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Live To Get Radical!!

This past weekend 11 of us made our way to upstate NY for some fun. Our first stop was Cranx Bike Park in Syracuse N.Y. This place is a good time and its only a 5 hour trip with plenty of hotels in the area that a bunch of smelly dudes can lay their heads down. We rode for 5 hours and I took a couple of photos.

Here is one of Jee-Pee living to get radical!

Ray is the dude that seems to be a local where ever he goes. To say he tore that bowl a new one is the truth.
He turned it down and up!!

We made our way south to FBM Headquarters where we hit up the new warehouse ramps,ate pizza and watched John Corts and Dylan Cole tack an FBM Frame together in the FBM Shop. This is what BMX is all about. Supporting the brands that actually make a difference in the industry we love. BMX would suck without FBM!! Thanks to everyone that makes FBM happen!!
We have Steadfasts and Orphans in the shop now and more FBM Frames on the way!! We also have all the spring softgoods on the way!!

Speaking of awesome stuff, we are putting our order together for the next run of Circuit Anchor Frames. If you are interested in riding one of these hit the shop up. We have 4 left on this order. Here is the geometry.
HT 74.5,ST 71,Standover 8.75, BB 11.5, Rear End 13.75. 
These will retail for $350.00 and are hand made in Providence by Pedal Driven Cycles.

We have a bunch of new items in the shop including.
Mutant Owl Oil Slick Hub Set.
WTP Supreme Hubset in Black.
Restock on all S&M Bars.
Cult 2.4 Gum Tires.
Odyssey Brake Kits
FBM Spring T-Shirts

The Dialer!!

Its never easy losing a friend. Never mind someone you've spent countless hours traveling, riding and dialing with. Its still a tough pill to swallow knowing that Kyle Amidon isn't on this planet anymore. He is missed dearly and I will think of him every time I pick up a shovel and move some soil. Kyle has been a part of Circuit since day one and will always be in our hearts. We miss you buddy!!

Here's a collection of photos I've taken of Kyle over the years.

I think this is the first year we had Bernicky running. Kyle spent the summer out there dialing it in.

Halloween in Providence 09. This is Lyle and Aggro-Emerson of course..

Summer of 09 had to have been one of the best. Every night was a Saturday Night!! Kyle getting sideways on Mainline.

Another Bernicky shot. It was the Dialers favorite line.

There will be a Benefit Jam at the "Barn" March 1st. If you knew Kyle and considered him a friend than please attend. All the proceeds go to a fund for his daughter!!

Its Still Winter!!

I couldn't think of any thing worse than winter and this one seems to be one for the books. 
I'm hoping most of you have been able to get in a session here and there. So here is something that will hopefully get you out of the house. We will be having a weekend sale here from the 21st-23rd. Everything in the shop will be 10% off and a few frames/bikes will be 20% Off. I will have a list of the 20% off items up soon. Everything will be 10% off. Bikes,Parts,Clothing,Shoes.(we will have a stack of 20$ shoes)
Lets hope spring doesn't take its time to get here because we are done with you winter!!

Jee-Pee got that BMX Boner!! Boing!!
Photo by Weird Jake!!