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I'm Pretty Sure!!!

I'm pretty sure summer started this week even if the calender doesn't say so. It was 99 degrees here yesterday and we still stuck some shovels in the ground.. I'm pretty sure I fertilized the soil at the trails yesterday.. Make the most of it cause we all know it does not last forever

I'm pretty sure we have some Fit S4 frames for you summertime shred boners.. We just got 4 more in on a full size run. So they are here waiting to be ridden.

FBM Steadfast(Shredfast) Frames just showed up too. We havent had these in months but finally they are back.. If you have some local trails you love to shred then this is your frame.Get on it, you wont regret it. I'm pretty sure I just built one up and it feels amazing..

Animal Jump Off Remix stems in all colors are here. I'm digging these and I'm pretty sure not every out there got these.

I'm pretty sure these bars are huge!! To huge for you 14 year old guys that want them but if you can guess what they are i'll give you 10% off on them.
3 hints: 1, If Dewey was riding still he would want them. 2, Huge 360s. 3, N.W.

Got some more Circuit Shirts in today. A whole lot to be exact.. Snotty printed these once again and I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing him in a few weeks for Gypsy 3 in New England..

Please come out to this event. We will be hosting a Foot Down comp and some other activities will be happening in the building. This a benefit for Recycle-a-Bike in Providence. Also this will be Kafe Lilas last event as they will be closing their doors in the weeks to follow. (I know, where are we gonna get our liquid crack from now? I mean Coffee) Anyway, come out and support a good cause. See you here!!

Good Vids,Good People!! Oh Ya and we sell bikes!!

2011 Kink Completes
are here!!! Im not gonna put up any pics of them but here is a pic of Landon. He rides for Kink so its kind of the same thing.

Henny and I went on a winter trip this year and after I came back home Henny just kept on going, making it out to Puerto Rico. I had the opportunity to go but passed it up. Man, what was I thinking? Watch the vid and you'll know what I mean..I'm pretty sure we are kidnapping Henny for Gypsy!!

Aventuras en Puerto Rico from Least Most on Vimeo.

Sean Ryan and the Franchise boys are at it again! Another quality web vid from Franchise Crew. Dudes are invading the East Coast in a few weeks. So psyched..

Franchise Web Video #3 from FRANCHI$E on Vimeo.

Kenny Hortons Shit Show V2. It is what it says and its FUN!!!

Last off, my best bud DR. Pinzon recently went on his honeymoon in Africa with his lovely wife Lindsey and decided to jump off a cliff into nothing. We pay to do some strange stuff, this one takes it. Watch it, you'll cringe.. Pinzon just had ACL surgery.. Its a BMX nightmare.. Get well bud..

Screaming in Zambia from Luis Pinzon on Vimeo.

FBM Steadfast Frames are gonna be showing up this week and the other models will follow in the next few weeks also.(Gypsy and Berzerker) Get on these!!
We the People Completes will be showing up this week too. Last time we had them they were gone in .2
Fit S4 frames will be back here on Wednesday, same deal here. Get them while you can!!

7 Day Weekend!!

Hyde Park Jam was this past weekend and as usual I only took a couple of pics for more than one reason.. The jam was a huge success, awesome to see the BMX community come out and raise some $$ for a good cause. The word is that $1000.00 was raised for the Pembroke Skate Park Fund.. Thanks to Autumn Brand and Mauls!!
Here are a couple pics I did take..

My boy Bobby P ruled this hip all day.. Hell ya!!

Emerson's bike drank a lil to much to ride. He could barely wheel it out of there..

Serenity Now!!

The shop got stripped of completes the past 2 weeks but we will have a full shipment of 2011 Kink Completes along with We the People Completes here by the end of the week. So if your looking for a new rig stop in and reserve one before they are all gone..

Flip the Book, FBM Style!!!

Here is the FBM flip book from the winter trip we all went on together. Damn good times and here is the proof. Cover boy Henny Horton gtting his 10:00 o'clock going!! Did someone say Gypsy Tour #3.. Oh ya!!

Fly By!!

Its already May and before we know it , it will be July, then September and so on.. Summer loving is on its way so make it happen and make every night Saturday night. I know I'm psyched to make this summer one to remember!! Trails, Trips, Friends, BBQ, Beach, Gypsies, Fires and of course BMX.. Hell Yes!!

Enough jabbering. On to whats new! Your favorite Spanish BMX innovators have unleashed pretty much every BMX component you need to build up a complete FLY bike. Holy Damn this stuff looks soooo good. This is the largest FLY order we have ever placed and if FLY makes it then we have it in the shop. Some of the new items that were just released are the brake cables and brake shoes.. They both look real nice. Fly produces some well thought out and unique products.
We also restocked on all FLY Tires, Levers, Bars, Grips, Sprockets, Pedals, Stems and a couple of Frames(Luna and Tierra) and Forks(Aqua). Viva La Spain!!

We also received restock on S&M Tapered Pitchfork XLT in Chrome and some more S&M XLT Bars, ya all of them!!(fuck imitations, ride the real thing)

Oh ya Hyde Park Jam this weekend the 15th. This time its for a good cause, Pembroke Skate/Bike Park fundraiser. Go show your support and help these guys get a sweet park in Pembroke.

What else is new? Lots but go ride, your not getting any younger!!
Time Flies!!

Into the Future!!

Reinventing the chain is almost as crazy as reinventing the wheel but DK decided to give it a shot and here it is. Its lighter than it looks.(11oz)The DK EXO Chain. Check it, get it, ride it. We got it!!

Got a couple of them Cult Bad Boy Frames in the shop(built by FBM) and of course they are looking good. Someone please come get these before they rust!!!(They come completely raw you can spray can the shit out of it and not feel guilty about the original paint

And congrats to our boy Snotty on getting hooked up with Stranger. Snotty is responsible for printing all the Circuit shirts so if you ever see a blem on them blame him..Just be careful if you do!! Im pretty sure all the stranger dudes are from outer space..

Hey and check out my best bud Henny on Fat BMX's Fat Faves. We love you you Henny..
(Photo by Cranberry)

Limited Edition Everything!!

I know its not BMX-mas but its always the season for a Circuit gift card. Let your friends and parents know whats up..

All you guys out there with "carny hands", we got a full restock on them Cleveland Grips everyone loves, including myself.. "Small Hands"

Fit did a small run of the "High" bars in Trans-Black to match the Eddie V3 frame. We have both here and if bought as a set then you catch a deal..

Here is another Limited bar from S&M. This time the Slam XLT in Trans Red. SOOO Sick. You have to see these in person.

We got a restock on those Eastern Nitrous Double Shot rear wheels. These are for the baller on a budget. Definitely the best wheel deal in BMX at the moment.

For those of you out there interested in registering for the BMX Camp at Jenks Skatepark there is still one week left to do so. Classes start the 15 and once they are full you will have to wait until the next run of classes. The classes go from 8:30 AM until 10:00 AM from May 15th- June 5th(4 week session)
There will be 2 levels of classes(beginner and intermediate)
The instructors will be Nick Fererria and Mark Chouquette
Classes will restart on the 12th of June.
Please call Bill Mulholland to Register.
401-728-0500 EX-257