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Just the Tip!!

Man last week was such a tease of some warm spring time weather and it wasn't even spring.. This weekend is looking like its the perfect weekend for a Circuit Sale.. Come by and get hooked up with some goods for some outdoor living..

New Animal Tees are sweet looking.. East Coast!!!!

Fit Eddie V3 is back in Clear Black.. You cant ride like him but you can ride him!!

Duo did it again, this time teaming up with Def Grip for a seat combo..

Polished Profile Hubs look good on any wheel set. Treat yourself, you deserve it!!

Night Shadows..

Got a bunch of new goods in from Shadow this week. Seats, wedgie posts, colored stem bolts and axle nuts, more Raptor hubs,stems and new T-shirts. Its all looking good so come on in and take a look!!
Shadow and Subrosa Shirts..

Like the Fonz said -"Sit on it"..

Sleeper!! We miss you..

Check out this interview I did for Least Most with Ferbert of Bone Deth.. We will have the Bone Deth DVD in a few weeks.. Its Amazing!!!

Bone Deth 'Surfin' For The Ugly Broads' The Movie Trailer from babysabbath on Vimeo.

Until next time..


If your like me you like your American bikes and parts, along with the small things.. Support America, you live here right..

Circuit die cut stickers.. Thanks to Ben at Enemy Skull!!

American made cake..

Got a few of these Enemy Skull shirts in the shop.. Suppport R.I...

If you have ever ridden this thing you know its pretty hard to air out. Nick F dont think so..

Don't forget about next weekends sale..

March Madness!!

Been seeing lots of familiar faces lately now that the weather is breaking, and I like it!!! Good to see everyone coming out of their houses and back on their bikes.
Here are some new goods in this week..

More Cult Shirts and stems. Last batch went quick..

Eclat Headsets are back..

Primo E-Comet tires.. The compound on these feels exceptionally sticky..

More ceramic art from Jeff B.. SWEET!!

Turbo and Ozone!!

Odyssey is holding this properly named contest, Brake Dance, there are a lot of ways to get creative with this one. I can think of a few ways to do so.. Maybe use the photo below for some motivation..So good luck and have some fun.

Electric Bugaloo

New stuff from Shadow this week and restock on just about everything.....

Man its getting nice out...

AHHHHHHHH... Spring!!!

Got some new stuff in from Terrible One and Kink. Ya thats right NEW stuff from T-1.. Hell ya..
Sprockets, Bars, and Kink Varidian Hubs..

Here is part 3 from the South of the Boredom trip this past January..Its just about spring now and dont think any of us will be bored till next year..

South of the Boredom Tour part 3 from Least Most on Vimeo.

This is my lil edit I did with my digi camera..More of these to come..

South of the Boarder 2010 from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

Oh ya Sunday completes are just about gone but we got more coming at the end of the month.. Reserve yours now!!

The Sun(day) is out!!

Im sure you are all pretty psyched to have stretch of some spring like weather.. I know I am.. Its only gonna get better from here on in boys, with lots of new goods rolling in to the shop. First off are the 2010 Sunday Completes. Hot damn these bikes are looking good and priced to sell with awesome specs. The Pro model is by far the best buy in the complete BMX bike in the world at the moment. We have the full line here but probably not for long. We will have more by the end of the month soooo...
The Pro

The EX

The AM

Get ready for what these guys are gonna deliver to the BMX world in the next month..
Bone Deths "Surfing for the Ugly Broads" is gonna knock your socks off..

South of the Boredom!! Prt 1..

Here is part 1 from the January trip we went on with the FBM crew.. Good times were had for sure.. Check it out..
And if you didn't know already, SUPPORT FBM BMX!!!!
Oh ya its March 1st.. HELL YA!!!!

South of the Boredom Tour from Least Most on Vimeo.

Here is a write up on the trip Nick F did on ESPN/BMX also.. More to come on both ends..