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Bicycle Moto Cross, We Love it!!

We are a BMX Shop here to serve you. Its rad to think that Circuit is one of the few BMX-specific shops in the country and this is possible through the support of our loyal customers. Thanks to all of our awesome customers out there. Without you guys we would not be able to bring you all the fine products we stock here.
We love BMX!!

We will be running a sale this coming weekend (Fri 28 th - Sun 1st). Everything in the store will be 10% off and we will also have the 20-30% off case stocked up with some goodies. We are fully stocked for this coming weekend and will remain stocked for the holidays. Remember that we offer free shipping on all special orders also!!
Sale goes as follows. Everything in the store is 10% off. Completes, Frames, Parts and all clothing and shoes. This weekend only.

10% off the cost of your total purchase could be a good lump!!

Layaways excluded, only items paid in full will receive the 10% discount.

Special orders excluded from the 10% Discount.

Don't forget to let your family know about this. Free installs on any items purchased as a gift from Nov 29th-Dec 31st. You or your family member will receive this card with the product that is purchased as a holiday gift. Redeem this offer when you want your item installed.

Save the date for this one, its gonna be a blast!! 
If you're not a customer here you still attend. It will be $10 to ride and you will receive a $10 Circuit Gift Card. Deal!!
Circuits Customer Appreciation Night @ Rad Skate Park, Dec 7th from 9- midnight.

How I miss those hot summer days. Henny up in the trees on one of them hot and humid afternoons. 

Full Time!!

You would think with these colder temps rolling in that things might slow down around here, Im not ready to let that happen! We are here full time and always here to help you out with all your BMX needs. Check out whats going on in the next few weeks to keep things rolling.

You know its true!!

Here's a list of some items I put together that will make any BMXer happy. All of these items plus many more are available at Circuit and will make the perfect holiday gift, big or small.
Lotek Reeves
Odi Longnecks Grips
DK,Animal,Shadow Multi Tools
Pro-Tec Helmets
G-Form Pads
Fit Level 1 Completes
Profile Racing Cranks

If you are looking to purchase a gift for someone this may be of help to you. Free install on all parts except wheel builds.(Complete Custom Wheel Builds are always free) So if your family member comes in to buy you a set of cranks, We will install them for you after you receive them.
We will have these cards available in the shop. Just ask for one. 

We truly appreciate and value all of our customers. And that is is the reason why we rented out Rad Skatepark for you guys to have a private session on Saturday December 7th from 9-midnight. We Hope to see everyone there!!

We're Here For You!!

There aren't many if any other brands out there that will stand behind a rider the way Fit has stood behind Aitken. Mike has had his bouts with some major injuries in the past and has pulled through them all to become a stronger person. This is one of the main reasons Fit stands out as a brand. They know that the true core of BMX is friendship and backing the people you believe in–not the next name but the most influential name. Who knew another Aitken Frame was coming out? Not me!! But I'm glad it did cause as usual it looks awesome!!
Psyched to call Mike a friend and psyched to sell you his new Fit Moto-Mike Frames

Fit Moto-Mike Trans Gold 21.

Fit Moto-Mike trans Black 20.75

Colony is back in the U.S. once again and we'll be stocking some of their parts for 2014. Here are the new Wasp Hubs in Rainbow Slick. Why do you think they recalled Wasp Hubs? ZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Circuit "Psychedelic" hoodies are running low but we should have more by next week. We went with the pullover this time to switch it up. We have a few tees coming in also.

S&M Beanies are here just in time. It's gonna get cold next week and no one likes cold ears. At least I don't. Nice snug wrap for your head and the orange will keep you safe in the woods.

Time truly flies when you're doing something you love. These days are few and far between till mid-spring. I will miss this short fall season but I am looking forward to doing it all over again. Ray on B2M Line.

Got The Runs!!??

Come November, you never know when your last runs will be. This month started off well.
Heres Henny getting his in with this 360 tabe on Main.

Here's the vid from when FBM came through R.I. and hung out for a couple of days. Its kind of been the FBM tradition to come hang out every Summer. Lets keep it going. See you next year boys!!
This Video is not authorized for playback on this device.

Circuit Anchor Frames were here for a minute. They're all gone and in their new homes. Thanks to everyone that picked one up and thanks to Dave at Pedal Driven Cycles for getting them built. I hope to do another run by Spring so if you're into one let me know and I'll sign you up.

We are restocking on some goods and have some new goods rolling in this week


I just wanted to send out a huge thanks to everyone that came to the B-Cave Premiere last night. The amount of people that were here to show their support was amazing. I couldn't be more psyched on our local scene and psyched that we have a place to do stuff like this. Watching my friends ride and put together a DVD surpasses any high production 5 years in the making DVD out there. On behalf of Circuit and the B-Cave Crew, thanks for partying with us!!

Heres a pic from the evening. Full house!!

Check out the B-Cave Trailer. We should have some copies in the shop this week. Be sure to ask for one.