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German Engineering!!

We have the full run of 2011 We the People Completes built up and on the floor.. We the People have been doing complete bike for just about ten years now and it shows..Stop in and take a look at these amazing completes built to get rad right out the box.. And yes we have the 2011 Envy but its still in the box..

Nora Cup Video of the Year.. This is Untied.. Get Some or one!!

Here be the trailer.. This is Awesome!!
'This Is United' Trailer from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Trails Everywhere!!!

Its that special time of the year when the dirt stays moist and your trails have been heavily ridden and all your lines are dialed. This leads to the perfect session just about every time you ride for the next month or two.. See you in the woods..
If you didnt know already, Trails Rule!

Jake Honesto roasting one in The Shire.. And yes that lip is as tall as Andre the Giant!!

You may know Adam Spitanly from his AOTC part but id rather think of him as a trail rider/Builder!

Jake again with Justiin in hot pursuit ..

We go through tires like water.. Well we have your favs back and this time we got some red walls.. Fit FAF..Go fast as F*$k!!

Fit Shivs are back also..

You know what would go great with these Revenge Dakine Grips?? A Banned Buddsaw Sprocket!!!


Who likes Helmets?? I Do I Do!!!! Well thats why we have so many here, plus its that time of the year when have to start thinking about riding indoors again. But we still have some time left so take advantage of every sunny day thats left and stay

We even got some Fox Gloves in this week.. No body likes a meaty paw..Or a glove that smells like a urinal for that matter..

Now that Landon has moved back to the middle of the country(Minnesota), Im pretty sure no one is calling him Space Wolf but out here thats what he will always be.. We miss ya Landon!! Check out Landos welcome Back Edit to MN here on ESPN/BMX
In this photo from early summer Landons looking more like Space Ghost..

Hey did you here?? We are Totally Stocked on ALL completes.. Yes all of them and 2011 We Das Peoples just showed up too... Options are always good... We got you covered!!
Pics on these dudes soon...

Ride Bikes,Love life,Booyaa!!


Here is a lil 2 minute edit of some dudes "Jumping some Dirt Ramps" .
Some Friends,Fires,Woods,Dirt Ramps and Some Shovels = Good Memories!!!
Please go find some land, call it yours and build a Dirt Ramp!!!

Cumby Trails from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

We are still looking good over here with all the 2011 Completes from FBM, Fit, Subrosa and Verde. But not for long cause they all go quick..

AHHH Yes and we do have a Web Store now that is very easy to use. We are loading new products daily and keeping it updated.. As time goes on it will get better and more pleasing to the eye!! We will have some discount codes up soon also!!


Couple Things You Should Know!!

We are stocked on Fit and FBM Completes and they look AWESOME!!!
Stop in and take a peek for yourself..

If you guys haven't noticed we have a working Circuit web store now. See it up there on the top right side?? Go ahead and click on it and see just a small fraction of whats in the shop.. We will be adding products on a daily basis and soon enough the web store will be fully operational..

Its almost fall. Build some fun in the woods!!!

Most Anticipated!!!

2011 Fit Completes are here and we should have a few built up in the next couple days so stop in and take a peek. As you know completes get better and better every year and this years line is no exception..

You gotta treat your bike right with one of these Banned Sprockets!! Check out Banned-4-Life also.. Serious street action..
Go High Mr. Bike!!

SandM Iron Man Spline Drive Sprockets are finally out and we have a few here. They are only available in 25T and are made of 4130 Chromoly.

Aurora is is one of my favorite doggie super models!! Always posing on those Giant Lines at the 603.. Do your thing girl!!

Even though Jonathan took a log to the eye, he was still able to pirate this in-down on Overkills 30 footer..

Every good day deserves a good fire!!!

Oh ya and if you didnt know the city of Providence wants to tear down the "Prov Park". Why? I'm not sure but do your part and email the councilman here
You can also join the Facebook Group to stay updated on the latest details..

Got You Covered!!!!

We have a large number of 2011 Complete Bikes in the shop at the moment with more on the way. Kink, Verde and Subrosa just to name few brands on the floor.
We also have 2011 FBM completes on the way and should be on the floor by the weekend.
Check out the Flipbook here..
And I just got the call saying that 2011 Fit Completes have just shipped...Take a peak.. Sick right!!

Odyssey Mexican Blanket seats are back.. No two are alike.. Be different!!

Aitken Wolf Seats in Teal.. Say What!!!

Restock on Proper Bakes for you guys that want to go all the way..

Hi my name is Justin.. I like wet conditions,dialing in lines and roasting some dubs!!!