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All The New!!

FBM is known for doing things their own way and sometimes thats the Hard Way. Here is their latest frame offering "The Hard Way" This is the new Street/Tech rig made in house at the FBM Warehouse by John and Dylan. Ride this shit!! PMA and Rise Above Stems are in the shop also. 

Here's a few more new goods from FBM! U.S. Apes in Raw/Black(All Sizes Available), Throne Seats and the new Supernaut Sprockets for the Sabbath Fans out there!!

New Circuit "Spots" Shirts are in the shop. These were designed by our good friend Nicholas Ferreira. They are a pocket T printed on American Apparel Shirts. We have Blue and Grey available. We also have more 3/4 Shovel shirts available with brown sleeves white body.

Here are the new Odyssey Crackle PC Pedals and Dugan "Fang" Sprockets.

The 2015 Sunday Sunday Completes are finally in the shop after a shipping delay put us out a week. This is the Chris Childs EX priced at 499.99. This is a replica of the bike Chris is on at the moment. Really stoked on the way it rides and looks. Come take here for a spin and check the Complete Bike Page for our full inventory.

Tyler did a table on this hip that gets tabled 100 times a day and no one complained. But when someone does the same thing on a rail or ledge its a different story,why?
 Stop taking your ABD's and secret spots to heart, it's lame!!

We Did The Impossible!!

Summer is never complete unless you get some friends together and spend at least a week on the road. Thats exactly what we did this past week. Hopped in a van with no seats drove over a thousand miles and spent a week riding, camping, singing, laughing and living!! There were no rules, no schedule, no destinations were set in stone and it was one of the easiest stress free trips I've ever been on. Thanks to everyone that was a part of it, we made the impossible possible!!

Van Crew!! 11 deep plus Ziggy Dude!!

We camped out at Highland MTB Park on day one and rode the jumps the next morning. If you like riding some dirt ramps and live local than Highland is a must visit. We rode for 5 hours before that rain hit and we headed to "Busmans" redneck amusemant park. 
Heres one of myself enjoying the Sherwood Forest Wallride!
Thanks to the "D" for the photo.

Here's a shot of the elusive CodyDiggs in the upper jump park at Highland
He's always hiding in the trees.

We made it to Marleys in VT Tuesday evening. We were all dead tired and ended up eating nothing but Deweys brownies for dinner. Time stands still up here, 2 days felt like 2 weeks. Andrea cooked us up an amazing pasta dinner for day 2, by far the best meal of the trip. 
Thanks Girl!! 

Gazeagle was spreading his wings from day one of the trip. This was Eddy's first Circuit Trip and he killed it!! 

Im sure you've heard that "Ithaca is Gorgeous". Mark D approving of Hennys launch!

Best part about being on a trip is watching your friends shred! The "D" was all over the course at the FBM Warehouse. 3 foot ramp,3 foot air and a low ceiling. Not much room to spare as Gazeagle Eye watches on.

We rolled down to Heathens Trails in Pa from NY. We set up camp at the Tompound and lit some shit on fire, including Cody and Mark. Big thanks to Tommy and Page for the hospitality, you folks rule!!

John Chillman spent the past month on a coast to coast adventure of a lifetime. He spent the last day of the trip like a posed man. Chunk got a years worth of riding in on one session. Dude must have rode the 30 footers line at Heathens about 20-30 times in the matter of a few hours. It was good having you with us as usual!! 

             My best advice to anyone out there is get out and have some fun with your friends!!

Weekend at Marleys!!

I couldn't think of a better way to spend the Fourth of July than in the mountains of Vermont with a bunch of friends!! Shawn built the raddest ramp in the north east and maybe the whole east coast. I had my camera in my hands for maybe ten minutes and this is what I got. Take a look.

Henny got the shredder of the weekend award. Hitting every line possible on this set up. Right before he did this fast plant he called out "This ones for Nick!!"

Build your own fun, Build the impossible!!

The Diggler tickling the air with his right foot!!

Brandon was laying down all day!! Always smiling and having fun. Follow these simple rules and youre guaranteed a good session.

Mandatory stop on the way home. The boys eyeing up the death drop. Of course Henny pulled it.

Thanks to everyone for kicking ass all weekend and making this a memorable summer trip!!

We will be doing it all again next week for the Circuit "North Woods Trip"


The Kink Team was gracious enough to come by the shop and give you guys a bunch of Kink Schwag. These dudes were awesome and so was everyone that came out for the stop. Thanks to all the locals and the Kink Boys for kicking ass!!

Shadow just released a swarm of new goods. Raptor Freecoaster, Valor Tires in 2.2, Copper Lil' One Pegs and a few new saddles. 

Circuit Anchor Frames are in the shop!! So if you booked one than come and get it!! Here's a build we did for a special lady. Thanks to Pedal Driven for getting another run of these out for us!!

This photo drives me crazy, but I love it at the same time. Party in the woods!!!

I logged a few hours in Scituate last week to witness the Diggle in his natural environment. The study went well and I came out with some great evidence that the Diggle Shreds!!