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Gypsy Living..

 This is undoubtedly one of the best BMX frames in the Milky Way. So why aren't you riding one?
The FBM Gypsy V2 is back in the shop and this time around we got plenty to choose from..
The last batch went in a couple of weeks so we stocked up this time around.
You can grab one on the Circuit Web Store or stop in and pick one up..

Hen(ny) of the Woods!!

New FBM DVD should be available in a couple weeks and yes we will have it. Watch the trailer, if this don't get you psyched then you should go bomb the biggest hill you can find..  

Filmer,Producer,Director of the new FBM DVD Mr.Steven Crandall!! All I can say is Gillys Part is awesome!!

Weekend Motivation!!

By now I'm sure most of us are familiar with Elliot Van Ormans work, The Day is Over , Time Will Tell(which we still have a couple copies of) and other short pieces hes has done in recent past. All super motivating to get you out and ride with your buds and create some memories.. This new piece is nothing short of that. Check it out and enjoy, then go ride, this weather isn't gonna last forever..

We just restocked on S&M Slam/Grand Slam XLT Bars, they are perfect for some fall trail riding..
Hoders and Perfect 10s in Black are on the way..

 This S&M Challenger Stem compliments those bars nicely!! Don't you think?

Trails Rule!!!!!

Couple of Marks!!

Mullville and Choquette had the battle of the Marks this past weekend. It was a close match but I think Mulville took the in with this move..Its all about the Space Time Continuum!!

You know what time of year it is!! Sweatshirt Time!! We just got in a bunch of FBM "Heart" Hoodies and we still have some Circuit Hoodies left and more on the way. We will also have more Animal Winter goods in tomorrow.. Stay warm poeple..

 Here is some trail footage I put together from this year. Just a bunch of Dudez in the Woodz!!! This is the best time of the year to be in the woods. Get the fire blazing and get going!!!

Here are the edits from when Profile Racings Summer shop tour came through.
Awesome dudes = good times!!!
Both parts are enjoyable to watch.


Cults for the Kids!!

We just received all the new Cult goods, they have a few new items in their line. Check em out!! Cult OS V3 Frames are in the shop!! The flat clear looks real nice..

New Cult OS Cranks, reinforced!!
Cult Dehart and Dak Seats.. Pivotal..

Cult Dak Grips. Seriously the weirdest grip I've ever felt and I like it!! Come touch some..
 Cult Hawk Bars are here dude..I think you get it by now.. Join Them!!!

 Jim Jones would not be psyched!!


 Oh man!! I cant even explain how excited I am about the new T1 SFA Frames.. First off its Garrett Byrnes Signature Frame, Second, seeing T1 frames back in BMX is just awesome and third they are made by S&M so you know they are super sick!! Get one and Get Loose cause they are already going..
If you're not familiar with GB then look here and click one of the many links..

These new Tree 4130 Steel Sprockets look so sick. You have to see them in person and hold this thing to really get psyched. Yes I'm psyched about a sprocket..Because its Sick!!

2012 We The People Completes have arrived and we will have them all built up by the weekend.. Dude!! They look sick and here is the proof. Crysis in Trans Green..
Fit is making FAF tires in white wall now. If I were Tom White I'd be pissed!! These will look sweet on your lowrider..
   Every time I take picture of Emerson it looks like this, dude is some sort of apparition.