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Tag Team!!

FBM and Ride BMX are hosting an online contest to win a FBM Warlord v2 and a package or Ride goods. You want to enter? Well its this easy, if you hang out/shop at Circuit then all you have to do is write a lil something with some photos or video of why Circuit"Kicks Ass".. Check out the FBM site for details and good luck!! This a 730 dollar bike for free!!

It's Official!!

So someone used my name to talk some shit on The Come Up which is kind of funny. First off why would I post my personal business on TCU. It's that easy to use some ones name on any site and everyone believes it's you. I'm no baller, I don't carry that kind of money on me and if I did someone should steal it from me.. I'm a sensitive dude, don't play with my emotions like that evil me..I guess you've finally made it in the BMX world when someone else uses your name..

Here is something a lil more positive, FBM Steadfasts in Red are back along with some Big Ape Bars in Red. They kind of go hand in hand. Check out the FBM site for good vibes and American made goodness.
Get ready for some Megadeath and Anthrax!!

Got in this sweet SandM Cardona v2 frame also, couple of minor changes on this one. New gusset's!! Tony is definitely an ape, his hands and feet solidify this statement.. New S&M and Fit shirts are here also..

Tony C in the trees, Dover NH..

Here are 2 reasons why BMX is awesome..
Reason 1: These dudes!!

Andalucia Part Three from FoxHeadInc on Vimeo.

Reason 2: Colt Fake didn't steal my money!!

Crazy Colt Remix from Banned Vids on Vimeo.

The sun will come out.. When?

Looks like we're in for 5-6 days of rain, snow and everything in between.. Make the best of it somehow, come in grab a vid or hang out and watch one.. Or just stop in and plan out some spring time upgrades.. This sale flyer should help out with that..


Verde switched it up a little and put out a few of these Vex's in black and mint. Good stuff coming from Verde in 2010-11..

More FBM Steadfasts showing up this week.. Get psyched on these, they are moving quick.. This Custom Yellow Steadfast is sold to Wessy but if your into one they're easy to get, just call the shop and open your mouth.. Gypsy Frames are here too..

Gary Ginch Killing It!!

Join Us!!

In my opinion any BMX company started by a BMX legend is a good thing so join them or don't join them but Cult is here. We got some hard and soft goods in today and frames will be available in just a few days. So if you are looking for one Ill have some popping up soon.

Cult T-shirts.. We still have some original Cult Zines here with the original

I think the sprocket is called P-B and J.. They come in a brown paper bag..

The crew at Rye Airfield is pretty awesome. Always sending free passes. Come by and pick up a 2nd session free pass. They wont last long.

These new Odyssey Chainwheel Sprockets are sweet looking. Read up on the incisor tooth profile here.. Reminds me of my Sugino Gt setup from 87..

More FBM Steadfast and Gypsy Frames are on the way.. Hell Ya!!!!

Wishful Thinking!!

It's almost time!!

The Shit Show!!!

There really couldn't be a better name for Kenny Hortons video series on Least Most. Hell ya, Kenny is a sweet dude!!

The Shit Show with Kenny Horton from Least Most on Vimeo.

"Dude looks like a lion"

This pic of Landon is sick.. Taken by Nik F. Check out His T-1000 write up on ESPN/BMX too..

Halfway There!!

 Or are we? With tonights impending storm it's a sure sign  winter will be with us for a bit longer..So thats means spending more time at your not so favorite local indoor park..
Got some new items in the shop this week.. Here is a quick run through.

  • Restock on all Fit FAF tires
  • Fit and SandM Bars
  • Fit Flow Wheelsets
  • Oddyssey Wheelsets

More new goods..
Bobby V was nice enough to send us some more WTP vids. Yinz are gonna love them!!

Limited Profile Cranks.. Flat Blue..

Lighten up your Profile rear hub. Ti-Driver+Race axle=GoFaster!

Eclat Tech Hubs are back in as well.

Eclat Complex seats are also back in. these always go quick. Come get yours!!

Henny loves dogs , especially Wigum..

Hey, BMX!!!