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Thank You!!

For all the support this past year!!!!!

Holiday Hours...

Circuit will be open the following hours during the Holidays:
BMXmas Eve- 10-3
BMXmas Day- Closed
Friday Dec 26-10-6
Normal weekend hours
Normal Weekday hours
FufaNEW Year Eve 10-6
FufaNEW Year Day 12-6

Hope everyone has a safe Holiday and New Year. I know there is a foot of snow out there but try to get out and cruise at your favorite indoor park or something and don't drink to much eggnog, that shits gross. Pray for spring or just go south!

This is the Last Year, Get Your Runs In!!

Saw this lil edit on Klegraefes page thought it was nice..

prov edit from klegraefe on Vimeo.

winter trails

we made some trails for the winter..i guess you have to make lemonade out of lemons

superman tube grab

Winter Storm Alert!!!

I know its December and all but 4 inches of snow isn't shit. What happened to the blizzards in the north east? It seems like we get a few inches and the city is paralyzed. Anyways if you find yourself with nothing to do this weekend come by the shop and pick up one of four or four of four new DVDs in this week. Here is a rundown on them, first is Brighton Ain't Ready. This was some social experiment of sorts, with 12 teams staying in a apartment at different times to ride and hang out in Brighton England. I like to think of it as the BMX Real World. Check it out! Second is Shadows "Into the Void" all I have to say is "Damn-Get This DVD!!! its that good. (Johny Devlin,Karl Poynter,Ricky Bates) SOOO SIICKKK! Third is Props Mega Tour 8 I didnt think this was gonna be all that good but I was wrong. Its actually a real fun vid to watch. The Mesh guys came through Providence and hung out for a couple days so there are some Prov clips in there which is kinda cool. Fourth is Dave Jacobs Clothing Brand Micreation and the vid is called Synopsis. Its a DVD of compiled road trips. Anything with Brad Simms in it is worth watching. Its a pretty cool dvd with a mellow soundtrack. Well done.

New Frame in the shop this week is the revised SandM Stricker Frame in Green.(same color as Strickers liver) The few minor changes are a higher BB and no more machined anchor on the SS bridge. Now its a stamped anchor on a tubular bridge. Last thing new to the frame is a pewter head badge that looks pretty classy. I love this frame, SandM is ahead of the curve.

BMXmas is coming soon and the shop is still busy as all?? So stop in and say hi or just stop in and look around. Winter is here and its gross!!

This is what summer looks like..

This is what winter looks like..

Shadow Premier!!

Come by at 7 to check out the new Shadow Video (Into The Void) and directly after that, we will be showing ANTHEM. Come on by and maybe it will finally answer all those questions you guys have been asking.
So many new items in the shop.
Here is a quick rundown:
Odyssey Glow in the Dark PC pedals
Odyssey Gum Wall Foldables
Eclat Complex seat and post combo
Eclat Hubs
Eclat Rims
Eclat Pedals
Shadow Crank and Bones Sprockets
Verde Vex completes. To much to list, stop in and say howdy!!

These pedals glow in the dark. What next, edible bike parts!

Verde Headsets

Take it as it comes!!

That seems to be the only way to treat winter in the north when you ride BMX. If you get one of those 60 degree days you have to take advantage of it and do something awesome, like go to the trails and get some digging and cleaning in and then cruise the streets. That would put a winter smile on my face. But when its 26 degrees out you head to your favorite indoor park like Haven. Myself, Emerson and Landon made the drive out there yesterday while Cory S and L.I.Mike met us up there. Its always a pretty mellow sesh from 2-6 so you can get your runs in. Good times were had and
Landon still rules the roost!

Don't forget about the Shadow "into the void" Premiere here this Friday at 7. Pizza and drinks will be provided. This Video is gonna be wild, can't wait to see it.

Into The Void - Trailer 2 from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.
By the way if you haven't seen the new Rye Airfield setup maybe you should check it out. Nutter,Brad and Saxton built a wall that could possibly rival the 8th wonder of the world.. The comp was wild and Garret Reynolds took the win. Seriously, go there.

The shop has been busy lately so posts will be lacking. But if your looking for something I can almost guaranty Circuit will have it. Stop in before BMXmas.. There will aslo be more shop changes after the new year. More on that soon.

Everyone's best friend Eric Hennessy has a sweet interview up on the Profile Page today. Check it out.. Hennessey is truly the best person to ride with EVER!!!!

Here is a pic of Shawn Marley from a summer time sesh at the trails. Shawn still shreds after a 10 hour day of lifting concrete forms and being drunk twice a day.

Fit Dak Frames......

The Fit Dakota Frames are here, I just put them up on the frame shelves at Circuit and they are looking really nice up there but they wont be there long so if your into one give the shop a call and I'll put one aside for you. (I got 4 total) Also got the new Fit Shiv forks in. Click here to get the run down on them..

The man in brown also dropped off some Animal Farm Hoodies, comfy and warm. Stop in and try one on for yourself, you wont be disappointed. Animal New Era Hyphen fitted hats are here also. The boys at Animal have really stepped it up with their clothing line the past year. BMX needs more of that.
Restocked on:
Animal tires,grips and pedals
Profile L.E. Aegean Blue cranks
Profile wake and imperial sprockets.
Fit Blade forks
Dont forget about the RYE Comp this weekend. Should be wild.
And dont forget that we will be Premiering the new Shadow DVD Friday the 12th, not that creepy but whatever. Check out the trailer.

Into The Void - Trailer 2 from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

The BMX Dinosaur...

The guys at The Ramp Farm put on their first 30 and and over Jam this past Sunday. We had a pretty good turnout of 18 30+ BMXers. Expect more of these 30+ sessions this winter. I guess 30 is the new 20 and Burger and Bagley proved that by playing the one up game with one another and Kyle Amidon has more energy then a 10 year old.


Hennessey didnt make the cut but looks the part.

I have a couple Super Therm FBMs and ST Take Ivy's on the way.