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For Real!!!

The past few weeks have been hectic around here and I'm looking forward to some slower days around these parts. This past summer has seen lots of visitors in the Rhode Island area and I'm psyched that this lil state with a huge BMX scene is attracting some out of towners. Pretty Rad and thanks for visiting..

FBM just rolled through town and thanks to everyone that came out for the sneak peek of "Thousand Yard Stare" . Awesome times with good friends, that's what BMX is all about, Smiles!!
Circuit Party FBM Style!!

FBM Steadfast V2 Frames just showed up, just in time to get a few last runs in at the trails. This is a classic frame with some classic geometry.. New colors for this season are Dirt Brown and Trans Red, both look good in the woods.

We also got in a Berzerker V2 frame in Trans Black!!

Mr. Ferreira was was nice enough to drop off some Holeshots in a box. Last issue of Holeshot with a few other treats in the box. Its probably a good idea to pic one up..

If your looking for a real "Premium Frame" we got in the new Fiend Frame hand built in the U.S.A by Solid Bikes!!
Just try and crack this thing like one of those so called premium frames..

Ginch bros.. Bubble Hockey Masters.. Its Bubble Hockey Season!!

Bang Your Head!!

This Tuesday the 27th the FBM Team will be here partying, sharing stories and we will be playing the music nice and load so you can battle the Ginch Bros in a head banging comp..Winner gets a nice lil Circuit Prize Package!! Oh and we will be getting a "sneak peek" of the new FBM DVD "Thousand Yard Stare"
Lots of stuff going on around here, its been an awesome summer and fall doesn't seem to shabby either.
 Its Bubble Hockey Season!!
Draper was so drunk he thought was in Austin..
The Toucans midnight house party!! See you next Tuesday!!!!

Sunday on Thursday!!

This is tomorrow rain or shine. Come hang out with the Sunday Team and eat some PIZZA!!!

Extra Special Surprise this coming Tuesday the 27th!!! Stay Tuned!!

Fully Clothed!!

We got a bunch of new clothes for back to school and back to Winter, shoes, t shirts, hoodies, sweaters, snap back hats, beanies and a bunch of other stuff. come in and get pretty.

We got a few different colors in the new bernicky tees.

Here is the front of the Bernicky T-shirts, hoodies are the same..

See you all at the Holeshot Party!!!

And dont forget about next Thursday the 22nd. The Sunday Team will be here!! Yes Aaron Ross will be here, so should you!!

Wutz Up


We love the kids!! I don't care whats on your mind, how to get sponsored, what tricks to learn, whats the coolest new part, how much does this weigh??  It don't matter to me, as long as you're riding your bike and you enjoy doing just that,above all the other trendy fads that come along with BMX.
Perfect example is this dude below. Mr.P spreading his wings!! He don't care he just cruises and kills it!!  We all grow up someday be a kid while you can..

New Nightmare Before Christmas seats are here.. Sit on his face!!(Shadow Sher Seats)

We also got some Odyssey Aitken seats in some limited colors. They are both sweet looking. Pomegranate and Kelly Green base..

 Life? is amazing. Get a Life? Sprocket and stem here.. We got them both and some Magic Soil T-shirts too.

Holeshot Issue 9 Release Party is in 2 weeks.September 17th at Amigos!! Be there!!

2012 Fit Completes are steadily rolling out the door..  Don't worry we should have a good selection for a few weeks at this rate..

We just got our shipment of  Animal Fall/Winter Softgoods in. They look awesome this year as usual.. Animal sets the standard.