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Putting On A Clinic!!

Just got back from L.A. for one of my best buds weddings and it was an event to remember.. Congrats to Luis and Lindsey!!!
Good things about L.A.
Its warm and sunny!
Bad things about L.A.
No Trees..
Couldn't find one good ice coffee..
Almost every spot is a bust..
To dry for trails..

Here are a few pics from Big Sur!! Ill have some L.A. pics up once i get a new camera, we broke mine riding a office chair.

We usually roll pretty deep!!

The German tourists were not psyched when Jeremy Lowe tried taking this lil critter with us..

Albright Trolley Service is fully operational..

Tunnel Vision!!!!

Green Man made a few appearances throughout the week!!

Nick Ferreira has some serious dance moves.. He was "putting on a clinic" on the floor..

Kink completes will be here this week and FBM completes will be around next week..
Fits are going quick but we have more on the way, dont worry!!