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I almost wrote Burger Time

Burger is an awesome dude but dont drink whiskey with him.. He has a interview on the S&M page with help from Matty B. Check it out and support the Farm!Oh and someone listen to the last paragraph.

Whats New ..

Here are a couple of photos of some new items in the shop, amongst other things.
Stop in and check em out. Oh and Purple Fit DL stems are here along with some White Profile Acoustic and 40 stems. And watch out for He-Man, Ive heard some things????

Grand Slams and Ski-His

Chrome LTF(removable brake mounts)

Toss another dil on the bbq

We love Weasel!

A lot of younger guys probably don't know who Weasel is but if you grew up in the New England BMX scene in the early to mid 90's then you should and all you youngsters should find a copy of 1201 and Lights Out or ask Stew Johnson to release it on DVD. Anyways Watch this vid and pay Weasel some RESPECT. Love The Weasel..Check out this video: decade of weasel

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Circuits #1

I'm just kidding, kind of but if you wanna know what I'm talking about click here.
So the past week has been awesome, the weather has finally broke summer is around the corner,the trails are running(finally). Seeing old friends is always a good feeling and plenty were seen in the past week. The Circuit 1 year party was awesome, thanks to everyone that helped out and made it happen.
OK so now whats new with the shop. First would be all the new Fremont and Lotek shirts as usual kinda psychedelic designs, skulls, wolves,blood and bones, stop in and check em out. Lotek Shoes are shipping this week first will be the Coastals(Cleveland's Shoe) and Night Wolf Slims(Aitkens Shoe). I should have these by Thursday the 25th. The rest will arrive in early May. Also got in all the Retro S&M shirts, these are a must own if you've been around for a while. New Spring Orchids should be around soon(hopefully). Oh ya if your into waffle soles then definitely stop in you might be surprised. I still have some older shoes left if your looking for a deal on some shoes, get em while they last. Got some chrome S&M parts and a chrome LTF frame(like it wasnt already sick, they had to chrome it) Lots of new items should be popping up soon like Mutiny frames,Fit S-3.5 frames, Sunday Wave 2 frames and maybe just maybe a Fly order will come in sometime in May with the line of goods.Also just in are AAron Ross Space Bars, Duo Rogue Seats, Chrome Badgers,more Metal Dead Bang DVDs,Revenge customer friendly grips,Macniel F.A.C.E pedals and a bunch of other goods..
So in 2 weeks I'll be heading to Colombia (South America) with the Tampa boys for a few weeks and Hennessey will be watching Circuit while I'm gone. So come by and say HI! to Henny. He loves everyone.
Here are a couple of photos from the weekend.. Take care.

1 year Party!!

Thanks for coming to the party.. Thanks to The Ones and Tombstones for playing.
Thanks to Snotty and Sean Ryan for flying out and all the photographers for contributing. Snotty and I mopped the floor with Don Houle..


Lots of stuff going this week around the shop.. Snotty flies in tomorrow for the party and to spend some time in the NE. Don't forget Saturday night at 7,1 year Anniversary and all that good stuff. Come by and check out the new Shadow line of T's and parts.
The weather is nice the birds are singing and the trails are almost ready to ride.
Oh ya check out the Fit page for a peak a Snow Flakes bike.
See ya Saturday...come hungry and thirsty...

shadow stuff

well i gave vic an m83 cd there new one and he liked it so much that he had to get all there cds. dont forget about the GRAND REOPENING OF THE SHOP AND ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH SPELLING and grammar,true story. anyway make sure to come down and buy lots of stuff so i can get a raise.
you can buy some of the shadow stuff thats in the shop now like
-shadow rims
there light and cool.
-hubs new colors like lime green front and rear also made out some space age steel that you cant bend break warp but you can do other stuff to them like lace them to the new rims.
-seats some new seat with some new graphics on them like skulls and crossbones that say die. na just kidding theres a blue one a red one a black one one with skulls on it and other random stuff.
-shirts made out of some high strength cotton with some space age ink that changes colors in the sun... iam sure you have seen them its got a skeleton just chilling drinking a beer wait thats the lotek shirt that i own. but anyway its got a skeleton then when you are out in the sun rollerblading or scootering it changes into another skeleton that is grabbing your neck and says YOU'RE NEXT. sounds kinda sweet to me.
um also got some FATTY AND SLIMS revenge folding tires with are seriously the best tires ever made cause there made from the same thing that the grips have on them.
and some fit folding tires that come in a clear plastic bag .
got a black HAWK frame
also got then new metal dvd witch is really funny and mr.burns' part is crazy he does a crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy gap down a 3 set and lands on his face and yells like a wild buuga man. yea and buuga man does a crazy gap over a fence that has barbwire on it like the movie and lands on it.

this message was read and approved by victor bettencourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt.
also payed for by save the wwf you the one with the panda on it.
also still have the scerbo bars in white that are for sale.
im emerson i talk way to much shit, someone should smack me.


Fit Folding Tire
Revenge Folding Tire
Rasta Stems
Aitken Shrits
Metal Dead Bang DVD
S&M XLT Bars
Fit Hawk Frame
Kink Grips
Dragonfly Cables
Life? Shirts
Tree Shirts(1 footed table Skeleton)
FBM Hubgurds
Primo Strand Forks
Holy Shit its warm out!

Frames and such..

Finally got in some more United 40 frames. This time a red 21 and a fully heat treated raw 20.6 40 frame.. Yup thats right fully heat treated frame not just the dropouts,headtube and the bb shell. Heat-Treatment increases the hardness of the material and for tubing re-distributes the material’s molecules after welding, especially around the welds. It is a treatment that releases tension built in during welding and makes a frame simply harder, stronger and most likely stiffer as well. This allows in return to reducing the thickness of the tubing used, which saves weight. The 40 HT is a few bucks more then the average frame but well worth it weighing in at 4.4 pounds.

Also received another Kink Lost Dutchman (Badger) Frame in the new color which is an awesome metallic Purple along with some chrome Badger Bars to go with it, they look pretty sweet together.

Plenty of New Skavenger shirts available in the shop also.. couple new colors going on here. And restocked on Animal fitted hats also just in time to put you re beanie away and break out that New-Era..New Items arriving daily, next will be Shadows Spring clothing line and some colored half link chains and white and glow lime v2 hubs.

And no thanks to whoever stole my tool box from the trails yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

Ramp Farm.

Thanks to everyone from the R.I. area that went to the Ramp Farm Jam..If you didnt make it you missed a good one. Every one was killing it especially Rory and Brandon as usual. Emerson pulled one of the sickest nose wheelie rear peg slider thingy things ever.. Kindah fell dropping in and blamed it on me.(haha) Scott L has a broken leg and will be wearing pajamas for the next month or so. I'm really sore today. Sorry no pics.
OK thats it..

Profile Case on Profile

Check out the quick lil write up I did on the Profile page. About what? The Profile case of course..
Whats new?
Revised Season Stems and Guard Gears
Primo Strand Forks
Primo Salad Bars
Primo BMT Seats
Colony Unlucky 13 Bars
Fremont and Lotek Sticker Packs
Fremont and Lotek Spring shirts on the way
Balance rims in White,Black and Chrome
Fit and Revenge Foldables on the way


I just wanted to put this up cause I think its awesome. Plus racing is what got me into BMX so check it out. BMX in the Olympics.

Things to do and other stuff..

I'm sure at one point or another you have said to a friend while riding," dude how sweet would it be to have your own private Bike Park" Well if you wanna know what thats like then head to The Ramp Farm this Saturday April 5th from noon till ??? and cruise a park without some white haired dude telling you "Hey! you cant ride that" Oh ya and meet Peter from Ramp Farm!The one thing I recommend is that if you are heading there for the first time and aren't use to large groups of riders then go for the earlier portion of the jam. Noon till 6 should be pretty mellow.(Parents this is a private park and after 6 this will be like bringing your kids to a keg party) Feel free to call Circuit or Burger for directions.

Next on the list of things to do would be the Circuit 1 Year Anniversary and Grand Re-opening Party on Saturday April 19th. I talked to Hennessey the other day and confirmed that The Snake Hunters will be playing the party along with The Ones and The Tombstones. Also big thanks to everyone for getting their photos in on time for the photo show. They look awesome! Heres a list of the contributors- Steve Crandall, Walter Perringer, Jody Stoddard, Jeff Allen, Sean Ryan, Nick Ferreira. There will also be food and beverages provided. 7-??? Come celebrate an awesome year for New England BMX.

Just received plenty of new items in the shop..
Odyssey Electrical DVD(good stuff)
Props 68
Limited Edition Odyssey Levers(copper,white,black chrome,teal)
Profile case is full
Pleg Sleeves
Restock on Fit and Revenge tires
WTP Grips(Brennan and Rombus)
Fit seats
Fit Shirts
Fit Sky Hi bars
S&M grand Slams
Fit Cleveland Frame(21)
WTP Lo-Fi (21 1/4)
FBM Coozies
FBM Hub Guards( all colors)
Spring Loteks and Orchids soon.