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Get Psyched!!

Nick Fereirra is one of those dudes that gets you psyched to do just about anything. Every time I ride with him hes always omitting this positive energy. And if you know Nick you would what what I mean. If you go back a page or two youll see that Nick had a Video on Vimby that was pretty cool and now he has his own page/blog run through Vimby called In The Gnar. Definitely check it out if you want some variety in your life and not your typical online shit talking fest.. Do your self a favor and check out IN THE GNAR..
Congrats Nick!

Home Stretch!

Spring is right around the corner and summer will be gone before you know it. Of course time just cruises on by when your at the trails riding and BBQing all day and into the night. You know where I'll be in the next few weeks and if you want to actually ride BMX this year then come and help out. This winter has been rough lets hope for a wet spring and good summer.
Looks like Hennessys Florida vaca went well and he'll be heading back up the east coast this week. It will be nice to have him back in the area.. Expecting lots of good things to happen at the trails this year with a couple new helping hands moving in to Providence, psyched!
If You check out the Profile page in the next couple days there should be a vid up of the Profile/Circuit Trails Trip from the summer.By the way Hennessey, Kyle A and Snotty all have sweet photos in the Ride UK article.. And BIG thanks to everyone that came out for the early Spring Sale last week..

New items in the shop this week..
09 Fit Eddie Frame (built in pivotal post and removable mounts)
09 Fit Chase D Frame (removable mounts)
New Fit Pivotal Seats (vinyl and kevlar)
09 Profile Gas pedals
New Profile Cranks colors (metallic lime green and purple)
Black FBM Exodus ST
Black Fly Cranks
Restock on all Animal Goods
FBM Completes
New Ride UK (With Profile/Circuit Trails Trip In It)
More Fremont Jeans (man these go quick)

product shots 002
product shots 003
florida i waaaarm....just got a huge load of clay at the trails..gonna get some work done in the next few days...ride uk is out and its got the profile/ circuit trails trip in it...check it out somewhere...picture stolen from HEREFORKICKS


Here We Go!!

So the sale starts Tuesday the 17th and goes until Sunday the 22nd. Be sure to stop in and get set for Spring. Plenty of new items arrived in the shop last week and more on the way this week.
Fremont Jeans are back
New Fit Shirts (if you stare at one of them long enough you'll see Robo's face)
Fit completes are back
more Dak frames
New Profile crank colors(lime green and purple)
Brownies and popcorn...............

bmx "CULT"

Just received Adam Roye's new zine Cult.
I got 3 of the packs that come with a tshirt, zine ,sticker sheet and a sweet Tony C poster. Those are 25 $$ but Im willing to break one or two up if your not into the pack. These are worth having, the content is hilarious and thought provoking. Adam is definitely a free thinker.
Dont slack , pick one of these up!

Also received a few more Fit Completes and have some more on the way, along with more FBM completes in a week or so.The shop is fully stocked with completes once again so stop in and take a peak for some spring time action.
Dont forget about the "Spring Is Coming" sale. Ill have a flyer up for this in a day or two. It will be happening from Feb 16th till the 22nd.
See you then.

Friday the 13th..

Ill start with Thursday the 12th. Japanther, Totally Micheal and Ninjasonik will be playing right outside the shop hosted by Milk and Cookies Gallery. If you like to dance and have fun then this would be the place to be Thursday night..


Friday the 13th Recycle-A-Bike will be hosting their Inaugural Roller Races.. This should be fun with lots of prizes to give away, Circuit being one of the contributors. This is a benefit with all proceeds going to the Recycle-A-Bike Program.
See you there.


Klagreafe and Matt are!!
New Edit form these guys and its nice, just like them..

Derek And Matt Edit Circuit from klegraefe on Vimeo.

Staying Warm!!

While we are all up here with the heat on and fearing to leave the house. Hennessey is down in the southland riding and soaking up the sun. Ya I know, I'm pretty jealous too!
Anyways here are a couple photos that Mike Cottle sent over of Henny riding Casstleberry trails. Check out Hennys Blog for trip updates..

Nick F's HoleShot Vimby..

Check this out Nick is the BEST!!

Back in R.I.

I'm back from what seems like a month long trip but its only been 2 weeks. It definitely feels good to be back in a comfortable place but coming home to this weather sucks. Thanks to everyone who let us crash on their floors and coaches.

There are gonna be a few shop events coming up. We will be having a "Spring is coming" celebration sale in the next couple weeks. I will have a flyer and the dates up soon on that. Come by and grab some goods to have your rig running smooth for some outdoor riding. Im also thinking of doing a Rye Airfield rental at the end of February, if anyone is interested in this let me know.

Items rolling into the shop this week:
More FBM Completes
Fit Dak Frames (Gloss Clear)
New Fremont Jeans
Odyssey Fitted Hats
New Ride BMX........

Here are a few pics from the trip, If you cant take the cold just go south its warmer down there.

Bros at Bro Bowl

Henny Panda Lover.

Dave Mcdermont self-portrait

Ryan Herbach Dude.. Thanks for the fun and the Howies..

The State Trooper said we look like a bunch of pot smokers..

Eric was nice enough to wake up at 11 and take 5 strangers to the trails.. Thanks dude!