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Behave in the B-Cave!!

 Come party with all your riding mates this Friday at the C-Cave for the B-Cave world Premiere"Full Length Mistake" These boys have been busting their butts to finish things up so come show your support for the local BMX scene. The Toucans will be playing shortly after the vid shows so stick around for that. They even practiced once or twice.

These new Stranger seats should be B-Cave Seats. Sweet Leaf Seats are here and will be picked quick.

Last time this FBM Steadfast showed up in the shop it was gone in a matter of hours. This frame is one of the best decisions you'll ever make!! This machine is a 21 and $369.00.

We have some new Cult goods in the shop worth mentioning. The new Match Freecoaster is finally out and we have one here and more on the way.

Quest for Water!!

A Special Special!!

BMX has been a part of my life for a little over 25 years now and every year it gets better. The times we share can not be beat. Its always time to ride!! 

 Here are a few photos from Summer that make me want next Summer to come that much quicker. 

Had the pleasure of spending a couple of weeks with  Lil Buddy Mulville this summer. 
Here's a shot up in the trees on Wimp. 

If you've ever seen  Bernicky you know how special he is. 

Taking a bath in bath water. Nothing better after a Summer sesh!!

I can never spend enough time looking at the Fern Forrest .

HennyBee opening the door to bears. 


                              BMX is what you make it. Might as well make it Fun!!


These Fall days have got me counting down to Winter and Im not looking forward to it. Pretty soon we'll all be begging for some warmer temps so enjoy these last few days of fall and get out and cruise!!

Here is one thing that will make you want to get out and ride. The FBM Steadfast in Trans Black. This frame is a modern classic hand built in upstate NY. 21.25 for the dude that likes to float!!

 We just got a restock on 2014 Fit Completes. These bad boys are moving for a reason.
 Here is the Benny 1 in Black. (Red Also Available)

Here is a new one for the shop floor.  The Fit Dugan 2. The color makes it look like its moving at all times.

Pretty stoked to have the Manuel Book in the shop from Banos in France. We got 5 in and have 2 left.  

 New Items in this week!!
Demotlion Freecoaster
FBM Steadfast in Army Green
Restock on all Lotek Shoes
Variety of Beanies
Restock on Everything!!

Dudez in the Woodz!!

Check out the flick that Lil Chris made of the R.I. Trails Weekend.

Stronger Than All!!

NEJC started off just as the name sounds. Like a soggy bowl of chowder but add a bunch of crackers to the sogg and it gets soaked up quickly and shredded to nothing.
 It's crazy to think how everyone that showed up wasn't even thinking about the rain. Yes the rain was there and we all got soaked but at the same time we all had smiles on our faces. Man I love New England and the New England Bmx community. Thanks to all the people that make this event happen and all the shops involved. And of course thanks to Chuck and his whole DG Crew for being solid dudes!! Love you guys!!

Check out these sites for write ups and photos.
Tables & Fables
The Internet

I only took a few photos due to rain and chatting it up with everyone, but this one of Bundles and Andrea is worth a hundred!! Bundles was getting loose from the minute he woke up wearing galoshes.
Andrea just knows how to bring the FUN!!

These Blue Fish died for your BMX Jam, I hope it was worth it.

                     No matter what the situation Dean Sleeper is always cooking a piece of meat.

Box Truck Party dodging some morning showers.

Closed Sunday Oct 6th for Jam Chowda!!

Its that time of year again, Chowda Time Ked!! From noon till dark New Englands biggest and bestest BMX Jam will be going  down. Hope to see lots of faces there. 
We will be closed for the jam,Oct 6th.

Also if you purchase anything from the Merritt booth let them know you support Circuit and they will credit us on your purchase. Merritt Boys doing it right!! Thanks guys.