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2020 Vision (-)(-)

Let’s start on a high note. 
2020 has been huge for BMX and the industry. Bikes have been hard to get into stock and hard to keep in stock. That means lots of new riders and new micro scenes popping up in neighborhoods everywhere. What impact this will have on the future of BMX is yet to be seen. 
Unfortunately it took a worldwide pandemic to create this shift in the industry. 
I prefer things the way they were in 2019, jams, dig days at Roger Williams, and allowing customers in the shop without having to worry. I’m hoping for some normalcy in 2021 and we can get back on track to getting our daily operations back in line. 

Soo, like I said. Things have been crazy and to make them a lot crazier, I went and shattered my kneecap and had to have emergency knee surgery a few weeks ago. 
Chris has been flying solo in the shop with the help from a cast of friends. (Thank you all)
I’ll be crutching around the shop this weekend. Come say hello. 

Now let’s get to some bikes! 
The end of the year is approaching fast and we have a handful of bike brands in the shop and more on the way. 
We still have bikes from Kink and Sunday and Subrosa restock will be arriving any day now. 

The Sunday Forecaster Ross Sig is pretty in pink.

2021 We The People completes have arrived and are on the floor and  ready to roll. These bikes are extremely sought after and will be difficult to acquire this season but we have them. 

2021 Fly Bikes will be shipping from Spain on December 17th. We will hopefully see them right before X-Mas. This is another brand that will be hard to get a hold of this season. 

2021 Fit completes will be shipping back to us the last week of December. We should she them the first week of January 2021. 

In between building bikes, helping customers, cleaning, we are still getting your custom wheel and bike builds done for the holidays. So get them in and we will get them done. 
Mr. Childs hands will be bleeding by seasons end. Ayyyye!!

The webstore is is fully updated with all the frames we have in stock. Plus new softgoods from Fast and Loose and Burn Slow. 

If you're looking to accessorize your new bike, we are fully stocked on everything you could need for it. Aftermarket tires are always a nice upgrade on any complete bike. 
We have hundreds in stock. 

A few more custom Circuit Rooster builds out the door. There's talk about a springtime run, whos in?? So stoked on how this run turned out. Why not do another!!
Thanks to John Corts at Work for getting these done.
Thanks to everyone that picked one up. 

So who’s ready to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021??!!
I am!!

Big shout to Captain B-caveman ( Bobby Proctor) for laying down this rad pocket table and for laying down some hours in the shop keeping things running smoothly. 

Shout Out To Bikes!!

Bikes!! You know them, you love them. Where would we be without them? They give us an escape from reality and the everyday insanity we have to deal with in the modern world. For those about to cruise, we salute you. 

We just received 100 complete bikes from Sunday Bikes. We will have a full restock from Cult, Fit, Kink, Subrosa and We The People throughout the month of November. 
It’s safe to say that we will have over 300 complete bikes in stock(but moving fast) for the holiday season ahead. 

Here are a few reminders of what summer feels like. 
Myself carving the keyhole to the Green Mts. 

Mr.Mark sporting the sideways style on shark fin alley.

More Green Mts action from Childs at Marleys. Grip it and dip it. 

Cody has been ripping fish lips all summer. Here he is ripping a dirt lip before a foot injury took him out for the season. Next year is another. 

We will be running a Vans sale all November. Buy one pair get another of evils or lesser value at half off. 

This sale does not apply to limited shoes. 

New Circuit Rooster hats are in store. 
These are a unstructured 5 panel hat. 
Super soft and comfy. 

New Circuit Rooster pullovers and long sleeve shirts are on the store. We also have some snakes zip ups. 

We’ve been keep the stoke and the stock high. Expect lots of new goods to be rolling in the next month. 
Like the Trey Jones Wild Child frame from subrosa. 

Cult and Vans did it again. Another collab. 
These are the Old Skool Pro. 
We have a few pair left. 
Instore and online. 


 And just like that, summer is just about gone. This year is a blur to say the least. No jams, no big sessions, no parties but the fun still happened and we were all able to ride as much as possible. 

Hoping for a bigger better year in 2021!

Heres a quick update on what's going on in the shop. Bikes were moving like toilet paper earlier this season. We made it through the summer and fulfilled all our pre books, now we are skiing on a solid inventory of 2021 complete bikes from Cult, Kink, Subrosa and Sunday. We will have restocks as we move through the fall season with hopefully, perfect riding weather. 

We are expecting 2021 Fit completes any week now and 2021 We The People Completes sometime in late October. Eyes Peeled!!

Check out our Instagram and Facebook for daily updates on new product.

We have been trying to keep The Circuit webstore updated, if you are looking for a certain product you don't see online please notify us and will add it for you.

Here are some gems that are sitting on the floor now.

If you're looking for a solid complete right out of the box than the Sunday Soundwave Special is your bike. This machine is a full aftermarket build at a fraction of the price if you were to piece it out. 


In store and online.

We have a select amount of Sunday completes on the floor until the next batch arrives sometime late September. A new one for this year is the Sunday Forecaster Park. Fully equipped with the gyro setup and a cassette hub. Spin to win!!


Gold rims and Oil Slick hubs, what year is it??

 G-Sport turning back the clock with a limited run of these goodies. These would look rad as a build!

2021 Cult Completes are here but not for long. We have a few Gateway and Control models left but for how long?

We have decent numbers on 12"-18" Cult completes as well. Its riding season.

This Sunday Street Sweeper setup would look siiiick with these Hazard Lite Glow Rims. Just saying..

The camera guy brought his camera to VT so shot a pic of him with mine. 

Serious dad table at Warren Vt DIY park.

Sam Lawson spread eagle somewhere in Vermont!?

If you haven't watched this yet then what are you waiting for?? Push the damn play button.

Chris Childs doing it for S&M Bikes=No Brainer.

Born and Bred!!

With the world in its current state it seems like everyone wants to ride a bike and lots are choosing to ride BMX bikes. 
Im hoping this creates a whole new generation of BMX riders and some serious scene building for the future.

With that being said we have been having a hard time keeping bikes in stock. 
We do have some 2021 Kink Completes in stock and we will have the 2021 Subrosa Complete line here by July 24th.
We are taking pre-sales on all 2021 Subrosa Completes.

And we will have some sort of restock on Sunday Completes later this month or early August. Details are a bit unclear at the moment.

Oh!! And 2021 Cult completes will be arriving sometime in August as well. 

Please call (401-305-3636 or email ( with any questions.

Who needs a vacation!!??

Here is a peak at some of the 2021 Subrosa Completes. 
We are super excited to have these in stock for the couple of days they will last.

Subrosa Letum- $539.99

Subrosa Salvador XL - $499.99
Subrosa Malum - $579.99

Subrosa Salvador Park- $469.99

Subrosa Novus Matt Ray- $959.99

Subrosa Novus Trey Jones

I leave you with a photo of serene beauty

July4th Weekend Hours

Here are the hours for the 4th weekend. 
Please be safe a practice social distancing. Made back here Tuesday the 7th at noon. 

Completely Stoked!!

BMX is keeping the stoke alive right now. Complete Bikes are are just about sold out worldwide.
We have 4 bikes left on the floor.
But wait!! We have over 100 bikes showing up in the next few weeks.

The first round of the 2021 Sunday Complete Bikes will be arriving in two weeks.
We are pre selling them so if there is a certain model you are interested in please hit us up asap to reserve yours.

Here are a few of the models.

Right behind the Sunday Completes will be the 2021 Kink Complete Bike line arriving early June.
We are also pre selling these so do not sleep on the bike of your choice.
Hit us up asap to reserve yours.

In between everything else going on in the shop we've been banging out some rad customs.
We have a good stock of frames and parts if you're looking to go the custom route.
We can help you get dialed in.

Here are a few from the past few weeks.

S&M BTM XL Build for Tim

S&M Hucker in Hot Pink for Lil Sammy

Subrosa MR1 Build is dialed for Kevin

What will we do with all this free time we have??
How about building something to ride!
You know Cody Diggle is not slacking on that end.
Blast Off on home turf on his S&M MOD Raj Colorway. Which we have in store and online.

We Are Open!!

I know life seems weird right now and being out in the world feels  surreal at times but we will adjust to this new world and we ask you to adjust with us. We are hoping that you understand and cooperate with the adjustments as we do our best to service our community. 

We continue to hold normal hours at Circuit with door service only. We ask all of our customers to wear a face covering while you are at the door and respect the space of other customers in the area.
Thank you for the continued support!
 We are looking forward to a day when this is a distant memory.

Our friends at Imprimatur BMX hit us with some questions about BMX shops. We are always stoked to be a part of anything they do so answering these questions was a pleasure. Thanks!!
Have a click and a read.

If you enjoy cruising the streets of  the big city, there is no better time than now to get out and explore. 
Childs dropping the ice-pick on an empty Providence.

This Is Not a Test

To say things have changed in the past month would be an understatement. We are living in a different world for the time being and we’ve had to make some shop changes that will hopefully see us through these next few weeks. Please follow these guidelines and I’m sure we will make it through this together. 

Thank you for all the support we have received in the past few weeks while we adjust to the situation at hand. 
Also thank you to everyone who has been using the webstore. We are trying our best to get orders out in a timely matter. If you are looking for an item that is not on the webstore, we can add it for you. Just give us a heads up and we will make it happen. 

Please- if you have any questions or concerns fell free to call us or email us and we will get you the info you request. 
And for the sake of us all, please  practice social distancing wherever you may be.