey goods in the shop. Notably the new Dugan Grips(long and comfy) , Dugan Stems and Sexton Stems. They were nice enough to send us a stack of Aitken posters too. Make sure you ask for one with your next purchase.

If you haven't seen this Fit Mac Frame in Trans-Purple you should come take a look at it. Rad color with some interesting geometry. This one is a 20.875 and can be yours for $370.00.

Here's a new rim that we will be stocking at Circuit this year. The new Revenge ARC rim is light, strong and laces up real nice. Hope they update their page soon!!

Psyched to have these Chick Flick DVDs in the shop. Come by and pop one in or pick one up for your collection. They kill it!!

I have so many photos I wanna share from last weekend that will trickle out but here is one of my favorites. Aquizap airing out The Lost Bowl.

We have loads of new items in the shop this week. To many to list but here are a few.
Sunday Camo Seats
Fiend Sunglasses
Fit 24mm Cranks
Restock on all S&M and Fit bars
Madera HT Cranks
Profile Mulville Seats