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Sunday!!August 9th!!

Anything FBM related I'm always psyched on, especially when its a BMX BBQ at Circuit.. This sounds like a pretty sweet time. So get your ass on out if you want to hang out with Crandall and Crew!!!

Dont forget about these other Fun FBM events..

Last Belmar Ever!! Until next Years!!

Keep It In The Woods!!!

If there is one thing I'm always psyched on its riding trails .That being said, I got another Deluxe order in today with some small parts and their new seat and post combo made out of recycled materials. Deluxe rules!!! You need to see the frame in person to appreciate it.. Check their page frequently for sweet trail vids and what not!!

Psyched!!! Damn its hot out, swim like a fish..

This, That and The Other Thing...

Man I like the rain but this might be a lil to much now. I feel like summer will be gonna in no time and 3/4's of it has been rainy days... Lets do a anti-rain dance for the weekend of August 7th,8th, and 9th. You'll be psyched on my next post with an explanation why!!
The Bowl at Haven Park is finally open and to celebrate they will be throwing a BMX BBQ Bowl Jam on the 8th of August..
Check out the flyer and get your shred boner wet!!!

Here are a couple new things in this week...
New Ride BMX

More Primo Nice Try DVD Grip Combo's (sweet deal)

FBM Shirts- Born to Chill(Hell Ya) and I Love Pizza Shirts(who doesn't)

Stolen Freecoasters are back in!!

Kind of a Big Deal!!!

Some how a free week at Woodward has shown up at the Circuit this week

gypsy caravan pics

found a couple pics from gypsy caravan...trip was awesome.. thanks again crandall


Hump Day!!

Take it however you want to but I guess its the middle of the week, so on to the weekend. Seems like summer is finally here and its definitely warming up outside but its not like L.A. where its summer year round. Here a couple pics Pinzon sent over from the Fourth of July out in Cali!!

Nick F just did a sweet interview on InTheGnar with Crandall, he also did a sweet tabe on this bank to celebrate his independance!!

Being a Doctor pays off in more ways then one!!

Lots of new goods just showed up today, here is a rundown..
More Fit PC pedals
Restock on New Fit Cranks
New Fit Aitken Tees
Restock on all Fit
and SandM Bars
Restock on all Fit and SandM Stems
More Blade and Shiv forks in White
Odyssey Brake Pads in Clear and Red
Odyssey Headsets in Black

and what ever else you need or want.. Its here..
Big things coming and happening in August, stay posted..
Go Ride-Go Swim-Go Live..


Slowly but surely we are starting to see some of those new Fly Bikes parts trickle on in. These new CNC machined levers are whats up if you like your brakes dialed and have a couple extra bucks to drop on the cause.. Here they are..

More Wolf Aitken seats also..Deal with it!!

Devon Feil of Peg Leg dropped off some shirts this weekend. Come by and pick one up and get a free Peg Leg DVD with any Peg Leg shirt purchase. If you've never seen this DVD your missing out. Awesome street stuff.. Thanks Devon!!

Finally the rain has stopped for a week or so and we got a good sesh in this past weekend.. Proof!!
Kyle A getting twisted!! ThirdArmShovel!!! Stay Dialed!!

Thats Whats Up!!

New Dig showed up this week with some good stuff in it. Tony Cardona interview is sweet.Its about feet,hands,BMX,the internet, traveling and good times. Tony is a good dudebuy his frame and put a couple bucks in his pocket. There are a couple pics from the Profile/Circuit trip last summer of Tony from Dover and Hamden. Sweet!!
N.H.s Aaron Smith has a cool interview also and some killer pics to go along with it. Live Free or Die!!
Our good buddy Mark Mullville decided to start a lil T-shirt Co. called Wolf Brand (not to be confused with Landons Co. Space Wolf Brand)and sent some shirts out our way. Come by and grab one if your into Mulvdude!!
I only have a few so Deal With It!!

Also check out Hennys Blog for updates on his cross country trip.. Its a hoot!

Here are some Pics!
Wolf Brand-Deal With It!!

Blue and Gold Animal Goods..

Let it (not)pour!!

We just cant catch a break with this weather in these early summer months. So if you cant ride what else would you do.  Well that's what has been going on,plentyand not much riding and that's cool with me. Ya so not much new outside but plenty of new things in the shop. Gypsy Edit is almost done and we'll probably have a premiere at Circuit for the DVD when its available. Should be a good time..
Here is whats new!!!
Verde Eon completes
FBM V2 Completes
Fly 2.25 wire beads are back!!
Proper Stems
Gold Proper Rims
Fit Stems(top and front load)
New Fit Cranks
Fit PC Pedals

Duo Rogue V2 seats
Odyssey Chameleon Pedals
Devon is dropping off some new Peg Leg Tees this week!!
Plenty of other new goods- Stop in!!

If you ride that indoor park in Taunton then You know who Dewey is. Check out his new Dak Build, this thing is sweet!!!!

Also check out this lil vid that Brock made of Mullville while he was in Pittsburgh recently.. Ya Wolf Brand deal with it. Check out Henny with some background..

Closed on the 4th

That's right, we should all forget about work on the 4th and go swimming, get totaled, ride some trails, do some BBQing (not in that order)but wait it will probably be raining so bring a poncho!
Anyway have a good holiday and try not to loose a finger in one of those M80 accidents..

Circuit will re-open Sunday at 11. See you then!