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fun day at vics

soo yesterday i went to vics with chuck and we rode a whole bunch...i fell trying to ride his muddy trails and i ended up putting my head in a hole...then we had a long fun session at prov park.we did some synchronized riding.then chuck and myself rode infront of vics house for a while..then we had a great grilled cheese dinner,watched planet earth,i blackmailed vic into selling me some pedals that he didnt want to get rid of,and we went and saw "totally michael" and "japanther" at the summer camp...what a great day...thanks for the pedals vic...and for everyone else...heres a few pics of my trails and my fireplace at my soon as i get everything dialed in everyone is welcome to come ride em




R-n-R Road Fools

It's raining and will be for the next couple of days, so if you find yourself with nothing to do, come by and watch R-n-R Road Fools. And pick up a copy for yourself, it's worth it! Subrosa and Blue Fit Hawk frames should be showing up late next week along with Fbm's new Joint frame. These are all looking real good. I can't wait to see them. If your in the market for a new frame any one of these would be a great choice.

Also got some new Tree gears on the way (bolt drive). Spindle drive will be out in the next month.

If you haven't heard, the Fenway Trails in Boston got plowed this week. I've only ridden the trails a handful of times but for all the riders that ever lifted a shovel there, thank you and dig on.

White Wombolts, Ect.......

Hope everyone is enjoying the amazing weather we've been having. I wounded my knee pretty badly at the Hyde Park Jam so no riding for me for about a week or so.

Got a few new items in the shop- both BMX & Skate.
Lets start with the White Odyssey Wombolts: these look sick, awesome finish. Also got in some new Fbm headsets, hubguards, another Protect Your Neck. It's always fun getting packages from FBM- thanks to Chunk for the plastic frying pan and eggplant. Purple Jim C pedals (Limited), Pink Linear Cables, Odyssey Aitken Saets, 19 mm Ti FSA spindl (these have been gone for a while and they are just starting to come back around. This one should go quickly.....)

Also got some more Venture Trucks, some Bones Reds and Bones Swiss Labyrinth Bearings, Lucky Abec 7's. And a couple of new wheel sets.
Debris Boards and T-shirts are coming in this week. Stop in and take a look.

Next week: New kink Stems and gears along with the new Empire Video and Props Rock-n-Roll Road Fools.

Got a group of guys from England stopping by the shop. If anybody wants to show them around Providence give the shop a call 401-305-3636.

I've also been doing lots of work on the Cumby Trails and they're coming along nicely. If you wanna ride some trails and are afraid of big gaps, then check these out. Theres a little something for every level rider.

BMX Action!

So I'd say the Autumn Brand Jam was a success. Choquette, Pollach, Pat and I headed out there for the day. Hyde Park is always fun when there's a good group of riders there. There was a good turnout of around 75 or so. At one point there was a constant train for a good half hour. Highlights were Chouquette spinning some girl like a top at full speed, watching Brandon Christie and Chris Childs ride real smooth. It was awesome to see everyone out riding their bikes and enjoying the arrival of warm weather. Thanks to Kevin and the Autumn Crew for the good times.

I've got a few new items coming into the shop this week: FBM headsets, stems, hubguards, White Womboldts..... See you out there.

Light Yourself On Fire

Dont have anything to do sunday night? Go see Matt Coplons band Light Yourself On Fire in Worcester at The Ship Room, 8 O'clock. See you there?
Its Awesome out, go ride, build some trails, Skate the parks, just get outside. C'ya.
First off, got a bunch of new stuff in the shop the past couple of days.
Mankind Kingdom frame(20.6)in Tan.
Macniel posts, Capitol and SL seats.
Shadow Umbra posts
Shadow chain breakers
Fly rims.
Some new soft goods
More Evo 2's
And a bunch of blank decks.

2nd. Autumn Brand Jam at Hyde Park
1 o'clock. be there
Bring food, beer,Party.

3rd. Every one who wants to help get the cumby trails running
i'll be there Sunday from 3 o'clock on. Then off to Worcester to see Matt Coplons band Light Yourself on Fire at the Shiproom.

Restock, Atumn Brand Jam,Fit completes.

Should be getting in a few big orders in a day or two and the shop will be fully stocked again. Also ordered up some blank decks and a couple of Flip and Blind decks.
Got some Shadow chain breakers on the way, these are a good thing to have if you ride a shadow chain. New FBM protect ya neck stems in blue and green. Loads of other shinny pretty products rolling in. Come by and take a look.

Also don't forget about the Autumn Brand Jam at Hyde Park this Saturday.
Everyone who reads this should be there, these guys are sweet dudes,
come hang out,ride,eat and talk shit. See you there.
WHERE: Hyde Park SkatePark, Hyde Park Mass. (mapquest it)
TIME: 1 p.m. - when ever people decide to leave
WHO: bmxers, skateboarders, friends, cooks, girls
WHAT SHOULD YOU BRING: food, sandwiches, booze, bikes, skateboards, girls, friends, lawn chairs, music, money for food

Here are a couple of pictures of some Fit completes we just got in. the Pro and the Am. These are the perfect bikes to get started on. They are well designed and strong with some very clean graphics. Stop in and take a look.


Just got in some new goodies from Animal. Some Edwin grips in green and black, more ASM tires(those went quick) and more Left-Right dvd's. Which is by far the best street vid since Don't Quit Your Day Job.These will go quick, the last ones were only here for 2 days. Its raining and gross out come by and watch the vid and pick one up for your own collection. Also got a couple of 2007 Fit completes in today,The AM and The Pro.


the pics!!!

the grand opening was such a good time...soo many people went and everyone had a good time....especially that guy who was there the whole night that noone knew...thanks again vic i had a great time and for everyone who this link and check out all the!!!


Thanks to everyone that came out Friday night for the party- I had a blast. My inventory dwindled and we had no food left over so it was an awesome night. And it didn't end there?
Expect a few new items at Ciruit later this week. Also, for you guys that don't feel like driving out here, I will ship items out to you. Just give me a call or email me and I'll get whatever you need to you: 401-305-3636 or

Thanks to all the Photographers that contributed their work for the photo show. The guys in Hulk Out and The Ones(Owns) for Playing. Peter Fuller and his Cafe Intelligencia and everyone that drove any distance to get here. And a big thanks to J and Mike of The Grant for letting me have the party. Thank you all very much. Hope fully this wont be our last party.

Here are a couple of photos from the night. Hennessey has all the good ones. He'll be posting them soon. See ya. Oh ya and Kyle I'm not mad mad at ya.

Summer Please!

Yes, the shop is finally open. Come down and check it out. The hours will fluctuate
for the first couple weeks but i'll be here most of the time anyway. To start off, the hours will be tues 2-6, w-f 1-6, sat 10-6 & sun 11-3. If you ever want to come by and your gonna be later, just give me a call (401-305-3636) and I'll wait for you.

Some new products in the shop are: 2007 Shadow seats, Shadow cranks, Left-Right DVD(amazing stuff - 3 copies left). I've got a ton of new BMX and Skate products on the way, along with some Fit completes.

Also, I've been doing some work on the trails. They should be running in the next couple of weeks depending on the weather? Expect them to be top notch this summer. Here is a picture of the circuit and bowl area.

And dont forget about the party Friday night. My Mom is making some classic portuguese food. Come and get it.

Circuit Opens

The Shop is open so come on down! For now, the hours during the week are noon - 6pm or so. I'll have official hours soon.

Check out the interview on Profile's site and a story on Matt Coplan's trip to Providence last weekend.

Don't forget about the party tomorrow night, Friday the 13th, from, 7-11pm.

friday the 13th

so as everybody should already know,this coming friday(the 13th)is the grand opening celebration/photo show at is from 7-11 and everybody is welcome..and we hope to see everyone there..the address is 250 main st,pawtucket RI...also here is a few more pictures from the warehouse the other night..theres a pic of vic airing from the quarter to the vert wall(with gregs gorgeous six pack in the backround)..a pic of darios uncircumsized no hander..and a picture of the new ramp layout..enjoy..see you friday


went to the new warehouse on tuesday night..on the way there we had some mediocre pizza bagels.the sauce was kinda bland and the cheese was cheap government cheese(well according to vic).here i was thinking they were the best in the world. oh yea and we had a donut that was bigger than your head. the warehouse was a blast,i think alan is turning into a ramp rider because he was killing it.there was a leprechan wearing eyeliner riding the spine with a flying squirell that was hang gliding on a dorito.sleeper did a huge wallride and didnt crash.dario did good uncircumsized tuck no handers.sean did a tiretap fackie on this hard to ride scary sub thing.corey did good alleyoop airs with scenester piercings in his mouth..vicphoto rode good and smoooth as always but he didnt send me any pics of him because i think he doesent want pics of himself on his own blog...but i think that he should have sent them.maybe next time