Oh Hell Ya!!!

Also We just got in some new goods from Fit Bike Co Who knew that the S3.5 comes in tan? Well it does so come take a look.. These frames have been moving out the door as soon as they show up for good reason. Also Fit New Era Caps.. Not bad at all. And we got in the New Proper Brakes and the name says it all!! Stop in and say hi.. Ill be back in a week from this Wednesday(the 20th)so any questions you have Dominic will be able to help out. Oh ya forgot to mention that Circuit is gonna have a page or 2 spread in the next RIDE BMX Mag, November issue.. Keep a look out for that. Thanks to everyone out there for the support.
One last thing- check out the Subrosa Blog for some nice words from Ryan Sher about Circuit.. Ive known Ryan for the last 10 years now and its awesome to see a company as young as Subrosa doing so well.. Cant wait to see what they offer for 09.. Keep it coming Ryan..

Stop Pissing!!

This rain is just a lil to much lately but it looks like shes finally rolling out of here just in time for the Circuit/Profile trip.. Everyone is rolling into town and we are all ready.. Heard that Biker Sherlock is rolling in the Circuit van, we can only hope so.
Any ways The Belmar Comp was a blast and thanks to all the guys that make that possible. Crandall, Mike Erb ,Big Job, John Lee,JP and everyone else at FBM Dave King and Nutter built the jump and the M.O.D Squad kept it dialed. . You guys are awesome for doing such a event.Remember kids its BMX dont take it so seriously, its supposed to be fun. Basically Doyle Killed it, New Englands child Clint Reynolds pulled a solid 2nd, Foster got 3rd, 4th?? It was awesome to see Van Homan at a dirt comp. He got 5th. And Attleboros Chris Childs came in at 6th.. Pulling some awesome moves on the vert wall.. Flairs, ya boi.. Man that was a good time and I got to judge the comp..Thanks guys..Check out the photos at the bottom of the post.

I got my hair did..

If you look close enough you can see Mickey Marshall Blasting!!

Who let the dogs out???

Swanton drove 5 hours for this wedgie.. It was a wedgie weekend!! Well worth the drive.

Whos the bigger ape Kelly Baker or his kids??? Tough call..