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We have finally made it through the worst winter imaginable!! Now lets crawl through spring and open the door to summer. There's lots going on in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!!
Here is a quick rundown.

Amidon Jam at Rye May 4th
14Husky Jam at Hyde Park May 10th
R.I. Bike Fest at the Met School in Prov May 17th. (Foot Down World Championships)
Wisdom to Youth Jam in Riverside May 31st

Nothing says summer like a yellow bike (Ask Emerson) especially when its a Cult/Bart Simpson Bike!!
If you're a fan, if your not a fan this thing is bad ass either way!!

Cult Bart Simpson Bike circuit bmx

Cult Control complete bike is in stock!!  Fresh out the box with the Gum Tires for maximum grippage!!

Cult Control complete bike circuit bmx

We will have the New Fit T/A Tires in stock next week in 3 color options and size 2.3/2.4. We will also be restocked on Fit FAF Tires and some new 2014 Fit Parts.

fit bmx bike t/a/ tire circuit bmx

In an industry where everyones tires look the same, United took the opposite approach by making the best looking knobby tire to come out in years!! The United Indirect Tire might be the trail tire for 2014. This thing is mean looking and can roll through any situation.

united indirect bmx bike tire

Thanks to everyone for coming to the B/C-Cave Jam this past Saturday. Huge turnout and minimal injuries. Thanks to the B-Cave boys for keeping things eventful!! Huge thanks to all the brands that donated product for the jam.
Profile,Sunday, FBM, Merritt,G-form and I'm sure a bunch more that I just don't remember.
(Keith C Photo)

bmx jam at prov park b-cave

Whos ready for the Foot Down World Championships!!!
Be there May 17th!!
Click the link here for more info.

Jamming On!!(Opening at Noonish on Saturday the 19th)

B-Cave X Circuit Jam is on this Saturday at Prov Park! This means we will be opening a couple of hours later than normal. We will open around noonish this coming Saturday the 19th and closed on Easter the 20th. This is guaranteed to be a good time. Hope to see everyone there!!
 I heard Mayo will be grilling some flesh!!

We have a new brand in the shop this season. Division Brand out of Australia! Really into what these guys are doing, all the goods are super clean.
They make it all.

FBM Black Flag Bars are back in stock. Built to blast,Built to last!! Made in the U.S. by two dudes head banging in a machine shop!!
fbm black flag bars

Pro-Tec Full Cut Helmets in Flat Black are in the shop. These are rad looking !!

I hope you all appreciate BMX for what it was and not for what it is!! This gets me more stoked than anything I would see on the internet today or tomorrow. 

Phantom Dialer strikes again!! This gets me stoked too. Knowing there will be leaves on the trees soon. What gets you stoked??

Keeping Up!!

Its been a rough couple of weeks. Between illnesses and the shop being busy its hard to keep up with everything. I'm trying my best to stay on top of things. I neglected the last week of "March Radness" so I'll start with that.

When you look this good its hard not to be "Rad" , the last week of March Radness goes to "Hurricane" Cody Diggle!! Cody has been getting rad since birth.
 Be on the lookout for a Scituate vs Circuit 3 on 1 Cage Match this summer!!

(Submission by Bobby Proctor)

We got some Gully gear in the shop. When Tony Maloufs not hucking himself of a roof or singing a classic rock songs he's cooking up some Gully Factory shirts and goods. Swing in and grab yourself a new T'shirt!!

 Finally!!! FBM Black Flag Bars are back in stock. These U.S. made four piece bars have been hard to get and keep but we have a few in so come pick up a pair!! Restocked on Blackheart grips and seats also!!
FBM bmx  Black Flag Bars black heart grips

These look awesome!!  Eclat Kolibri Oil Slick hubset is here but not for long??

We The People is making it easy to carry your tools with  you. The Smuggler seat is the true fanny pack!! You can put what ever you need in there and the WTP socket seat post has a built in 17mm wrench for easy wheel removal.

We have lots of new items in the shop and more arriving daily, it is spring after all!!

If Mark D were a horse in a race I would pick him. Not because he would win just cause he looks the gnarliest!!

prov park providence skatepark