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Decades of BMX!!

And just like that, we shot through another decade of life and BMX. Its truly amazing how fast time. moves when you're busy and having fun. And plenty of fun was had in 2019 with some heavy sessions, jams and travel.  I think the next decade will be a lot of the same.
Heres a collection of pictures from the 2019 season with the Circuit Crew.

Cody Diggle burning pallets and dialing dirt at Swamp Fest 2019. More of this coming in April for Swamp Fest 2020!

The BobMan can blast any transition. Hefty pocket table at S.P.O.T from Swamp Week.

Im always blown away by our BMX community and how supportive it is. We have a good thing going, don't forget it. Roger Williams dig days are right around the corner. Get those shovels ready!

There's nothing better than a heavy stoop session after a full day of riding.
The boys outside the B-cave mansion.

Always stoked to session with a full deck of Circuit Frames. Should we do another run in 2020? 
I think so!

There's a whole generation of riders influenced by this man right here.
Isaac"Groundchuck"McCrea touching RI soil for the first time since X-Games 96.

The unofficial 2019 Pump Track World Championships were held ini Foster RI this summer and no one knew about it. Crandall took the win with the Halaclan in a close 2nd.
Crandall consumed a case of LaCroix after some hot laps.

Colorado has to be one of the best places for a summer visit. Getting some laps at 9000 ft took my breath way but its well worth it. Frisco, Co.

Another Colorado shot with Declan Murray and a unorthodox rail move. This kid is a genius on the bike. Brekenridge, Co.

All up on the curved wall train. Chris, Mayo and Dad getting some in the "Bucket".

I could keep this going on for a bit but I'll close it out with a photo that is just rad. No bikes,  just some nice light and some green and brown.

Thanks to everyone for making 2019 a good one. We are looking forward to more of the same in 2020 and beyond. Lets keep the PMA up and keep our scene rad!!
Thanks to Shaun G, Julia A, Nathan P and Capps for sharing some photos.

Love Circuit