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Staying Alive!

Our good buddy and all around shredder Mark Choquette has a sweet catch-up on In The Gnar. Check it out and be sure to leave a comment on how no one cares about old BMXers.

New Ride BMX (issue 155) showed up yesterday and it has a couple cool features. One of them being a fairly extensive interview with Stephen Murray and Mike Aitken. Its pretty inspirational. And Damn, finally a Darrin Read interview I dont ever remember seeing one before and it well done. His riding rules!
New items flowing in this week.
Kink Goods
09 shadow seats and Tees
New Subrosa Goods
Spring Loteks (finally)
Spring Lotek Tees
Also Keep an eye out for them new SandM Randy Brown Frames They look awesome.

Here are a couple pics I took while I was in Greece. Enjoy!!

Back Again!!

Made it back from Greece this past Friday and Damn it feels good to be back in R.I. Being over there really makes me appreciate where we live and where I'm from. That is all I'll say on that matter. So stop in and say hi.
I'm posting up the Profile/Circuit Trip from the summer in case you haven't seen it yet. It was a damn good time and I'm sure this coming summer will be full of some more good times at the trails. Cant wait!!!

New England Trails Trip from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Going to visit Zues!!

This is where I'll be for the next week. Hanging out on the streets of Athens, Greece.
Circuit will be open while I'm gone with Rizzo running the show. Stop in and say hello to him. Emerson will be on hand for or your wheel building needs.
The shop is fully stocked with everything you need to stay rolling is this warmer weather.I'll see you all when I get back and hopefully the spring weather will be in full swing.
See you soon!


the trails down here in florida were on the news the other night...check it out its pretty funny


History Lesson!!

All I have to say is that all you guys under 20 should consider yourself lucky that your riding BMX in this era instead of the 80's but then again I consider myself lucky to have grown up and seen the partial evolution of BMX. Anyways what I'm trying to get to is The BMX Museum webpage, definitely go on there and spend some time checking out all the old bikes. Its pretty awesome to see how devoted these collectors are to get these bikes looking the way they do.

Here is a funny pic of Hennessy Condom Head! (I hope it wasn't used). This is what happens when you fall asleep at a Cassleberry party.
Click here for some backwoods CT duct tape action.

New items in the shop:
Fit S3.5 in Blue
More Fit Dak Frames
FBM Exodus ST in Black
More Fit Completes
Kink Headsets in Blue and Purple
New Animal Tees
Restock on all SandM and Fit Bars
New Dig issue 69


This might be the best quote Ive ever read in my life-
"wall rides could possibly be the sweetest stunt on
a bmx on street terrian
Riding walls on Bicycles
man we are cool..."
Steven Hamilton
It's so true!!
Go check out Disguise Disguise now!!!!