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Feeling It!!

Feeling sad, lonely, depressed? Most of us have been there at some point in our lives. And if not, don't worry, its coming.

This is the first season in a long time I haven't had a set of trails to call home. I can't say it drove me to depression but I am sad over the loss of such a place.  I am thankful for what we created out in the woods. Its a show of strength in friendship that community that called this place home is still intact and growing, which is pretty rad if you ask me. But theres something missing, like Bears, Bernicky, Bomber, Pipeline, Scituation, just to name a few. They are long gone and back to what they were originally. Reclaimed by the earth with some help of heavy machinery. So I ask myself, am I too old to start another set of trails? Probably but thats doesn't mean it won't happen.

 I have hundreds of photos to share and I'm not one to talk about the yesteryears but Cumby was something special to me and many others so I'm just going to share a few photos right here. Enjoy and Happy Cranksgiving!!

In The Woods!!

Things are great in the woods. So lets just spend our time there. To all my friends with shovels in their hands, you know whats up!

The past few weeks the sessions have been pretty heavy and I couldn't be more grateful to have shared some rad times with everyone thats been a part of it.

To say we are fortunate to have such an amazing group of friends and riders involved with this scene we call our own is an understatement.

Here are some photos of the past few sessions that keep the fire stoked!!

The Politics of Having Fun!!

Last weekend may have been one of the raddest weekends Ive experienced in sometime and I barely left Rhode Island. At times I felt delirious with all the smiles and stoke that was being had by everyone involved.  Its pretty rad that we all just rode bikes and had no worries of what was going in in the "outside world". There are no politics involved when you're riding BMX with friends.
Lets live to get radical!!

Mark Mulville came up from Florida to experience some RI fall weather. Here he is pretzeling his way down Sloth Hawk!!

Heres a boy no worries, Dewey the unofficial Circuit Team Manager with a Tire Grab Fakie from a night session at the Diggle compound from the ultimate Rhode Trip.

Cody Diggle is the Dude of the Year!! Always smiling and getting people psyched on BMX!!
And I've never heard him talk politics!!

We had a back lot jam with the Pareidolia boys and everyone had fun. Especially this dude! Bundles riding straight up walls is a common occurence in downtown Pawtucket. 

FBM knows what I"m talking about. Restoked on Blag Flag Bars in 9" and 9.25"
PMA Stems(Ride the Lightning still available),Double Fister Grips, Nice Pedals and new Gypsy Compass Seats.

We have some new Cult goods in the shop!! The OS V4 in Trans Blue is a sight. This frame has invest cast drop outs and Brake bridge. Built for park, street riding, you're guaranteed to have some fun on this rig. 
New soft goods from Cult as well.

We are restocked on our best selling tires, the S&M Mainline in 2.425 and 2.1 are not your typical dirt tire. They are actually just as grippy on the parks and streets. They have an aggressive tread but a soft compound. These tires will never let you down!!