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Reppin A Sandwich!!!!!!!!

If you've been around Providence or Boston at all this summer chances are you got to chill or run into Jake.. Well Jake will be off in a couple of weeks on a over seas adventure through most of them European Countries and the Mother Land!! So wish him some luck on his journey.. Heres Jake getting some quality time on Bernicky!!!

Cult Shit- Rasta Stems.. Got the full run of their products at the moment but they dont last long so snag em up..

We got a lil love on the Subrosa site you can check that out here and Mulville wrote a short story about our trip up into the White Mountains on Subrosa also.. Stop in and check out the 2011 Completes..
Bobby Valentine was the first to notice the Black Bear we saw up there.
Im pretty sure he would have wrestled it down!!

New Dig is here with Ty Morrow on the cover bugging or tripping or something but look at that hop.. DAMN!!!

2011 FBM Completes will be here September 2nd.. They look awesome!!!

No Bad Trips!!

This summer has been just like any other. Amazing!!! Lets close it out by making it awesome for all of you out there..
We are fully stocked up for the sale this weekend so stop on in and see what you can pick up for your BMX needs!!
Lots of new goods just in.. Check em out..

True Blue!!

Son of a Hub!!


Bobby V and Bryce training the Paw Curvy Wall outside the shop..

Celebrity guest employee Eric Hennessy will be on hand at this weekends sale giving out free high fives and kissing babies!!!

Check it out!!!!

Its burning a hole in your pocket!!!!

And yes I know thats not Labor Day weekend but.......


Here are some random photos from ColoRADo!!
See You Next Tuesday!!!

On the Road Again..

Getting ready to head back out on the road or in the sky is more like it.. See you guys in a week or so.. Ill be out in Telluride,ColoRADo for the next 5 days for my bud Nates wedding and to renegade some 4 Locos with DR.Pinzon.. Look at this place, population 2000 (Hippies) I want to go there now!!!

While I'm away Sleeper and Dom will be running the show. Anyone who beats Sleeper in a arm wrestling match gets a free Circuit Shirt. Or just stop and and check out all the 2011 Subrosa and Kink Completes that are on the floor.. We are pretty stacked right now.. Speaking of completes check out the 2011 FBM Completes. We will have these in early September and I'm psyched to see these out of the box.. These will not last long once they are here so put your order in now and get your hands on one!!!
Here are some 2011 Subrosa pics!! We have the full run of them!!

Heres a pic of Mulvdude shredding on his signature Subrosa Frame..
Check out Mark and Bryces Blogs for some pics of our weekend camping adventure in the White Mountains.. Bear not included!!

New "Classico" Fly Brakes are here in new colors and with some new straddle cable design for a stiffer brake set up.. Pretty sick Fly guys!!!

Big Labor Day Sale (back to school) next weekend.. I'll have the flyer up at the end of today.. Shred fast and Shred hard!! Helllooooooo!!!!


Things are just crazy around here lately.. SUMMER!!!!
The Wolf Pack is ready to invade R.I. Watch your back..
Ill be heading to the White Mts this weekend with them to take in the sites and the fresh air and to recreate Hennys Mt Washington adventure!!
Kink Completes are back on the floor but we are selling them right out of the box so if your into one come in and see whats left or give us a buzz to reserve yours..

Red SandM pitchfork XLT-T and Slam XLT bars look good on any bike..

Hoder Bars are back on the block also..

Hello!!! Fit FAF Tires in Tan or Balck Wire or Foldable!!

I think Emerson might be a lil crazy too!!! Check out his newer blog.. Something somthing something!!!

Naaa Dude!!!

This is the time of the summer when everything starts to change. The sun is losing its time in the sky day by day.. Pretty soon the sweatshirts will come out and it will be perfect riding weather. I think we could all use some cooler weather and some wetter conditions for some moist soil. I know I could!! So enjoy your last few weeks of summer while you can.
More 2011 Kinks and New 2011 Subrosas should be showing up in a couple of days now. We have limited numbers on these and they always go quick so if your into one give us a shout.

We will be having a Labor Day weekend Sale!!! We'll have the flyer up soon for that.. Come get your back to school deals.. Argh School!!!

If you didnt make it to Greenside Skatepark in Middletown last week dont worry, looks like they will be hosting a bike night Tuesdays from 6 to 9 and a possible Sunday Session from 9am to noon.. There was still a good turnout for a 90 degree day.. Lets keep that going..
Remember NO PEGS on the cement and everything will be OK!!

HonestO with a tire slide!!

My favorite red headed shredder put out this self edit..
Check it out or he will run you down in his JEEP!!!

circuit park edit from klegraefe on Vimeo.