I'm Going Back!!

In this time of instant information, I guess blogging is prehistoric in a sense. Well guess what, I still enjoy it and prefer it for that matter. I doubt my V-Logs would be very successful.
Sure we are all addicted to Instagram and FB but damn, lets take it back a notch. Is that possible? My brain hurts to think whats next in this world of technological advancements. Ill tell you one thing. Put your phones down and go for a long bike ride or a heavy session at the park. Take a step back, theres probably an app for that.

Everything comes full circle and I think pink will be making a comeback in BMX this year.
Pinkies are stoked.
We received a hefty Odyssey/Sunday restock this week. Sealed Trail Mix Pedals,Bahs Kid, Mark Burnett's Excelsior Frame in 20.75 Black and lots more.
And if you haven't watched the insanity in the Sunday VS Odyssey video. Go Watch Now!! 

The Terrible One Cyclops Stem is back in the shop after a years hiatus. These are up on the Circuit Web Store.
Only 2 left till next year or never again?

The S&M ATF has been in their lineup for some time now. This frame is built to handle any terrain. Park, Trails, Street, Wheelies, Skids-All of it!! You can pick it up on the Circuit Online Store or in the shop.

This Complete Bike is "Special". It even says it in its name. The Sunday Soundwave Special is one hell of a complete bike. This is a full aftermarket build, decked out with Odyssey and Sunday components.  $999.99 is a steal on this machine.

It has been a busy and difficult year for me. If you've been in the shop at all this year you were likely to see me on crutches or limping around. Ive spent most of it not being able to ride due to my knee being so arthritic that it doesn't work anymore. That should all change as of next week when I get a new knee. Ill be back on my bike in hopefully a year. I can't thank everyone enough for the support of the shop and for making our New England Scene what it is. We have something special here so lets work together and keep the positive energy flowing into 2018.