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Hey y'all! 
Hope you all had a chance to enjoy this beautiful day off and got a chance to cruise.
We will be starting the weekend sale off tomorrow at 10AM with a 10-20% off of everything in the store. 
All Race Bikes and accessories will be 20% off.
All Freestyle bikes are 10%  off.
All parts and accessories will be 10-20% off.
All Clothing will be 10% off
All Special Orders will be 10% off. (No Shipping Fee)

Supporting your local shop = Supporting your local scene. 

I just want to give a huge shout out to everyone that attended the Roger Williams Jam. The turn out exceeded what we expected. We've received nothing but a positive response from what we have going on over there and excited continue the build on the site next season. 

Heres a shot from the high air contest at the jam. 
"Chris Childs" impersonator Cam Childs taking the gold.

We Be Jamming!!

The outdoor riding season is coming to an end. So why not have a big old weekend jam before the cold settles in.
This Saturday will be the Roger Williams Jam and Sunday is the Fifty Foe Jam at Cody Diggles place to raise some loot for the traveling trail dialer who recently snapped his femur at Posh. He is the new owner of some metal bones and a heaping pile of medical bills.
Details are on both flyers.
If you need more info please contact me in the shop.

Roger williams Jam will be a blast. We built up the jump line last Saturday but the recent storm beat it up pretty well. If you can come out before 11 please do. We will need help dialing in the pump track and jump line. Thanks

The Fifty Foe Benefit Jam at Cody Diggles will be going down this Sunday. (Rain or Shine) $10 donation to enter. All proceeds go to the man with a new femur. Call or email if you need directions.

Sorry for the lack of posts but its been so busy even during the slow season.
Did you know BMX sales are up 19% in the industry this year, thats good news. BMX is alive and well no matter what you're hearing. It can't be killed!!

Here's another thing you can't kill. The FBM CB4'ks are built to last. Looking for a fork you can trust? Here it is. These are up on the Circuit Webstore in Black or Clear. $5 Shipping anywhere in the U.S.

The perfect complement to the FBM Fork is this FBM Steadfast. 21.25 in Gloss Clear with transition friendly for blast the dirt ramps or the cement quarter pikes. This frame is up on the Circuit Webstore. All frames are $15 shipping anywhere in the U.S.

The S-1 Retro Full Cut helmets are in the shop. Ive been hearing about these for 2 years and they have finally been released. It was worth the wait because these helmets are rad.

Always stoked to get a restock of the DRG Quadsaw Sprockets. We have 28-33 with 19,22 spline drive and 19,22 bolt drive. Pick one!!

LlIts almost that time of year. BMX-Ma's insanity is right around the corner. We will be totally stocked up with everything you could imagine including the 2018 We The People Complete.
The Reason Complete may be a hard one to keep in the shop. That Purple is AWESOME!!

 Remember when it was warm and you were riding shirtless in the woods? See you next year summer. Heres Dwayne Scruton at Oakwoods Jam not to long ago with that classic MOD Style!!