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Shout Out To Bikes!!

Bikes!! You know them, you love them. Where would we be without them? They give us an escape from reality and the everyday insanity we have to deal with in the modern world. For those about to cruise, we salute you. 

We just received 100 complete bikes from Sunday Bikes. We will have a full restock from Cult, Fit, Kink, Subrosa and We The People throughout the month of November. 
It’s safe to say that we will have over 300 complete bikes in stock(but moving fast) for the holiday season ahead. 

Here are a few reminders of what summer feels like. 
Myself carving the keyhole to the Green Mts. 

Mr.Mark sporting the sideways style on shark fin alley.

More Green Mts action from Childs at Marleys. Grip it and dip it. 

Cody has been ripping fish lips all summer. Here he is ripping a dirt lip before a foot injury took him out for the season. Next year is another. 

We will be running a Vans sale all November. Buy one pair get another of evils or lesser value at half off. 

This sale does not apply to limited shoes. 

New Circuit Rooster hats are in store. 
These are a unstructured 5 panel hat. 
Super soft and comfy. 

New Circuit Rooster pullovers and long sleeve shirts are on the store. We also have some snakes zip ups. 

We’ve been keep the stoke and the stock high. Expect lots of new goods to be rolling in the next month. 
Like the Trey Jones Wild Child frame from subrosa. 

Cult and Vans did it again. Another collab. 
These are the Old Skool Pro. 
We have a few pair left. 
Instore and online.