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I got More!!

I have so many photos from FBM Gypsy Tour I feel like I need to share them so I'll be posting some random photos with each post I do..I also wanted to send a huge thanks to Mullville and Bobby V for showing us around Pittsburgh and putting us up..Thanks Guys..And the Area 51 and PTT locals for letting us ride their trails!! Also Amos from Lock Haven for having a shitload of Gypsy's camp on his land and ride his sweet spot.. Here are a few pics from the Burgh!!

Space Wolf-Blast Off..

How Does Mark Go So High??


2010 Verde Vex's just showed up.. Check them out here.. I should have them built up in a day or so.. These do not last long so get on them while you can..
Here is a rundown of some other new items..
Hole Shot Issue 5.. So Good!!!!
New Franchise Shirts..(Legends Never Die)
Primo Nice Try DVD..(its Good)
Kink Empire Fork..
New Fit Goods on the way..(plastic pedals, seats,stems.....)
Keep Digging!!!!!

They Keep Coming..

Its a Gypsy Life for Me!!!!

So the past week and a half has been "One of The Best Weeks Ever Guy". On the road with some awesome dudes hitting up spots all over the east coast was a blast. Huge Thanks to Crandall and FBM for organizing an amazing trip. And thanks to Big Dave and the boys in the shop for building some American Made Goodness.
The Gypsy Tour ended in NYC at the Bicycle Film Festival where the FBM Documentary "I love My Bicycle" Premiered with a full theater and lots of hollering. Congrats to Joe Stakun for the making of the film and all the hard work he put in to the project. Good Job Joe!!! Good times were had and plenty of memories were taking away from this trip. thanks to everyone who was a part of it and all the locals that let us shred there spots..
Thanks Guys!!!! Here are some random Gypsy photos..

Daryl could probably lift us all..

Landon and Kyle having breakfast..

The man behind the madness..

Sleepers second shower of the trip..
Our team letter to Mr. Obama about how much FUN the trip was!!

They dont call him Big James for nothing, 48" and rising..

Sean Ryan- NYC Street Surfer..

Gypsy Tour!!

So we've been on the road for the past week and its been pretty wild, sleeping in the woods and in some other questionable spaces is always fun. Plenty of awesome riding and partying has been going down with 2 full day left in NYC I'm sure it will only get better. Here are a few pics from the journey so far. see you soon!!

Breakfast at Derek Adams house care of Chef Sleeper..

Not as shady as they look..

Go Pens!!


More Dudes More Woods!!

As I sit here drinking the last Bud of a six pack from Sundays Dover sesh I get a call saying "hey check out the spring edit" from Johnny and the boys in the 603.
So here it is, you can also check it out at Third Arm Shovel but it looks the same, there is a sweet trail pets post though!

DIALED 603 TRAILS SPRING 2009 from Johnny Herrick on Vimeo.

Dudes in the Woods!!!

Made it back up to N.H. this past weekend for a Sunday sesh and as usual the guys up there had the place buttered and ready to run. Thanks Guys!!
Check out Third Arm Shovel!!
We have a crew packing up and rolling out Friday night to make our way down to Pa. for the Gypsy tour kick off, should be wild. 7 dudes in a gypsyvan for one week without showering- interesting..Hopefully I'll post some updates from the road but I doubt it..

Kyle will be doing plenty of these next week..

Landon needs a magnetic box for the trip.

Zack will be rolling in the Credence Van..

Restock on EVERYTHING. Come in We Got It!!!!

Whats New??

Here is a rundown of some new items in this week..
Fit FAF Tires in 2.30 wire and folders(Fat As Fuck)
Fit Shiv Forks
Fit High and Sky High Bars
Madera DVD
Clear colored G-Sport Plegs
FBM V2 Executioners
Circuit Tees on American Apparel(Thanks Snotty and Foyer)
Banned 3 will be here early next week, get it!!!
More Animal Ghostface Tees..
Fuse T-Whip Shin Pads
Ride U.S. With the Best Cover Ever!!
Ride U.K. with a Cover and a sweet Chris Childs photo..
And More Digs with A Circuit Profile!!
And Whatever UPS just dropped off..
Gypsy Tour 1 week away!!

Having this thing down the street from your house is fun!!

Busy Bees!!

Shop has been jamming lately thanks to some awesome weather we've been having in R.I. 2010 Kinks Completes are moving fast so if you got one in mind stop in or give call to see whats in.
Fit Hawk V2 and SandM Stony Frames are back in, the last ones didn't stick around to long and don't expect these to either looking this good everyone wants to ride one including myself.
Only a week and half left until we leave for FBM Gypsy 2our. This should be wild and the DVD will be soon to follow.. Check it out in late July early August. More FBM complete V2s should be here mid-week.

I went digging on Saturday and left the shop in Emersons hands. This is what he and Degnan did when they closed up..If you've ever ridden this curvy wall then you can appreciate this.

Untitled from emerson t1bmxrder on Vimeo.

Also hit up Dover last weekend, here are a couple pics.
Joel on his new Deluxe Frame care of Circuit.

Kyle Amidon enjoying the fruits of labor!