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NEJC Reminder!!

New England Jam Chowda is this Sunday, September 28th!! We will be closed(Sunday the 28th) for this event so if you're in need of some goods or want to dial in the rig for the shindig I suggest you stop in this week.

 We may or may not have some shirts for sale at the Circuit Tent??
Hope to see you all there!!


Being here day in and day out I don't get as much time on my bike as I would like but I consider the time I do get on my bike to be quality time. Whether it be one or two days a week, there is no better feeling than being in the woods with a good crew. Hearing the slap of a shovel or just the sound of some tires ripping off a lip. There is nothing more gratifying than these simple pleasures of riding what you build. Today someone asked me why they never see me at the park. My time is limited and its needs to be spent defying gravity in the woods.

Henny is one of the best dudes the define defying gravity. 3 Turndown on Main!!

We have lots of new goods in the shop past 2 weeks. We are always stocked with the latest from all the top brands!!

Check this "lil" machine out. The United Recruit 12". Who wouldn't want to see their kids ripping around on this bike.

I made it out to the FBM 21st B-Day Party to hang out with all the dudes. FBM is BMX in my opinion, support a brand that is the core of what we love to do. Ride bikes, build friendships and live life laughing!! 
I grabbed some restock items while I was out there. Get some!!

Demolition just released the new Rig tire and we have them here along with a restock on Momentum and Machete Tires in 2.4. There is a rubber for every terrain here!

Colony has been getting fancy with rims lately and here is the latest offering. How did Bone Deth not jump on this one? Colony Leopard rims are here and now there gone but they will be here again next week.

 Usually Tree is dropping some redesigned product that turns some heads. Nothing to see here, just some Tree Seat Posts to go with the most comfortable Pivotal Seat on the market. Tree Ergo Seats are back in stock.

New England Jam Chowda is next Sunday the 28th. Be there!! We will have lots of new shirts Hats and Hoodies for sale. See you all there!!


It was a mellow summer around here as far as events go but prime temps and plenty of sunshine gave us our busiest summer on record. We truly appreciate the support from the local BMX community and we will keep delivering the goods in many ways.

 So onto the big news. Its time to move once again. This time we will be moving two doors up from our current location, so if you know where we are now, you'll know where we are come mid-October. We are moving into a 2200SF space and we will be stocking a full line of BMX Racing Parts/Accessories and Complete Bikes.The shop will be divided by the two disciplines, making sure none of you get confused and want to put some carbon forks or cranks on your "freestyle" bikes. This is a pretty big step for us so bear with us while we make the transition. We will have a lot going on around here come October/November so stay tuned and once again, thanks for the support.

So here is Circuit BMX Shop right now, what will the new one look like?

One of the best tires in BMX just got beefed up! The Odyssey Aitken Tire is now available in 2.45.
Look at the size of this rubber!! Speaking of tires, we have over 20 models in 40 plus sizes for every type of riding style.

Eclat produces some of the highest and well thought out products on the market. We just restocked on Tibia Cranks, Stream Forks and Surge CNC Alloy Pedals. 

Custom builds are our specialty!! Heres one of two that we did last week. This one was for our boy Dylan out in B-Ville. S&M ATF Frame decked out with Profile Racing Components. He went with the american theme for a reason.

Cody Diggle was actually the very first custom build we did almost 8 years ago. Time flies and so does Diggle!! BMX!!!!!!