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As usual, summer is coasting right on by and it will soon be August. There's plenty of time to have some fun so I hope you all stay healthy and are out there cruising.

We've been out of these Merritt Final Drive Coasters for a bit. Merritt got a small restock and all the RHD are gone but we do have 2 LHD in stock.We also have the new Merritt Headsets in stock. We will also have the highly anticipated Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster in stock next week. If you're looking to grab one reserve it now.

Looking for a hat to keep the sweat out of your eyes? S&M and Fit can help. Merican Hats for Merican Summers!! We have the new Merritt Camper hats on the way also.

These new Pro-Tec Full Cuts are rad. They are a yellow to green fade. Not to be confused with them skateparks rental helmets.

We are finally restocked on 2015 DK Sprinters, Micro-Expert. We've been out of these since winter. Come pick one up and get those kids pedaling!!

We've been keeping a good selection of frames in the shop lately and here's another for the shelf. The S&M Whammo in 20.75 Gloss Raw. Always of fan of Passeros riding.

Been riding more than my knee can handle lately. I can't help it, even if its 95 degrees and 85% humidity. It feels too good and I know it will be winter sooner than later.

Seven Seven One Five!!

 This is all happening a little to fast. Why does summer go by in a blink? I hope your are all making the most of it. Get out of your comfort zone, go on a weekend trip with some friends and explore whats out there. I was lucky enough to do just that this past weekend. I met up with the boys down in Long Island for some dirt nap action. The locals at the Boondocks have been busy to say the least. Thanks for the hospitality boys!!

How many laps did the crew take? Too many to count. Here's one of Cody taking a solo run down DMC which was a rear site. It was basically trains all day.

Ive been stoked on having a good selection of frames in the shop this season. Heres another for the shelf. The Cult Chase Hawk V2 in Bright Green.(We also have Trans Purple in stock 20.75) This is a 20.75 and its been one of our best sellers as of late. Most the frames are available within 2 days. If you're looking for a new frame we are happy to order it for you. There is no build fee involved if the frame is purchased in the shop.

BSD has been putting out the goods in the past few years and their line parts line keeps getting better. Here are the BSD Substance Cranks in 170, perfect for you four peggers. No one likes their feet laying on their back peg.

I couldn't be happier to have FBM frames rolling back into the shop. The Steadfast CS with a 3/8 dropout in 21 TT could be your next shred sled!!! I love these bikes. New PMA Top Load Stems and restock on FBM headsets.

We've been receiving new goods daily. Heres a quick rundown of whats new.
Fly Default and Kinetic Helmets
Odyssey Sealed Trailmix Pedals
Fit Mac Sealed Pedals
Tree OG Sprockets
Daily Grind Pegs,Guards,Guard Sprockets
S&M Mainline Tires