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Here We Go!!

Now this is what I"m talking about. The trees are budding the birds are singing. After the past few months this is feeling like paradise!!

I updated the Complete Bikes in Stock Page. Feel free to take a look and see what we have on the floor. Please note that the complete bike page is not always accurate. Please call or visit the shop to find out whats on the floor.

Here are some new items that have arrived in the shop the past few days.

Our last Sunday Bonus Bike (Galaxy) went quick. We are restocked on one of the best looking machines out there. Out There!! $459.99

Sunday Am in Gloss Raw is back in the shop. Another sweet looking rig. Its a little too nice out not to be riding. Come take one for a spin. $389.99

Cult Gateway Completes are on the floor. We have the Gateway in Silver and Black. These bikes are simple and clean, just the way I like them. $399.99

Chase Hawk is one of the raddest riders out there. Of course we are gonna stock his frame in the shop. The Cult Hawk V2 is back in Trans Orange, 20.75. $329.99. Rad dude, rad bike, rad color!!

More Chase Hawk? Sure why not!! This time in the way of the Odyssey Hawk V2 Stem. This is number 26 of 30 of the gold lettered stems.. Come get closer to the dude himself!!

Stems,Stems,Stems!! We have a few. Heres a restock on some Fit and S&M stems. Enduros with the Shield and the new Hoder BTM wrap. Camo Credence Turtlenecks are in along with the new Polished Credence stems.

Hey!! Circuit/B-cave Jam @ Prov Park May 16th!! See you all there for the madness that is.

Thanks to all the sponsors for the support..

Heres a list of other new items in the shop this past week.

DK Nano Bikes
Shadow Supreme Chains
Shadow Invisa Lite Knee and Shin Pads
Shadow Strada Nuova Tires in Green.
Sunday Model C Bike
BSD Safari Pedals
Premium Plastic and Metal Pedals
Subrosa Pizza/Baja Seats- Pivotal
Primo Oil Slick Disc Sprockets- 25-28th

What a Sight!!

Not having snow on the ground is a welcome sight. Even though it was only around for a couple of months it feels like an eternity. Spring is here so lets do this outdoor thing!!

I built up this awesome FBM A.O.D rig for Jared. We put everything FBM makes  on this thing.If you have a bike you dream about we can build it.

Profile Racing Bark Cloth Hubs are in stock. They are limited and we have one set left.
We've already laced up a few sets and they look rad once they get rolling.

Demolition Momentum Tires are fully stocked. If you're a fan of these have them here. Or if your looking for a new tire for some park/street riding these are a good option. Low profile for the smooth, fast ride.

Lots of new bars in stock this week and more on the way. As always we are fully stocked on S&M and Fit bars. Van Homan has his own Signature Bar by Fit. We also restocked on the Crumlish 9" 4 pc bar in Black and Chrome.Polished Credence Stems are available in the shop too. We have a few limited S&M Camo Sprockets in 30th.

These days are not far off, use them wisely!!