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Most Anticipated Bike Check of the Year!!

A few months ago Luis Pinzon came to Providence to hang out for a couple days and let me know about this new bike he was working on. With help from Circuit,Profile and FBM this is the finished product..Make sure to check the photos at the bottom of the post.Pinzon does not play!!

"Thanx for your help in getting this thing together.

Frame: FBM Howler 20-3/4"

Fork: Odyssey Dirt Fork Classic

Bars: Sunday Tudor

Barends: Profile Cock-rings

Rear & Front Hub: Profile Racing Mini Powder Coated White

Front & Rear rim: Sun Big City 36s

Front Tire: Fly Campillera 2.25s

Rear Tire: Fly Callejera 2.OOs

Sprocket: Profile Racing Wake 25 tooth Powder Coated White

Cranks: Profile Racing Race cranks 160 mm

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Plastics

Chain: Shadow Interlock

Seat post: Thompson

Seat: Profile Chad The Goat Signature Seat

Grips: ODI Longneck STs

Stem: Profile Acoustic

Headset: FBM

Model: Half Cuban/Half English… All sexxxy… Pow!

Modifications: The only thing really modified is the paint. You can’t really tell in the pix but it’s a mint base with another clear coat on top that has gold flakes in it. Its all powder coat too. I wanted something unique but not over the top… Something icy but still with a little ‘class.’ Pro Coat did the paint work and it came out great. Unfortunately, I’m pretty rough on bikes… so in a week’s time, I’ve managed to make it look like doodoo. This is the most time and effort I’ve put into a build and prolly won’t be doing it again. Its stressful and time consuming putting together the most anticipated bike of the year.