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The End!!

The end of the year always feels a little weird, we reminisce on the past year and all the good times you had with your buds and your bike of course. And we owe most if not all of our good times to our bikes. Circuit had an awesome year with loyal support from all of our customers, I can't say thanks enough!  Well the new year starts Saturday so enjoy the last few days of 2010 and welcome 2011 with a bang. Here are some of my favorite pics from 2010. Damn, what a year!!!

Sleeper was on it this year.. Richmond Va.  Jan 2010..

St. Augustine, Fl. Rnadom full pipe find.

Life hands you clay,build clay men and some serious dirt ramps!!EAST SIDE!!

Drunk on a bike or drunk bike? How bout both. Emerson loves PBR!!

Landon is probably under 3 feet of snow right now. Bet he wishes he was here in R.I. with only a foot.

Gypsy fire on the Appalachian Trail. VT..

Circuit Beach Babes!! Hampton Beach,N.H.

Shawny Boy in his element..

Bubba in his element..

       Jake is pretty much the ultimate chiller.. Just loving life and going with the flow..

Emerson almost went plaid..I wasn't even looking when I released the shutter, thats why I like it..

Mulvdude, Paw Park..

John Ivers coast to coast..

Bridal Falls just wasn't doing it for Dr. Pinzon. He had to create his own.

                                                                  God Damn Heathens!!

Zach at everyones favorite local park..

We will be open on New Years Day.12-6
See you in 2011. 
The future home of Circuit..
We will have the exact date when we will open at the new location soon. Its looking like January 11th

You Love Your Bicycle!!

 We all love our bicycles wether they are 20 inch or not. Just to get on one and make it move with your own power is an amazing feeling. Tomorrow is X-Mas, I know we all have the day off. Show your bike some love and sit on it, take it for a pedal or just clean it.  Im just saying,
 I love my bicycle!!!

 We will be open our normal hours Sunday (11-3) and we will be opening at 11 all week for X-Mas vacation..

 We got two FBM Anthem/Steadfast Frames in and they would love to be ridden.. Each one comes with a copy of Anthem II and a hand screened poster of trail legend Jeremy "Magilla" Reiss .. Really ,Really psyched on these!!

Have an awesome weekend..

Our Scene,Your Scene!!

 Sure everyone loves their local BMX Scene cause your scenes the best right? Hell ya it is and you kind of have to think that way in order to believe that. But just a reminder, its not! Every scene is unique and has something different to offer for a visiting rider.  So this is for all the locals around here, you guys seriously rule and in my opinion create one of the best local BMX scenes around. Stay weird and stay on Peacocks good side!!
Love Vic

Mark and Dom doing laps.. If you love Prov Park like I do then PLEASE keep it clean..

You cant teach and old dog new tricks but old dogs can still do their old tricks!!

So Sick Dude!! Subrosa Mulville Silva Frames are here. Mark does whatever he wants with this frame. Check out Anthem II for the proof!! You get both of these items on the Circuit Web-Store..

Got some more Circuit die-cut stickers in the shop.  They look good anywhere..

Looks like we will be making our BIG Move the second Sunday of January (the 9th). Please call the shop with any questions. I will be posting more info on the move soon.

We are totally stocked up for the last week of BMX-Mas. Get to the shop for your last minute needs..

Holla-Days on the Move!!

 Personally Im not a big holiday guy but when the BMX Holla-Days come along I kind of get into it.We start with Cranksgiving then we move onto BMX-Mas and we finish the year with Fufa-Nu-Year..
So to celebrate the special days we will be having a BMX-Mas sale this coming weekend.
Check out the flyer for all the info..

 If you haven't heard we will be making some moves in 2011. Yes we are moving!! We will only be a few blocks over and it will be a store front. Expect a different shop. Circuits new location will be awesome and I cant wait for everyone to see it.. The new address is 33 Exchange St, everything else will stay the same.

Here is a quick taste of the future..

We just got a huge order of S&M and Fit soft goods just in time for our BMX-Mas sale. Definitely cash in on this cause T-shirts are buy 2 get 1 free this weekend. And all clothing is 10% off.
The Fit Insulational Situational Flannel is by far my favorite winter good this season. Thick, warm and you can wear it like a coat. Put a hooey underneath and your set for winter.

Oh and don't mess with John Degnan!! I heard he's strapped!! Boom!!

John Degnan AK Clips edit from ak clips on Vimeo.

Sick of being Sick!

  If you have been to the shop in the past couple of days Im sure you noticed I haven't been there. Thats because I haven't been feeling well but I've turned the corner and should be in by the weekend.
See you then.

We will  be having a BMX-MAS sale next weekend, the 17th,18th and19th. The sale will consist of 10% off all completes and 5-10% off everything in store. We will have a sales flyer up this weekend.

If your feeling sick watch this. It made me feel better!

Yo Mtv Cribs... from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Henny leads a life of luxury no matter where he is.. Posting up hammock style at the earth mounds..

Thanks to the Snack Master for manning the shop while Im out..
Justin will handle all of your BMX needs for the next couple of days...

Living in the NOW!!

You can think of life however you want because it has so many different meanings to it but personally I have always had my own philosophy on life and that would be just going along for a ride or Riding Life!!  I have a few close friends that I truly admire for this main reason. They live in the Now and not the past, or aren't super concerned with the future either. Sometimes you gotta let go of the past and not think of the future to realize the NOW!!

So this is whats happening at Circuit BMX right NOW..

Anthem II will be here like Now and Yeagle's part is unreal. Ya and his New Signature Verde Frame is here also. I'm Digging it!! Get it??

Yo!!Skavenger ain,t just a T-shirt company anymore. Skavenger Tunnel Frame (Vinnie Sig) is here along with bars and forks from them too.. Awesome to see dudes like Vinnie and Ed doing their own thing and making Skavenger a legit Bike Co..
 Ghetto Bird Head Badge seals the deal for me!!

Fit VH3 in Clear Turquoise just popped in to hang out on the frame shelf for a little while..
Somebody give this frame a good home. This one deserves it.. Look at that color,Daaammnnn!!

All these frames are available on the Circuit Web-Store Also..

The Cranman can still teach us a thing or two..Sweet move from the man that taught us the Now!!
Photo by Holladay..

Ginch Bros are the best!!Hey Kelly, nice shirt.. Enjoy!!

Ginch Bros. Web Edit. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

And if you didn't know Trails Rule!!

Seriously Awesome!!

Thanks to everyone that came out for the Anthem II Premiere.. It was seriously awesome to see all of you.. Anthem II is truly amazing but that goes without saying. Anthem II would not exist without Anthem "Home of the Brave" so when all of you kids out there get this DVD package please watch Anthem I just as much if not more than II. Its just like having a favorite album of all time,it never get old Well, Home of the Brave is that favorite album.. Thanks to Stew Johnson for all his hard work and for letting Circuit do a premiere!!!We should have the Anthem II Dec 3rd!!

Good Times!!

Profile Elite Trail Hubs are what's up!! 204 points of engagement.. Thats Pretty much an instant engagement and you can feel the difference. These hubs prefer the dirt ramps but you can take them anywhere.. They are also available on The Circuit Web-Store..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

Sleeper was so psyched on Anthem II he ended up looking like this after the showing..

Put this together the other night of some late Summer and Fall riding. Not psyched on Winter one bit.. Hopefully its a warm one,,

Mix Fall Footage from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.


This is tonight. Be here!! Anthem "Home of the Brave" at 6:30. Anthem II at 7:30..

Thank You!!

For some reason I've never really thought of what I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving but here a few things that come to mind. Family, Friends, All the Customers that support Circuit, BMX, Earth and Shovels. I'm a simple man that enjoys simple things. So for all these things that have come my way-Thank You.. Hope you all had a good Holladay!!

 Since Circuit opened we have always had a Cranksgiving Sale and this year is no different. Get in the shop this Friday-Sunday and catch 10% off everything crank related..

Anthem II Premiere this Saturday at 6:30ish. See ya here..

Lots of 2011 Eclat goods arrived this week. Pulse hubs, Plaza pedals, Unify Seats,Burns Stem...

Found this dude right where the Sarlaac is being built. Looks like the Sarlaac was meant to be.

 This would have been much better in the woods but we will take what we can get this time of year..
Justin bringing his trail style to the park..

Profile Gas pedals are back after a long wait. Oh, and the Profile Elite Hubs are here with a 9t Driver.

Building a Monster!!

Now that the colder air is settling in we have some soft goods rolling in from S&M and Fit. Yes, an actual bike company with a clothing line and not just some T-shirts.. We are also stocked up on Animal winter goods..So get in and check out what these leaders in BMX apparel have to offer.. It's about time!!

 We will also have some Circuit Hoodies by the end of this week. We will have zip-ups and pull overs..

  Odyssey Blue Bird Chains came in today.. This is an affordable chain with a master link or half-link for precise wheel adjustability..

2011 Eclat goods are on  the way.. Click here to see a preview..

Bubba just jumping a dirt ramp.. No tricks.. Deal with it!!

Two major events on the same weekend!! Be here!!

Do your self a favor and be here for this. Big thanks to Stew for letting us do this.. Thanks Stew!!!!

It only last 3 months!!

Well kind of but if you really think about it, it's almost December which means its only 3 months until March.. Then its springtime=awesome.. You never know when we will get that bonus day in the winter either,its usually January 26th or something like that. Keep your fingers crossed.. But for now its more of the same, treating every sunny warmish day like its the last for a while..

 Its almost 2011 which means a new year and new ideas. Circuit will be making some Big Moves in the coming year.. I will let you all know more on that soon.

 We went through just about all are frames in the past few weeks and just got some more to fill them racks up.. Here ya go!!

Take Ivy 4 in Trans Purple.. Its as sweet as it looks..

 Van Homan is a legend.. If you think so too check out his Fit VH3..

 HoderHoderHoder.. Green is for the money Gold is for the honey.. BTM!!!

Holeshot Issue 8 is out and looks awesome as usual..
Fall River section is my favorite but I'm partial to it..

  Sleeper has his own TDS page in Issue 8 and its well deserved..Here is a taste on LeastMost..
 Dean Sleeper- Leaf Extractor ..

 Anthem II Premiere @ Circuit Saturday, November 27th.
Flyer up soon.. Be here!!!