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Frankenbike :(

Received all the new Orchid Shoes in yesterday except for the high top Breaks.( they look like wrestling boots)
Tomorrows forecast looks pretty good some come on down and cruise the city and warm up for The Foot Down World Championships. And stay for the Kink Vid at 7.
Check out the trailer for the Shadow Vid that we will also be premiering in December sometime. More FBM completes soon. Oh hey and check out this Clint Reynolds interview. Clint is the best!!!
Have fun dodging eggs, paintballs and zombies tonight in Providence-HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

This is what ill be dodging riding up Manton Ave at 4am


Its just about that time when you start to bundle up to cruise the streets so Animal put out these sweet flannels for you to stay warm while your out there. I guess they are just called Animal flannels but they should be FlAnimals. We also have some Animal pompom beanies to keep you warm. Come by for the Swap- Foot Down this Saturday (starts at 12) and check out whats new and try to unload some old goods you have laying around. Also stick around for the Kink Video Premiere at 7.

What set you claiming??

Time To pick up some shovels.

If you are attending the swap with a good amount of product please bring your own table. Thanks!

Ramp Farm Jam Nov 7th. Be there and support the Farm!!

Aitken Benifit

Thanks to everyone that came out to Hyde Park Saturday. There was a real good turnout and when it was all said and done 700$ was raised to help Mike Aitken and family.
Thanks to Jody and Christine at Timeless BMX for organizing the event.
And Mauls for donating some product. Swweeeeeeettt!
Also BIG Thanks to FBM, Profile and Animal for donating some goods to raffle off.

Its Friday!!!

Dont forget about the Aitken fundraiser at Hyde Park tomorrow. It technically starts at 3 but you know how that goes, just be there and do your part. There will be raffles and some giveaways and it is a 5 $ recommended donation. It is Halloween themed so get dressed up like a turtle or ninja or some shit like that. If you cant make it out there then go to the 50/50 page to donate and see how Mike is doing. If you dont know hoe to get there, there will be a group of us leaving to head up at 2 o'clock from Circuit.
New in the shop this week
New Fit Tri Sprockets
Restock on Fit 2.25 tires fold and wire
Fit Backpacks and T's

KMC Crazy Chains
Revenge tires
DK random Wrench V2
Madera Graffiti Hubs

FBM ST Exodus (check out the write up JP did on ST tubibing)
These frames are moving fast for good reason. Why would you ride anything else.
Quality and Craftsmanship!!!
See you tomorrow..
Oh ya dont forget about this shindig next Saturday, there is still room for the BMX swap meet so bring your old BMX goods and try to unload. And its confirmed that last years champ George Costa will be in attendance to defend and possibly retain his title.

Things To Do!!

There is gonna be a benefit jam for Mike Aitken Saturday the 25th at Hyde Park.
Circuit, Mauls and Timeless will all be a part of this which is awesome. Lots of old friends getting together to raise money for one of the most influential riders in BMX.
Jeff Allen of CT will be holding a Jam at Haven Park on the 15th of November.
And last of all Ramp Farm Jam the 8th of November. Lots Going on in the next few weeks. Get out while you can..

FBM Ghetto Vid

If it looks like a good time thats because it was..

FBM Ghetto Vid

If it looks like a good time thats because it was..

Rowdy Burns..

Got the new Ride BMX in this week and are good buddy Mark Mullville has a nice lengthy interview in the issue. If you ever get the chance to watch Mark sing Karaoke go for it, its worth a night of your life. Its a good read stop in and pick one up. Also received the new Ride UK, lots of good material in it including a Randy Taylor interview, Anthem UK trip with Doyle, Yeagle and Clint Reynolds.
Lots of new Animal goods in today, new winter hats with the palm on top and some new T-shirts also. Restock on ASM and GLH foldables and wire bead. Animal is making all their bars butted now so they are gonna be a lil lighter and stronger. And we have the Piff bars in Black and Copper.

New Macniel Slipless Pedals

And last of all there will be a Benefit Jam for Mike Aitken at Hyde Park on the 25th of this month. Nothing is in stone yet so check back soon for more info. Ill post as I find out whats up.

Richmond Photo Over Spill..

Simon Tibron airing over Crandall and Kagy

Zack Shaw came over the pond to bust this out.

We didnt break into this bowl..

Blurry Swanton whip.

Tunnnnneeelllll Vissssion!!!!!!

Brick Master...

Just got back from Richmond VA yesterday morning. I have never spent any time in Richmond before but wouldnt mind going back, all the locals were super friendly and just down for whatever. Saturday started of with some mini ramp cruising and lots of dudes were killing that thing, notably- Aaron Buckley, Clint Reynolds, Jeff Harrington, Dan Foley..... that went on for a bit until it was time for the Shitluck Hot Dog Eating Contest.(which was kind of hard to watch) Daryl Nau ate his own throw up and maybe someone elses? Which in turn almost made me throw up. So basically whoever ate the most hot dogs and drank the most night train won a frame and a 500$ parts package. Im not sure what the dudes name that won was but it was close and gross in the end.
After that The High Air started and Daryl was able to announce after consuming all those dogs. Now you only need one judge for this event and it would be Matt Hoffman, when you can get a BMX legend to your Ghetto Ramp Event you gotta be doing something right. Lots of guys were blasting out of this pallet contraption but in the end Garrett Gulliams took home the cash and a sweet limited edition Freestylin Magazine.
Thanks to FBM and Re-cycles for keeping BMX fun and Huge thanks to Crandall and Shelly for letting us crash at their compound. Oh ya we listened to Avail for hours on the way home.
Thanks to Degnan and Derek for showing us around Baltimore on the way home and taking us to the park that we didnt break in to for a late night sesh.
I am the Brickmaster???.... Here are some pics, enjoy.

Crandalls right and left hand gnomes

Get well Mikey!!

The Big Job eating breakfest.

Condor Vision..

High Air winner. Garret G..

Watching Slattery ride is a treat. Watching him get loaded is a treat also!

Richmond or Bust..!!

This weekend FBM will be holding they're version of a High Air Comp at The Bike Lot in Richmond Va. If you know anything about a FBM Comp then you know its gonna be wild loose party time fun. Ill be heading down with a car load of deviants, see you there.
If your gonna be staying in the R.I. area then you should hit up The Hue Trails this weekend for they're annual October Jam. You can email WES here for directions.
What ever your doing this weekend enjoy it, its gonna be awesome out.

Finally got some new Fit backpacks in and they are looking good. Super comfortable with plenty of compartments for whatever you put in those things. Some new S&M and Fit shirts showed up also along with more stems and yes S&M brought the Challenger stem back for the old guys and trail riders. NICE!!!
And whoever stole Swantons bike you will be found, remember R.I. is the smallest state in the Union..

Beach in Maine last weekend.

Help Out!

Im sure everyone that checks this site checks all the other boards and BMX sites out there. I just got back from Portland ,ME and saw that Mike Aitken had a bad crash in PA. Go to the 50/50 page to help out and donate a few bucks towards his medical bills. Support one the dudes that makes BMX what it is.

That Time Again!!

Ive been meaning to get this out there the past few weeks just been super busy but we will be having another BMX Swap Meet and Foot Down World Championships
Also going to be premiering the new Kink DVD- Safety First.

Kink Bikes "Safety First" Trailer from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.
Check out the flyer and call or email for info.

Ive had this special box sitting at FBM for the past few weeks. I finally got it yesterday and it was worth the wait. Take a look at what was inside and come and get yours.Every stenciled shirt is different from the next meaning no two are the same.. Thanks Stew!